Cheap ANKER AnkerCam Wi-Fi Wireless Camera Video Monitoring IP/Network Camera Surveillance/Security Camera Baby Monitor with 720p HD Quality, 110° View, Night Vision, 2-Way Audio and Smart Motion Detection

ANKER AnkerCam Wi-Fi Wireless Camera Video Monitoring IP/Network Camera Surveillance/Security Camera Baby Monitor with 720p HD Quality, 110° View, Night Vision, 2-Way Audio and Smart Motion Detection

ANKER AnkerCam Wi-Fi Wireless Camera Video Monitoring IP/Network Camera Surveillance/Security Camera Baby Monitor with 720p HD Quality, 110° View, Night Vision, 2-Way Audio and Smart Motion Detection facts, exciting information along with costumer testimonials who already purchased and in addition best price along with quite good discount.

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ANKER AnkerCam Wi-Fi Wireless Camera Video Monitoring IP/Network Camera Surveillance/Security Camera Baby Monitor with 720p HD Quality, 110° View, Night Vision, 2-Way Audio and Smart Motion Detection Details and Reviews

ANKER AnkerCam Wi-Fi Wireless Camera

  • Brand: Anker
  • Model: AK-A9001111
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: .95 pounds

Estimated Price: Buy or See Best Price

77 of 85 people found the following review helpful.
2Sort of ambitious but ultimately fails big
By Bruce O
I have bought many anker items in the past most notably power adapters and batteries and they definitely stand above the rest. Almost OEM like in the design and packaging at a good price. They obviously take pride in their products and presentation. I was super excited to get this camera as I have been looking for a nice camera solution and the options out there all have fatal flaws. When I opened the box everything was what I expected from an Anker product. Minimal but nice packaging and a well built unit. Unfortunately things started falling apart after that.

When I saw the power adapter and cable I thought, why would they match white cable with a black product that is often supposed to be hidden? Then I was dismayed to find that the cable plugs into the side of the camera casing, which is TERRIBLE. I went back to the product description to look because I thought to myself that there was no way I would have ordered this thing with a cable jutting out the side so awkwardly. Honestly if an engineer brought this item to me as a designer and showed me this power-line execution I would have fired them on the spot. To think this made it to retail distribution is beyond me… If it were a good thing the photos of the product wouldn’t go out of the way to deliberately hide the plug/cable.

Still though at $99 I thought I’ll give it a shot since that is a great value for a free basic cloud service backed camera. There must be something I can use it for… The app although sparse in features, seemed promising and looks to have some intelligent design behind the live/recorded playback modes, was so unreliable on a flagship android phone LG G4 that it renders the whole system unusable. To get the app to run you have to launch it then FC it twice then the app works pretty good. One time it just caused the phone to reboot, which is a MASSIVE FAIL. In basic programming school the general rule is that if your app fails that it must fail gracefully, if your app fails ungracefully you fail the project and if you affect the overall system to crash you are booted from the class….

So on to the PC interface…. Same as the android interface, sparse but promising. Unfortunately on a tuned Gigabit LAN the delay was significant, the audio was very laggy and the audio quality from the speaker was very tinny and low. Believe me you are not getting any significant conversation with someone from this thing. I would presume if you were on a LAn that the system would directly connect vs routing through the servers for increased performance, but if the performance is this bad locally I cant imagine how much worse it could get on a WAN.

I considered keeping the system just to support anker in development of this product, especially seeing they have a dedicated status page to report and resolve issues with updates, but after a few weeks and the existing catastrophic flaws and bugs without a single update, I just cannot see a justification for keeping it at this price. These things are in the category of must work 100% of the time. Every time they fail they cause the user to forget about them because it isn’t worth the hassle of dealing with the lack of reliability.

Hope they come out with a next generation with a secure hidden connector and reliable software, but this current generation is Alpha or beta at best maybe a $25 price point if that.

44 of 47 people found the following review helpful.
5A LOT better than other IP cameras I’ve tried
By Alexander C.
I am a product tester and was testing this product and the application via Android.

First off, the camera was very well packed. A lot better than the D-Link IP camera that I had received about 8 months prior. It came with a booklet about the camera, screws to mount into the wall, a power adapter, and a 10 foot micro USB cable, PLENTY of room to work with when plugging into the power adapter.

It was very easy to setup. Just plug the USB cable into the camera and the other end into your PC (or mac), open the camera’s folder, and run the application. Took no more than a few seconds to recognize the camera’s storage. Application install executed quickly and effortlessly.

Pairing the camera, if you could call it “pairing,” to the Android app on my phone, and on my wife’s phone, was really simple and quick. No trickery required, no knowledge of port forwarding necessary. This camera is attached to a user account, so when you login, you use the same account you registered at the ankercam site and you can view all your cameras on the main page.

There are many great features about this camera. The ones I use most are the motion sensor, night vision, and timeline.
-The motion sensor can be manipulated to focus on certain areas, say you have a rotating fan in one part of your room, you can change the focus on everything BUT that fan to ensure you don’t waste space.
-The night vision is great. Compared to my D-Link DCS-932L, the Ankercam reigns supreme. I was able to place the camera at one end of my hallway and stand at the other end of the hallway, in the middle of the night, no lights at all, curtains closed, and stand 30+ feet away; the camera still saw me.
-The timeline on the app/site brings a new user interface to the table. Simple to use, it just places a mark on the timeline, along with the time it happened. Hover over and you get a screenshot of what happened at that time, click on it and you can watch the video. Amazing.

The viewing distance of this camera is pretty significant. I cannot tell you what the max distance was, but that is due to physical limitation. However, it is well-suited for an apartment, house, office, or even yard or garage. The viewing angle is nice, though I was unable to measure it accurately, it is approximately 90-110 degrees.

The camera has a built-in mic and speaker for two-way communication from an application either on phone, tablet, or computer, allowing full-range surveillance on children and family. This has come in handy several times, but I don’t use it very often.
-The speaker is a little loud on the camera, which just made me have to turn it down, or turn down the microphone on my computer/phone.
-The speaker, when playing back the voice of the person using the app or site, plays the audio a little lower in tone.
-The microphone on the camera is good quality enough to communicate. Naturally, I wouldn’t use it to record podcasts.

Pros – Small, decent weight, not cheap material (made of metal or metalloid) and easily mounted on wall
– Software is well developed and integrated into the camera
– Range of view and angle of view, both in day and night vision are great
– Clarity of image/video is great for a WiFi cam
– Very user friendly
– Though it requires a power module to plug into, a USB port is good enough to power it so you can leave it plugged into your computer
– Up to three focus areas for more precise motion feedback
– Saves video clips to your account on a cloud; user can download them from the interface page
– Can view from anywhere in the world through your own account, no special setup necessary

Cons – Speaker is a little loud for indoors, just turn-down the volume on the speaker in the camera’s interface through the app or ankercam site; definitely great for outdoors though, or a big room
– Doesn’t have a motor to pivot camera angle. Must be done by hand and can only go up and down while rotating left or right. It also rotates on one edge, not from the absolute center of the camera; this makes you view from a weird angle if not setup directly in front of something. Didn’t bother me as I am using it straight inline with the room
– If you are using the ankercam app on your phone or android, I would suggest using headphones if you will be using the microphone on your device. Echos are very common with a microphone so close to the speakers. I would also suggest using the app on a very low volume if you are say in a room that is close to the camera as this can also cause echos. I scared my child with a very loud, unintentional sound, when I turned on the mic to speak to him.

For what I found, through using this camera for a number of months, this camera rides through its cons very easily, the pros definitely outweigh the cons, and at least one of the cons is able to be bypassed with volume settings. It is worth the price listed as it is a high-quality, high-functioning camera, with additions consistently made to the programs involved.

23 of 26 people found the following review helpful.
1Decent camera with great cloud storage service, software and phone apps are so far hindered by many bugs
By Z S
Edit as of December 2015: lowered review to 1 star because the android app is still extremely buggy and barely works, and the motion detection still barely works. I would not recommend this product, and obviously Anker doesn’t care about it being functional.

NOTE: I have revised this review from 2 stars to 3 stars after researching other models at this price point and determining that it’s actually not a bad deal. First and foremost, the free cloud hosting is great, the ability for clips to be recorded and stored (up to a certain amount) should satisfy most people’s needs. In addition, I noted that the picture quality isn’t that great for the price; however after doing some reasearch it does appear to have a better quality camera than most at this price level, so I don’t feel that I should be so critical of the picture quality. The quality still isn’t great, and especially with nightvision. A lot of other camers appear to have considerably more infrared lighting, so I’m guessing that’s why this camera lacks with nightvision. It is possible that it could be a software issue, which is what the majority of the problems paguing product are. With that in mind, if Anker updates the app and corrects issues, I will revise my review again. And regarding the app, I have not recently checked it so some issues may have already been fixed, but the primary reason I cannot yet give this product a 4 or 5 star review is that the app is extremely buggy, with some features appearing to work when they in fact do nothing. And I don’t know if this is just an American thing, but that really p***** me off, because I hate being lied to…especially by a computer. And Anker did contact me that they are working on some of the things I addressed, so that does give me confidence that they are seeking to continually improve this product. First and foremost, I would like that the app work without freezing every time I open it. Beyond that, there are just way too many bugs now. If the bugs are fixed and some additional features (such as scheduled recording times) are added, I would, without a doubt, be confident in giving this product a 5 star review.


The camera works, but it’s definitely nothing special, especially for $100. And the reason that I believe that is for a few reasons.

First, I bought this camera for it’s motion detection recording abilities. I wanted to be able to aim this at my cats’ automatic feeder when I’m away for a few days and be able to check that it dispensed food. However, it has only been recording clips at meal times approx 50% of the time, and this was with the motion detection sensitivity set to the highest level. In all fairness, cats are probably much harder to detect than anything else, so if you’re just wanting it to detect possible intruders you should be okay. Either way, I am disappointed that it doesn’t detect my cats very reliably. And on a side note, an easy way to fix this issue would be the ability to have pre-scheduled times to record a short, medium, or long clip. Unfortunately that isn’t an option (though they could probably add it to the app very easily).

Second, the app for the camera is pretty bad (on Android at least). While it does perform the basic functions that you need it to (view live stream, view recorded clips, listen to and send audio, and record clips from a live stream), it is very buggy and constantly freezes. With my phone, nearly every time I want to view the camera stream, I have to open the app, force-close it, then open it again before it will connect to the camera. Additionally, some functions of the app do not work at all. For example, when you go to download a clip, it shows a message saying that the download was successful, but in reality it doesn’t download anything. Finally regarding the app, the UI is generally clunky. For example, when recording a clip or using the two-way audio function, it shows a status box right in the middle of the screen so that you cannot see what’s on the camera.

Last, I want to go over the picture quality from the camera. It’s not very great, and probably no better than a $30 camera. With this product, you assume that a lot of the price is going toward the free cloud hosting, but even then I would still expect better picture quality at this price point. Also, the night vision is lacking and only shows things approximately 8-10 in front of the camera. Anything past that will be too dark to see.

Overall, it’s a decent camera, and while the free cloud hosting is a great feature, core functions of the camera and app being bugged or completely dysfunctional detract from the usefulness of this product.

Features of this product

  • HD Video Monitoring: Stream 720p video with 110° view straight from your home to your phone, tablet or computer via the AnkerCam iOS and Android apps. No nasty subscription fees.
  • Smart Motion Detection (with night vision, fast reaction time, 20-second capture, timeline scheduling and adjustable sensitivity) helps you keep an eye on things, day and night.
  • Connect & Share: Touch base with friends, family and pets via Two-Way Talk, or post your video stream and clips instantly to social media and other sites.
  • 60-Second Setup: Connect via Wi-Fi to a PC or Mac and start super-fast streaming in under a minute. Smart Streaming Technology switches between local / cloud for uninterrupted viewing.
  • What You Get: AnkerCam Wi-Fi Camera, wall mount, mounting hardware, 10ft USB cable, AC power adapter, welcome guide, our fan-favorite 18-month warranty and friendly customer service.

A web-based surveillance security system allows you to monitor the home while away. If you go on a vacation, are at the workplace, or away on business, you can have access via internet to watch what your surveillance cameras are catching on online video. This type of secureness system is well suited for families who are often apart for extended periods, offices that contain chronic theft or perhaps vandalism problems, and homeowners with members that require the aid of a caretaker if left only.

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