Price of ANNKE Security Camera System with 4ch 720P HD DVR Recorder and 4 x High Res 720P 1.0 MegaPixels In/Outdoor Day/Night Weatherproof Surveillance Cameras (1280*720P Mega Pixels HDMI Port For 1080P HD Video Output,No HDD)

ANNKE Security Camera System with 4ch 720P HD DVR Recorder and 4 x High Res 720P 1.0 MegaPixels In/Outdoor Day/Night Weatherproof Surveillance Cameras (1280*720P Mega Pixels HDMI Port For 1080P HD Video Output,No HDD)

ANNKE Security Camera System with 4ch 720P HD DVR Recorder and 4 x High Res 720P 1.0 MegaPixels In/Outdoor Day/Night Weatherproof Surveillance Cameras (1280*720P Mega Pixels HDMI Port For 1080P HD Video Output,No HDD) facts, useful information along with costumer opinions who already purchased and as well best price along with really great discount.

A home surveillance DVR system can be installed to ensure that you are able to keep a careful eye on your residence, your possessions you. Of course anyone that offers a home or a family knows the value of providing as much protection as possible. The ideal part of the surveillance DVR systems is that they make a backup of what they watch during the time that they are turned on. If you wish to prove that someone was at your home on some day, at some time, then you may have confirmation of their presence.

This item made by Annke become one of the great Surveillance DVR Kits since a lot of shoppers happy after using this product. In addition to its features, the best price also becomes a factor. Below is a description about ANNKE Security Camera System with 4ch 720P HD DVR Recorder and 4 x High Res 720P 1.0 MegaPixels In/Outdoor Day/Night Weatherproof Surveillance Cameras (1280*720P Mega Pixels HDMI Port For 1080P HD Video Output,No HDD), an item loved by costumers and have a much of great reviews. We will give you customer reviews, product features, descriptions, and a variety of other interesting things. Happy reading.

ANNKE Security Camera System with 4ch 720P HD DVR Recorder and 4 x High Res 720P 1.0 MegaPixels In/Outdoor Day/Night Weatherproof Surveillance Cameras (1280*720P Mega Pixels HDMI Port For 1080P HD Video Output,No HDD) Details and Reviews

ANNKE Security Camera System with 4ch

  • Size: No Hard Drive-Preinstalled
  • Color: AHD 4CH 4 Cameras
  • Brand: Annke
  • Model: PU-144FD/01

Estimated Price: $148.99 Buy or See Best Price

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4Great Value DVR
By Dr. Oceanfront
[[VIDEOID:6330eb8feb59c27b75160a7b635d4765]] The ANNKE 4 channel DVR is a very good system. It isn’t perfect but in terms of value for money I think you are generally getting it here despite a few minor things. The software is outstanding and it is a very solid system both in setup and use.

The GUI is identical to a 960 system I have reviewed previously so in this write up I may borrow parts from that review when discussing this item if they are identical. The video for that review may cover some things I didn’t here but there is some overlap between the two but I have tried to be as comprehensive as I could in detailing the product in use.

You need to add a hard drive to get recording functionality or just buy the model with the HD installed. Please see the video which I will show some pictures and the interface but note the compression Amazon uses will degrade the video significantly so it shouldn’t be used to judge the system completely but it will give you and idea. The video is not a `how to’ nor an instruction manual rather it is just meant to compliment my written review below as to my actual use of the product and to give you a bit of a feel for it.


The Interface – is logically set out and easy to navigate. You will be presented with clear icons and the entire interface can be controlled and set with the included USB mouse. It allows the setup of users and permissions and live view changes can be switched with either the mouse, the hardware controls, or the remote. You can rename all cameras (tip – put a number in the name it will help you navigate the rest of the interface so 1.Room A etc.) and the options are very comprehensive. Note that many changes will require a reboot seven if it isn’t indicated so ensure you do this when adjusting the config. With four cameras it is actually very easy to manage.


Recording and Encoding – The system allows a per camera setting for this and offers multiple encoding options. If you bought this system though you would ensure that it is encoding at 720p however so you can get the mot amount of detail. It will actually run at 25 frames per second at 720p so the frame rate is fantastic for such a system at that resolution.


Picture Quality – Both a strength and a weakness on this system.

Whilst you are getting an increased resolution with the 720p you are paying for it with the introduction of more artefacts and grain. A lot of grain. I really didn’t see the benefit in the 720p here until compared it along side one of the 960 cameras and there is a definite increase in detail. With good light the picture is fantastic. Details are great and you can easily pic up on facial details and the like but it is most certainly clearer and sharp in details.

When lighting is bad or for some reason you are in a high contrast area things are less smooth. The cameras themselves switch to night mode very late meaning it will try and squeeze color out of low light situations where you just want it to switch. Here the grain can get bad but the picture quality can suffer. The video I show wont really show the grain but that is probably because it isn’t that big a deal. We are not shooting motion pictures here and as long as I can pull decent detail when I need to I will be happy.

You do have to make judicious use of the image control timer function here. Default settings for daytime with color will blow out the night image picture but thankfully you can set two individual values for these settings. Is two enough? Hard to say and it will be per use dependent. I had the opposite complaint about the sannce system so beggars can’t be choosers.

Here is the thing – this discrepancy can be bad. Real bad to the point where the image is not watchable really and artefacts such as the IRs reflect of the glass causing a ring view. Take this into consideration as you will likely need some workarounds in use so keep that in mind but once it is set I think its fine just persevere with it.

Each channel offers a secondary encoding option which is used to keep bit rates down (ie remote viewing and such) and the night modes are passable when you set the image controls correctly. One of the cams was facing down a stair case into almost pitch black to the eye at least.

There is a ‘set all function’ in the encoding menu but it is broken and does not work – hopefully a future firmware update will fix but with four cameras it is not hard to manage so i’m not fussed.


The Cameras – Included are four shotgun style cameras – they are the same internally with a 4.6mm lense giving approx. 50 – 60 degree viewing angle. The cameras come with 60ft cables which gives a decent amount of reach if the the box is centrally located. The cables supply power and the signal from a BNC connection and are readily available. The mounting requires a hex key and the base will separate which gives plenty of ease when mounting. The box is VERY picky. Use only the BNC cables that come with it i tried others and had artefacts and I couldn’t get a spare 960 camera to work despite the setting being correct. It would work on channel 1 but not channel 3 when tested so again the box software may need to be looked at.

I had one faulty camera out of the box (apparently a PAL camera marked NTSC) which could not be replaced because they do not have spare parts.

As a reviewer I will cop that on the chin it can happen – as a customer I would not have been anywhere near so kind if I was asked to send the entire box / unit / package back to replace if there were no replacement parts.


Motion Detect – The system allows you to set alarms and only record when movement is tripped which is great for conserving HD space. It allows you to control the parameters and from the `detect’ record not only that channel but any other channel you allocate to the detection. You could for instance have a single `trigger’ cam on the front of a property that would set all or some cameras into record mode and such. You are also able to define the range with a simple clickable grid overlay. Dust particles were the main rouge in this setup but I had the camera place lower than it really would be so I don’t see it as an issue and think it performs well. They also have the option of user definable pre / post record amounts which is fantastic.

In the video I show how to set the trigger in all of five seconds on just the bottom of a staircase and also a door. You need to tweak recording settings but this is a very strong area of this system with both power and ease of use so should be commended.


Playback – I like the system here and found it easy to navigate and control especially if you are using triggers. The date and time of each trip are presented and simply takes a click to bring it up on screen (which can be viewed with other cameras at the same time code) and you can view the action. Exporting a file is as simple as ticking the boxes and hitting export which will transfer a file to the attached thumb drive – Easy and simple! It can be done ad hoc or you can simply get a process in order to solve it. The system is easily navigated to the date and time and zoom can be controlled by the mouse scroll wheel. It was probably the only point I missed a keyboard which is force of habit on my behalf hitting play! – buts its perfectly controllable form the mouse) – The default view is four cameras but this can be changed in the general settings as the frame rate drops a little with all four firing. You can export as a straight AVI which will play in VLC on the Mac – the H264 was in a codec the default install of VLC did not recognise.

The Annke System has some controls on the front of it but I have got pretty adept at doing everything with the mouse. Still nice to have if you learn it that way.


Alarms – can be set for a variety or reasons other than motion detect. Under options you can set alarms for HD failures or camera `blind’ and have it react by sounding an audible beep / show message and FTP / email options. One annoying aspect of the trigger is the GUI as it can be set to show when an alarms has triggered but it does not keep the info of which one – This should be able to be fixed in a firmware update I would hope as you have no way of knowing which alarm was triggered unless you view the logs.


App ‘XMEye’ – I only tested this on a local network setup but it was fantastic. Easy to navigate and was a breeze to setup. You could easily monitor and amend most parts of this system on a local network of an android tablet. I have not been able to hook it up to the ‘cloud’ aspect so please note that I will try but I am a floor away and 100ft + from the router here.


Box Output – Can be configured with either a HDMI connection or VGA and the options allow the resolution to be set with your monitor. Quick cam controls can be used via the front of the box but you will need the included mouse to do most things. The remote is useful if your box is not accessible. There is a ‘Tour’ function which is easily set and has several options.


Audio – An audio input option is available and will record audio on channel one so keep that in mind with placement. The audio device needs to deliver a line input signal to the box for it to be of use – This was untested at the time of review but I will endeavour to quickly test it at some point but it appears to be mono. An audio out is also provided for monitoring this signal during playback.


Instructions Provided – Limited but for the most part I worked things out by playing around with it so its fairly intuitive. Expect some trial and error. I had the advantage of having played with the system a bit on my last review so I was up and running very quickly.


Advanced Options – Upload to FTP is included in the alarms section and It will also have the ability to email a recipient as well. During the install I did I wasn’t able to test these as the router was to far from the where I wanted the unit but it seemed like there was little issue once the correct port forwarding was set up on your router. I did however manage to set it up on a local network via my mac and at least for safari the interface is limited to simple viewing but it worked OK. On load it gives you the option of the primary or secondary encode stream which depending on your locale will depend on where you view it from.

You can probably do this with the XMEYE app and make it a lot simpler for yourself. I havn’t tested the app in this function i.e the cloud so I can not say but its good to not there are advanced options here if you need them.

Final Thoughts – It is a great system for the money despite a few niggles. The camera switching and low light performance are the weak points and I think in use you may find there will be periods in the day if light fades as a gradient that you may find the picture poor. If you can handle that and are willing to tweak it a bit to deal with that stuff then it is worth a look. I’m on the fence as to if it is a better system than the Sannce 8 channel.

I think in a situation where judicious placement and low contrast or well lit areas then the enhanced resolution at much higher frame rates may well be worth it. If I wasn’t comparing the two then I would have no hesitation recommending this really – a few workarounds in use and you may find one a deal breaker but there is value for money and given the price, ease of use, along side the advanced functions its worth a look. I’ll continue to use this one and update my review with any useful or new info and hopefully have some more info on the cloud system.

Product provided for review – its just my opinion.

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5Lots of features and excellent quality video feeds
By Vdub
[[VIDEOID:667fee915298c628095e3d27b12d69af]] I’ve tried out a few different entry level video security systems and the cameras on this one are definitely among the best quality. I wasn’t expecting too much since the video is fed through just a single analog cable, but the results were surprisingly good. Not quite as good as a pure digital 720p signal, but not far off either.

Setup was very easy. You start by mounting your cameras in the desired location, and aiming them by adjusting the allen wrench screw on the mounting arm of each camera (allen wrench included). Then just use a screwdriver/drill to secure them, and run the power & video wires back to the system.

Main unit setup was also very easy. It has HDMI output, which is a must these days, so you just connect a TV/monitor, ethernet cable (optional, if you want the networking features), USB mouse (highly recommended over the IR remote since the mouse is much easier to control with), video cameras, and AC adapter.

The only issues I ran into were with the mobile app. I had to problem scanning the QR code to take me to the download location of the mobile app, but even as a very experienced network & gadget enthusiast, was unable to get the app to talk to my unit. I will keep trying and update the review if I am able to get this working.

You have all the basic security features included here, such as motion detection & alerts, scheduling for recording and purging, etc. It doesn’t include a hard drive, but you are able to add a wide variety of storage capacities that will fit your needs, or setup network recording.

Overall, this is a great starter video security system that has a lot of the features you typically only find in more expensive systems. If price is no object, there may be better options out there, but for the price, this is a solid value. Review sample provided by manufacturer.

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4Good to have the extra measure of security at such a nominal cost.
By K.S. in NC
The cameras give a really great image and were fairly easy to set up. I bought a 1TB purple WD HDD and it installed in a snap. Took about 2 hrs to mount the cameras and fish the wires through the drop ceiling, but that was about it. Fired the thing up and the images came up right away. Config was not too hard. Lots of options like scheduling on-off times for cameras (so you’re not filling up your drive when you don’t need imagery), and the night vision IR works really well. Has some bolt holes in the bottom so I could anchor it securely to the shelf. Took a bit to figure out how to set the motion detect and such, and I had to buy additional 150 ft cables to reach, but the only issue I’ve been having is trouble getting a link up remotely via the IOS App. Sometimes works, sometimes not. Overall I am very happy with this for the price I paid.

Features of this product

  • New Arrive AHD(720P) DVR with 720P Security Camera: Provide you Crystal Clear image with affordable price
  • Advanced HD HVR System: DVR/HVR/NVR three in one, you can get HD quality video under whatever mode.
  • High Definiton Camera: 1280*720, monitoring your home & business has never been easier or clearer.
  • View on 1080P HDMI Monitor with HDMI output port, the DVR also comes with VGA connections for standard resolution viewing options.
  • QR Code Scan — Easy & Quick Remote Access via smartphone and tablet

Everybody knows that since there is a within crime, there is also a rise in the number of surveillance DVR being sold at stores. So how are you heading to select the right one? The truth is price will not always reflect performance. You can choose the most expensive surveillance DVR there is, but you cannot always expect that it will perform the way in which that you want it to. You need to be able to do your research before picking one from the store which means you will really know what you will be getting. One of the most important features that you should think about is its record resolution. It is the amount of px captured. Thus, it plays a role in the success of capturing digital video evidence. You do not want to capture something that you can barely recognize. It defeats its purpose. You also want the one which you can have full remote access to. So you can access your videos from where you are and that could be anywhere which is the point of installing surveillance DVR at home.

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