Where to Buy ANNKE SP1 HD 720P Baby Monitor,Cloud Network/Wireless IP Camera-Black

ANNKE SP1 HD 720P Baby Monitor,Cloud Network/Wireless IP Camera-Black

ANNKE SP1 HD 720P Baby Monitor,Cloud Network/Wireless IP Camera-Black details, interesting information along with costumer testimonials who already purchased and in addition best price with quite great discount.

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This item produced by Annke become one of the great Remote Home Monitoring System since a lot of customers happy after using this product. In addition to its features, the best price also becomes a factor. This is a description of ANNKE SP1 HD 720P Baby Monitor,Cloud Network/Wireless IP Camera-Black, an item more liked by peoples and have plenty of beneficial reviews. We will give you customer reviews, product features, descriptions, and a variety of other interesting things. Happy reading.

ANNKE SP1 HD 720P Baby Monitor,Cloud Network/Wireless IP Camera-Black Details and Reviews

ANNKE SP1 HD 720P Baby Monitor,Cloud

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Annke
  • Model: SP1-B

Estimated Price: $69.99 Buy or See Best Price

176 of 182 people found the following review helpful.
5Remote monitor your baby or home
By John Ryan
This is an incredible little device with a number of uses – many of them potentially a bit creepy.  Here’s why….

What is it?
This little device, a bit like the top half of a Dalek, is a surveillance camera which can be operated remotely by an iPhone or Android device.

What’s in the box?
* The camera unit itself
* A screw in ariel for the WIFI connection
* A 3 Pin UK transformer 
* A short network cable (to plug it into a router)
* A wall attachment plus two wall plugs and screws (for optionally fixing it)
* Very clear Instruction manual complete with pictures 

First thing that strikes you is the quality and attention to detail.  Beautifully packaged in a well designed, and very well protected box, the camera itself is great build quality with a soft touch material.  Top marks for packing.

What’s it like?
Excellent but a bit spooky.   Out of the box you plug in the power, and connect it to your internet router with the supplied cable, and it slowly revolves around, like a mini-terminator scanning the room.  You then download an App from the Apple store or Google Play store, and set it up.  Once set up, you can link your device to your WIFI – after which you can unplug the cable, and take your camera to where you need it in the house.

Once running, you can start the App on your mobile (I tried it on an iPhone 6), and see your cameras view of the world.  By swiping across the screen, you can even control the camera to scan left or right, up or down.

Full control includes:-

1. The ability to scan the room
2. The ability to listen into sounds in the room (remarkably sensitive)
3. The ability to talk to the people in the room (a very creepy experience – believe me)
4. The ability to take snapshot photos
5. The ability to detect motion
6. The ability to take photos in complete darkness (it has infrared LEDs built in).
7. The ability to record to an SD card

Who should buy it
I think I’d be useful for anyone who wanted to watch their house remotely or as a baby video/sound monitor.  This means you could use it as a burglar alarm (with motion detection), or to watch the dog while your out.  You can even talk to them – a great bonus.

What else do you need?
It’s worth noting, this device is for remote monitoring.   It’s therefore useful if you also have…

1. A WIFI router (although you could operate it entirely using the cable)
2. An Android or Apple smartphone or tablet computer (to monitor)
3. A bit of patience and persistence in setting it up (although other reviewers clearly had no problems).  

What’s Good about it?
* Clever little device which allows you to “watch” your home – potentially from the other side of the world
* Relatively small and discrete (5 inches by 4 inches) – almost disappears on a bookshelf
* Picture quality (on a smartphone) remarkably clear – very high quality indeed (even a night in a dark room)
* Very quiet in operation.  Scanning the room it was completely silent
* Fabulously clear instructions complete with pictures (really impressed by this)

What’s not so good?
I’ve a very short attention span when it comes to setting this sort of thing up, and I struggled with it a bit.  Having said that, the instructions are excellent (lots of pictures and diagrams), and even I got there in the end.

A great idea that can be used to remotely monitor your house or baby.


171 of 177 people found the following review helpful.
5Love the app that allows me to move the camera by swiping the screen
By Ali Julia
[[VIDEOID:f9304d22092e2b6a1af319d6b1560a7a]] We purchased a number of IP camera in the last few years to watch over an older relative who has a tendency to fall and not press her emergency alert button. I have to say that this camera is better than the ones we have used in the past. The video is good but what I really like is the app that controls it. The app allows me to pan the camera by swiping my finger across the screen, I can zoom in and zoom out by pinching and spreading my fingers. I have been using it extensively for several weeks and have not experienced any crashes or technical issues. The video is very good during the day and not bad during the night. If there was anything I would change about this camera is I would have liked it to have a slightly wider angle, however because I can pan the camera this is not a big deal.

The setup was very easy . All I had to do was install the app (called MIPC), connect via Ethernet for the initial set up, and create an account. Once this was done I could connect the camera either via Ethernet or WI FI.

The quality of the video is quite good as you see in attached video. The app has a lot of nice options and is easy to use. I tried this camera as a surveillance camera looking out of the window. To make it work through the window during the night I had to turn off its infrared mode (otherwise the infrared reflects from the window back into the camera in the form of light). To turn off the infrared option I had to switch the mode from Auto (which switches between day and night) to Day.

The camera can be used free standing or be mounted on the wall with a bracket that is included in the package. The bracket can also be used as a stand if you want to tilt the camera down (say on a window sill to have the camera point to the front door from the second floor of the house).

The camera can record to a micro SD card (max card size is 32G).

The camera has several recording modes. You can schedule recordings to occur between certain hours. This is handy if, for example, you need to fit more video on the micro SD card.

Alternatively, you can have the camera start when it detects motion. There is a setting which allows you to control “motion detection sensitivity”. You can use it to tune the camera not to start recording when wind moves the leaves on trees yet record when someone comes to the door.

I received this video camera for testing and unbiased review. I have been using the camera for several weeks and so far I am quite impressed with it and had no problems. I am especially pleased with how I can control the camera using the app.

Ali Julia review

140 of 145 people found the following review helpful.
4Needs info in “Manual” – INCLUDED HERE
By T. Norris
I am not an employee of or have any interest in Annke, nor have I received a sample for review (unlike several of the reviews).
First: this is a great little unit. Lots of good stuff buried in the app (iOS) and web page ONCE YOU GET PAST A SET UP INFO OMMISSION!!

Setup is easy if you know the following which is NOWHERE IN THE PICTURE MANUAL OR THEIR WEBSITE:
1) The UNIT ID is on a sticker on the bottom of the unit (and the box) it also has a scan code that the app lets you scan so you don’t have to type the zillion characters.
2) On the bottom is a pin hole that lets you access the reset button. With power on, insert a paper clip end and depress switch, unit resets to factory state.
3) Micro SD card inserts to a recessed position, that it, it is about a millimeter deeper that the surface –

Had those three things been somewhere in the picture manual, it would have been five stars.

OK, now my experience.
I ordered one to try out. – installed app on iPhone 6 prior to receipt
Opened box, looked at picture manual,
Hooked it up to my router.
Plugged it in. Watched it initialize.
Green network light blinked correctly.
Ran app. It asked me for an ID.
I checked the picture manual and saw that they put in a string of characters.
So I did, too: “Living Room”
Waited quite a while and it could not find my hard wired device.
Tried it again and variations, even putting in the same string listed in manual. Still could not find my device.
After deciding that it might not be compatible with my network, I decided to box it up and send it back.
Noticed the little sticker on the bottom with the words ID and a string of characters.
Felt like an idiot. EACH unit has its own unique FACTORY ASSIGNED, unchangeable ID. (you can alias it in the software with what they call a “Friendly Name”, but not change it) This makes sense, now that I know it…
Checked picture manual – ABSOLUTELY no reference to this sticker on unit’s bottom.
Typed the string into the ID request in the app. Typed in password also listed on sticker (admin) and it connected.
Followed the wizard and all went well after that.
Tested for a few days.
Ordered three more – then discovered scan code that loads ID code, and reset button.

I’m sure the manufacturer and supplier think it is trivial, but not having one more simple picture with the ID location and reset button (existence) shown almost cost them a return and a sale of three more, plus a friend who has ordered two – and laughed at my experience, though I know he would have had a very similar experience and sent his back.

Now that you know these three things, it will be a 5 star experience for you!

Thanks for reading my review

Features of this product

  • Happy Easter Day : Get $10 Gift Card when spend $299.99/ Get $20 Gift Card when spend $499.99/Get $30 Gift Card when spend $799.123 or more on Qualifying items offered by Security Sannce & ANNKE
  • Stunning viewing experience: 1.0 Megapixel lens capable of streaming video at 1280 x 720p HD quality.
  • Instant Setup in minutes: Plug in your camera and launch the app on your phone. Add camera, set Wi-Fi and watch live video. NOTE: Cloud storage only
  • Two-Way talk: With Built-in speaker and mic, easier listening and responding to what is going on when watching.
  • Check in from anywhere: Even when you’re miles away, keep an eye on your home, kids and mischievous pets in TRUE life HD

A remote surveillance security system enables you to monitor your home while away. If you go on a vacation, are at the office, or away on organization, you can have gain access to via internet to watch what your surveillance cameras are catching on online video. This type of protection system is well suited for family members who are often apart for extended periods, offices which have chronic theft or perhaps vandalism problems, and homeowners with members that need the aid of a caretaker if left by itself.

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