Information About Campark® HD Sports Video Sunglasses Camera,120 degrees Wide Angle Lens, Anti-ultraviolet lenses with Free 8G Micro SD card

Campark® HD Sports Video Sunglasses Camera,120 degrees Wide Angle Lens, Anti-ultraviolet lenses with Free 8G Micro SD card

Campark® HD Sports Video Sunglasses Camera,120 degrees Wide Angle Lens, Anti-ultraviolet lenses with Free 8G Micro SD card details, useful information along with costumer opinions who previously bought as well as best price with pretty good discount.

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Campark® HD Sports Video Sunglasses Camera,120 degrees Wide Angle Lens, Anti-ultraviolet lenses with Free 8G Micro SD card Details and Reviews

Campark® HD Sports Video Sunglasses

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #2440 in Camera & Photo
  • Brand: Campark
  • Model: AS33-UV+8GTF
  • Battery type: Lithium Ion

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5Nice 720p video recorder for a very reasonable price
By M. Merlin
(I have received this device in exchange for an unbiased review)

I have Google Glass (which cost around $1500) and many times I actually used it to take videos hands free, first person view. But it’s expensive, and unsupported now.
So, I was excited to see this product which for less than $50 offers this video recording.
Now, obviously for that price there is no screen, you’re just recording blind, but that’s not really an issue.

I’ll start with the one bad point: there is only a single button. It does
– power on
– take picture
– start video
– stop video
– power off
Needless to say that it’s way too much for a single button. Long press to turn on, short press for picture, longer press (but not too long) for video, slightly longer press (4sec instead of 3) will power down.
What this means is that it’s too difficult to know whether you just took a picture, started a video, or just the camera off.
There is a little blue LED on the inside which you can’t really see unless you take the glasses off your face just a bit. Then you’ll see whether you’re on, off, took a picture, or are recording (flashing).
I would usually knock off a star for that, but given the price of this unit and the fact that it does its main function well, I think it still deserves 5 stars.

This design issue aside, the device is otherwise a breeze to use. Plug it in a computer, mount the drive letter, copy videos out, or you can move the microsd card to your computer for faster copies.
The video quality is quite decent for 720p.
The pictures are not even close to being 8mega pixel quality though. Expect cheap cell phone camera picture quality, but still, better than nothing.

The device came with an 8GB card, which was enough to record 1H’s worth of video (cut in 10mn files).
Recording stopped because the card was full, but the battery was still going strong.
(compare with google glass which will stop recording after 25mn of use due to low battery)

The camera itself is not very hidden, it’s actually quite visible, but as long as you don’t mind that, this is a good device at a very reasonable price.

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful.
5Good Image Quality
By tree321
This is my review of the Campark 720p Sports Sunglasses

The first thing that catches my eye with these camera glasses is the design.They actually look stylish, unlike some other “spy” type glasses.That’s a big plus in my book.Sure they look cool but how do they perform?Well first off they are 720p not 1080, but image quality can’t always be judged by pixels alone.Other factors such as the type of internal image sensor used factor into the equation.
Based off my tests I would say these have an excellent image sensor.The videos shot are almost as good as some 1080p cameras that I own.I watched my test footage full screen on a 1080p Acer monitor and they looked really good.The recorded sound is very crisp and clear.Video quality increases as lumens increase.

Included in the package is an 8 GB class 10 micro SD card.After briefly charging these glasses I immediately took some sample footage.I’m very impressed, considering these are 720p not 1080p.

The build quality seems really good, as the frames are thick and feel solid.But I would recommend using the included hard shell case when not in use.

These are really easy to operate.Simply press the power button for approximately 3 seconds and a blue light will come on inside the right arm indicating stand by mode.If you short press the button it takes a picture.If you hold it down for approx. 3 seconds the blue light blinks indicating they are recording video.Records segments of 10 min. each.Long press to turn off.

These glasses can be used as a webcam by connecting them to your computer via the included mini USB cable.Once plugged in just press the power button and open your webcam software.I used VLC player to test it and it works quite well.(Media-Open Capture Device-Play)

When I first looked at the lenses I thought the lenses where foggy from being outside in the mailbox and tried wiping them off. Nope.Maybe it was the Anti-ultraviolet coating causing it.In actuality there is a thin plastic protective film on the inside of the lenses that must be removed or visibility is really poor.

One concern I had was whether or not I could wear these with my motorcycle helmet on because the frame arms are a little thick.Although they are snug, they do work with a full faced motorcycle helmet.My YouTube channel has some sample footage of me riding my Honda Magna with these on.

Overall I really like these camera glasses and feel they give me a unique perspective when using them for various activities.(Such as motorcycle riding or just walking).

To see sample footage of this camera go to treesaver321 on youtube.
Video quality slightly reduced for youtube.

Test sample provided for testing and promotional purposes.

Features of this product

  • Record HD video at 720P @ 30fps,take 8 mega pixels pictures.
  • 120 degrees wide angle lens provides a wider field of vision, professional UV protection lenses, these are perfect for recording sport activities.
  • Free 8GB memory card included. The memory is expandable and it can support up to a 32GB card. It comes with everything you need to start recording.
  • One-touch button recording,video and audio together. Also, an indicator light on the inner right arm of the glasses will flash while recording.
  • Weather & impact resistant frames | Polarized lenses | Rechargeable 500 mAH battery | Time/date stamp | Web Cam

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