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CMIP8212- 1/3

CMIP8212- 1/3″ CMOS 1.3 MP High Resolution IP Bullet Camera details, interesting information with costumer reviews who previously purchased and in addition best price along with really good discount.

Bullet security cameras are great outdoor video security cameras that are great options for property or commercial security. Bullet models are cameras designed in a cylindrical way so they look similar to rifle bullets, they are usually small and very difficult to note. Bullet cameras are usually designed to be outdoor cameras, but there are also indoor models available. They come in a variety of sizes, styles and with a variety of features. Since bullet digital cameras are made for the outside, almost all of them have infrared lighting, but there are also day or night time bullet cameras available. Day time or night, bullet digital cameras can see in dim light, but unlike infrared bullet cameras they can not see into complete darkness. Bullet security digital cameras vary in lens size, range and picture quality.

This product made by TSL become one of the great Bullet Camera since a lot of purchaser satisfied after using this item. In addition to its features, the best price also becomes a factor. This is a review of CMIP8212- 1/3″ CMOS 1.3 MP High Resolution IP Bullet Camera, an item favored by buyers and have plenty of positive reviews. We will present to you customer reviews, product features, descriptions, and a variety of other interesting things. Happy reading.

CMIP8212- 1/3″ CMOS 1.3 MP High Resolution IP Bullet Camera Details and Reviews

CMIP8212- 1/3

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  • Color: Black
  • Brand: TSL

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4clear picture, wide view, everything in focus
By Compdoc
I really like these cameras. For the price you get a great ip camera that I have working with Zoneminder. The are a number of settings for networking, video streaming, etc. and I was able to make the camera do what I needed. It sees very well in the dark with its infra-red LEDs, and it automatically switches day and night modes. (cut filter)

The default ip address is, so you just change network settings for a moment to enable DHCP, and you don’t have to install any software. (unless you want to) It would be nicer if DHCP were just enabled to begin with.

It has a clear image, and has convinced me to only buy cameras with vari-focal lenses in the future. Everything in the image is focused fairly well, and there’s no having to deal with tiny screws and levers while standing on a ladder.

So far, the camera handles the freezing winter temperatures here in Colorado. The camera appear to be sealed properly, and should be waterproof. The IR LEDs work great to light up a room, or an enclosed area – everything in the room will be clearly visible and brightly lit.

However, outside the IR LEDs might require a separate IR source to see objects clearly beyond 30 feet or so. And the view is narrowed because the LEDs point straight ahead and don’t shine to the sides very well. Lighting a large area might require a separate IR source, like an LED array.

This camera only streams H.264 on the main stream, and a choice of either H.264 or MJPEG on the sub stream. However I was never able to get the MJPEG stream working because I could never find the url and port to configure Zoneminder with.

And lastly, a couple of things: you cannot disable the on-board IR LEDs in the settings. And for some reason Firefox on my Windows machine had trouble working trying to change settings. IE and Chrome worked much better.

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4Good price and picture quality is above average
By S. Johnson
First, I’m fairly certain these are hikvision rebrands. But this is not a bad thing, just something to be aware of.

Received the cameras in open boxes. The factory seal had been cut on both with no explanation. This is concerning to me as a customer, but I’m not going to return them just because of this but it puts my guard up. It’s something I would have liked to know before hand. The items were wrapped and I feel like they were new product, but not untouched from the factory for some reason. Perhaps reconditioned? These are the questions you ask when they are open box. They claim 3 year warranty on the box, so I hope they stand behind it.

If mounting directly on a plenum or eave, installation requires a pretty large hole to accommodate the large RJ45 wiring socket dongle. Make sure you accommodate that before pulling your cable through.

Night vision is very good for this price range. The noise in the video is controlled very well. The illuminators are very focused in a tight beam. It provides a very bright center spot with good visibility out to probably 20 feet.

The setup is very cumbersome. You have to use the proprietary software to locate your cameras on the local network, and through their GUI configure them with an IP and associated video parameters. They do not use DHCP by default. But if you’re lucky, you’ll only ever have to do this once, so I only deduct 1 star for the inconvenience.

After 2 days of use they have been reliable peers to our NVR and have provided a stable RTSP stream. Our NVR had no problem connecting to the RTSP stream once they were configured as hikvisions. As of today, I would buy them again for other sites.

It’s been a couple months now and I have the same opinion of these cameras. The image quality is holding up and they have been very reliable. They have yet to need intervention of any kind. Good picture, reliable. They fit the bill for their price and I recommend them to others. They are also onvif compatible.

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  • LTS CMIP8212

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