Price of Defender PX301-012 Digital Wireless DVR Security System with receiver, SD Card Recording and Long Range Night Vision Camera

Defender PX301-012 Digital Wireless DVR Security System with receiver, SD Card Recording and Long Range Night Vision Camera

Defender PX301-012 Digital Wireless DVR Security System with receiver, SD Card Recording and Long Range Night Vision Camera details, exciting information and costumer reviews who already bought plus best price with very great discount.

A home surveillance DVR system can be installed in order that you are able to keep a careful eye on your house, your possessions and your family. Of course anyone that provides a home or a family knows the value of providing as much safety as possible. The ideal part of the monitoring DVR systems is that they make a copy of what they look at during the time they will are turned on. If you wish to prove that someone was at your property on some day, at some time, then you will have confirmation of their presence.

This product made by SVAT become one of the top recomended Surveillance DVR Kits since a lot of purchaser fulfilled after using this product. In addition to its features, the best price also becomes a factor. Below is a review of Defender PX301-012 Digital Wireless DVR Security System with receiver, SD Card Recording and Long Range Night Vision Camera, an item more liked by costumers and have a lot of great reviews. We will present to you customer reviews, product features, descriptions, and a variety of other interesting things. Happy reading.

Defender PX301-012 Digital Wireless DVR Security System with receiver, SD Card Recording and Long Range Night Vision Camera Details and Reviews

Defender PX301-012 Digital Wireless DVR

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: SVAT
  • Model: PX301-012
  • Dimensions: 3.70″ h x 11.00″ w x 11.50″ l, 2.50 pounds
  • Hard Disk: 2GB
  • Native resolution: 640×480 or 320×240

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2Not for us
By Sophia Burns
My husband and I live on a 16 acre paradise. Because we are so “remote”, we felt we needed a security camera system around our house. After reading up on different systems, we settled for this one. Reasons: it is wireless, records motion, has night vision, and has its own portable monitor. We thought it would suffice, but in fact, we sent it back to Amazon within a week.

Let’s be clear: we are sure this system is perfect for others, it just wasn’t for us. Here is a summation of our reasons:

– Our drive is about 24ft from the house. Although it still sees cars at that distance, the motion sensor only works up to 20 feet for any visitors on foot. Meaning that only if they are (un)kind enough to walk on the grass instead of the drive, the camera would detect them. Moving the camera closer to the drive was not option, so any pedestrians can easily pass the house undetected.

– The clarity of the system was certainly not sufficient for our use. Beyond 10, 15ft, simply nothing is recognizable. My husband saw me walk by and did not even know me!

– The colors are so washed out and/or distorted, that it is impossible to determine what color an object is. Green grass looks like it covered in snow, and you can’t tell the color of people’s clothing or cars.

– The field of view is rather poor, compared with the system we recently purchased. Our new system can view up to 130 degrees per camera, and the Defender cameras only around 64 or so. We’d need three cameras just to monitor the front of the house, while now we can use 2 cameras to cover the full front and part of one side.

– The recording is so slow to kick in, that a car driving by at 30km/h is already 3/4 past the camera before it is recorded. Our new system has some sort of buffer that back-records from the moment the motion starts… thus catching the full motion from start to finish.

– Although I mention this last, in fact this is almost our biggest concern. Living in the Rockies, we have frequent power outages. To our dismay, the system does not come back after an outage, it says off until you manually push the power button. When we are away, any glitch in the power means our system is useless until we get back.

We are not putting down the product, it was just not sufficient for our needs. The advertising images were graphically rather misleading and the motion detection range is not mentioned anywhere, otherwise we would never have considered this system. We can certainly see how it may be suitable for people who make use of it as an intercom system, such as in an apartment building or office.

However, if one is looking for high definition, long distance outdoor usage, we would strongly recommend the Logitech Alert system. It is extremely easy to set up, does not require additional cable setups, allows for remote monitoring over the Internet (and thus all your computers and mobile devices). It has flexible and excellent motion detection. The image quality and colors are superb. The system appears to be more pricey, especially with additional cameras, but in our opinion, it is more than worth the difference.

As long term customers this is the first time that we returned a product. We were hoping to order the Logitech system instead, but sadly Amazon Canada does not stock the product and Amazon USA does not ship to Canada, so we purchased it from another company.

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4Easy to Use Home Security Night Vision System
By Amazon Customer
This is a home security camera system which is easy enough for an average person with a few tools to install. Included are: a monitoring station with a 7-inch diagonal color screen, one night-vision camera, a remote control (for the monitoring station) and mounting hardware.

Note that this is an “active” infrared system, meaning that it requires infrared lighting to see in the dark. Infrared lighting is provided on this camera by LED lamps surrounding the camera lens.

– Monitoring station and camera are powered by AC adapters (supplied).
– Cameras may be connected by video cable or wireless.
– This system includes an audio intercom function.
– Video feed can be piped from the monitoring station to other devices (TV, etc.)
– Monitoring station permits up to 4 cameras to be attached, and can roll through them or display a 2×2 matrix of images.

– Camera provides an image of sufficient quality for security purposes. If someone you knew walked into the field of view, you would be able to recognize them.
– Setting this system up was exceedingly easy.
– Video recording to SD card is possible. One SD card is included.
– Night vision function works well.
– Infrared lighting was more than ample to light subjects at the advertised 40 foot distance.
– Wireless hook-up between monitoring station and camera is quick and, in my testing, automatic. Note that the documentation indicates that it may be necessary to “sync” the devices, which should not be hard.
– Wireless connection works well, even through approx. 100 feet of wooden-construction house.
– Monitoring station is configured via a simple menu system.

– Monitoring station’s menu system could be more comprehensive. (I would have liked to turn down the contrast in the daytime.)

Pay Attention:
– The camera housing is “water resistant”, but not weather proof. I imagine that a reasonably sheltered mounting location (inside a car port, underneath a deep roof overhang), should sufficiently protect the camera. Just realize that it is not designed to sit out in the rain.
– Daytime vision was nearly colorless in my experience.
– Infrared LED lamps will create glare on windows and nearby objects, so window glass cannot be between the camera and its subject during infrared operation, and bushes, etc. should not be too near lamps or their “glow” will partially obscure the scene.

Overall, I found this to be a good quality product, which was very easy to set up. The camera provides a reasonable viewing angle and depth of focus for security purposes. Using the system was also quite easy. Assuming you avoid the few potential “gotchas”, this would be an easy way to set up video surveillance system for a home or small business.

Privacy Note: One thing I was not able to determine was how hard it would be for anyone else to intercept the wireless video feed from these cameras.

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3Not a very good value for the money.
By The Toolman
Despite many good reviews, I was not overly impressed. This system has a lot of great features but the overall implementation is poor.


* 2 Way intercom – You can mount this by your front door and talk with visitors before you let them in.
* Motion detector – Unit alarms and starts recording when it detects motion.
* Included SD card – Yes, it is small but it is included. You can always upgrade to a larger card.
* Metal camera housing with mount – The camera looks like a quality security camera. Another reviewer said it is not meant to sit in the rain but I’m not so sure. It looks like it would handle the weather just fine.
* Expandable – You can add up to 3 additional cameras.
* Night vision with IR illuminator – It can see in total darkness. The infrared illuminator was pretty bright but cannot be seen by the naked eye.
* Pretty easy to setup and use.
* Included remote control.

Now for the bad:

* Video quality is poor – At first, I thought this might be caused by the LCD monitor but even when plugged into an external, high quality monitor, the video is pretty bad. The resolution is low and the frame rate is poor. Images are not sharp and motion causes highly visible blurring. Color is also poor. I suspect the IR illuminator is partially to blame. Even in good lighting, colors are washed out. As you get closer to the camera, colors pretty much disappear. To visualize the effect, turn the color control all the way down on your TV then turn it up until you can just barely discern some color. That is what the image looks like on this system. My cheap x10 camera system has much better video quality than this and it is way cheaper (1/5th the price). Since this is the basic functionality, I had to lower the rating significantly because of the poor video quality.
* Poorly implemented night vision. As previously mentioned, the IR emitters are always on so they distort the color. If you are anywhere near the camera, you get virtually no color even with good lighting.
* You cannot view images on the LCD monitor and an external monitor simultaneously. If you want to be able to monitor from multiple locations, you will need a second receive/monitor. I am not sure if the system lets you sync multiple monitors to a single camera.
* The LCD monitor itself is rather cheap and slides around easily on the table. I’d rather have just a receiver that plugs into the TV than a monitor that is so cheesy. Sorry but that’s the truth.
* Price – You can do much better for the money. Additional cameras are about $100 if you can find them. So if you fully load this system, you will end up paying close to $600. You can get a system with a real monitor and real DVR for that.

Features of this product

  • Digital Wireless Technology – The Phoenix 301-Series comes equipped with Digital Wireless Technology
  • Ensures there is no messy wiring involved when setting the system up.
  • SD Card Recording – This system includes a 2GB SD card that can capture up to 350 minutes of footage and audio.
  • Easily Connects to a TV – Connect your receiver to any television in your home or business with the included 6ft AV cable
  • Remote Control Access – Control your system directly from the buttons on the receiver or from a distance with the included remote control.

We all know that since there is a within crime, there is also a rise in the amount of surveillance DVR being sold at stores. So how are you going to select the right one? The truth is price does not always reflect performance. You can choose the most expensive surveillance DVR there is, but you cannot always expect that it will perform the way that you want it to. You should be able to do your research before picking one from the store so you will really know what you will be getting. Among the most important features that you should consider is the record resolution. It is the amount of px captured. Thus, it plays a part in the success of taking digital video evidence. You do not want to capture something that you can barely recognize. It beats its purpose. You also want one that you can have full remote access to. So you can access your videos from where you are and that could be anywhere which is the point of installing surveillance DVR at home.

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