Discount of Defender Sentinel 8CH 500GB Smart Security DVR Including 4 Dome/4 Bullet 600TVL Cameras with IR Cut Filter and Night Vision,21063

Defender Sentinel 8CH 500GB Smart Security DVR Including 4 Dome/4 Bullet 600TVL Cameras with IR Cut Filter and Night Vision,21063

Defender Sentinel 8CH 500GB Smart Security DVR Including 4 Dome/4 Bullet 600TVL Cameras with IR Cut Filter and Night Vision,21063 facts, interesting information along with costumer testimonials who previously purchased and also best price with pretty nice discount.

A home surveillance DVR system can be installed to ensure that you can keep an aware eye on your house, your possessions you. Of course anyone that has a home or a family knows the value of providing as much safety as possible. The greatest part of the monitoring DVR systems is that they make a backup of what they look at during the time they are turned on. If you want to prove that someone was at your house on a specific day, at a specific time, then you will have proof of their presence.

This product produced by Defender become one of the great Surveillance DVR Kits since a lot of shoppers fulfilled after using this product. In addition to its features, the best price also becomes a factor. This is a review about Defender Sentinel 8CH 500GB Smart Security DVR Including 4 Dome/4 Bullet 600TVL Cameras with IR Cut Filter and Night Vision,21063, an item more liked by buyers and have a much of beneficial reviews. We will give you customer reviews, product features, descriptions, and a variety of other interesting things. Happy reading.

Defender Sentinel 8CH 500GB Smart Security DVR Including 4 Dome/4 Bullet 600TVL Cameras with IR Cut Filter and Night Vision,21063 Details and Reviews

Defender Sentinel 8CH 500GB Smart

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Defender
  • Model: 21063
  • Dimensions: 8.75″ h x 2.00″ w x 11.00″ l, 3.75 pounds

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Estimated Price: $449.99 Buy or See Best Price

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3Decent starter kit for home survelliance but framerate limited
By Jay
I have used many makes of DVRs and cameras over the past two years. My house was burglarized and I with a similar kit from Q-See I was able to get the guy convicted and he’s enjoying some time in jail right now. Since that time I have been on a quest to get better and better cameras and have learned a lot along the way.

This kit has many of the same limitation that I’ve come to expect from analog systems. The DVR has frame rate limitations on the number of channels you can run at the D1 resolution. Do your homework and understand that just because the cameras can do 600 lines (btw, that’s nowhere near 720p (1280×720) if you look at the missing horizontal pixels) doesn’t mean that’s the level of quality you’re recording. In order to support all 8 channels you will need to use CIF recording which has a resolution of 360×240. If you want to bump up to the highest D1 resolution (which is 720×480) then you have to either lower the framerate considerably or use fewer cameras. What you are seeing displayed on the screen live is likely not the same level of quality you are recording at. Which makes a huge difference if you need to use that recording to convict someone. If quality is critical for you then I would seriously considering looking for a system that can support D1 @ 30FPS on all 8 channels (they can be found in this price range). Better yet, go with IP cameras that can support 1920×1080 resolutions, but that’s going to double your investment.

The interface, apps, and user friendliness is on par with the rest of the industry (which isn’t saying much as they are all kind of unfriendly). The quality of the cameras is pretty good, but my experience with some of these kits has meant that 1 or 2 cameras will probably crap out in a year or less. Luckily analog cameras are pretty cheap and can be had for $50 or less.

All and all it’s a good starter kit which may serve all you ever need, but be aware of it’s limitations in recording quality. In my case that’s a deal breaker since I know how important that was during my run in with a bad guy.

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3For the Advanced DIY’er
By Jeff
Almost everything you need comes in the box. DVR, cameras, connector, and cables. But no manual. Sure you can download and print the manual online or you can take your smart phone/tablet with you in the attic when questioning a crucial step.

Installation is relatively easy if you’re comfortable climbing around your attic and running cables. Actually running wires in the attic is simple, but you still need to run wires through the interior walls for the dome cameras. Although the dome cameras can be mounted on the ceiling you may need to install some vertically as well.

Pick a suitable location for your DVR. A place where all 8 wires, ethernet, power, and video can hide from bad guys. Even though you have a nifty, new surveillance system it doesn’t mean you won’t get broken in to. Hiding your DVR from the bad guys is important for future evidence.

The cameras are black and stick out like a sore thumb on lighter walls. Luckily the camera bodies are aluminum and can be painted. The easiest way to prep your cameras is to lightly scuff them with a green scotchbrite pad. Clean them thoroughly then mask the camera lenses. A couple of light spray can coats should do the trick.

When connecting the cameras to the wires add a couple turns of electrical tape around each connection. Sometimes the connector tolerances aren’t the greatest and need a little help.

Don’t believe for one second that another reviewer had this entire system installed and running in 90 minutes. That’s over 600 feet of cable being run AND 8 cameras attached to walls and ceilings. Realistically expect a full day to properly install this system. Take another day to prep the system and paint the cameras if needed.

The HDD is 500GB and is adequate for most needs. This means that you should set your DVR to keep the past 7 days of video and erase the rest. Unless, of course, you’re leaving for a an extended period. For those that need to record video 24/7 you should consider upgrading to at least a 1TB HDD.

The cameras are decent for 600TVL, which is just below 720p HD. Realistically you can expect a 30-40 night vision range in complete darkness, However if you have motion sensing lights then you can expect a greater range of about 60 feet. Remember that too bright of a security light can wash out your cameras at night. We use 60 watt yellow bug lights with much success. We originally had 100 watt lights that made a person’s face look like a bright white orb with absolutely no facial recognition.

The software set-up is easy and posed no difficulties. I didn’t install the mobile app.

When networked you can view your cameras on your smart phone and PC. You can also save the videos you need and save them to your PC or a USB stick.

I gave this system 3 stars because you MUST be networked to download a video file. My other system is a Q-See system. Q-See has an extra USB port on the back of the DVR. This extra USB port allows you to download a video file directly from the DVR. The Defender DVR does NOT allow you to download a file from the DVR. You must be connected to a network, then transfer the file from the DVR to your PC. Then you can download it to a USB stick.

For what it is, it’s a decent system. The price point is a bit high, especially with a 500Gb HDD. Installation is relatively easy and software set-up was fast. If you have a home network then you’ll be able to use all the features. If you don’t have a home network then look for a system with a second USB port.

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5Hardwired System ~ Big Job ~ But That Goes With The Territory
By majormusiclover
We’ve not had prior experience with security systems, but we’ve wanted one for a couple of years,
so I was willing to dig & research to get this one installed, (with the help of a good handy-man)

When I received the system, I familiarized myself with the contents of the kit, and info on the micro disc.
I opened the pdf file and found there to be 85 pages of instructions. I followed as stated, but with no success.
I went to defender-usa web-site & phoned the ‘Sales Assistance’ # in the upper R/H corner,
there’s a prompt for technical assistance, someone answered, and was very friendly & helpful.
He gave guidance for the best way to set up the system,
— (He said, Initially all three items, D.V.R. – Router & T.V. need physically hooked/wired together,
go to, access remote viewing set-up and follow instructions, & once I got that set up,
I wouldn’t have to have a T.V. or (P.C.) monitor at the D.V.R.) —
So I hung up the phone thinking issues resolved, and followed his instructions, exactly, but with no success.

So I phoned again, & happened to get the same fellow, this time he shared with me the fact that
“the above instructions work approx 50% of the time”
He was nice & patient & guided me through his instructions 5 times, and still nothing.
During which time I was gently given the feeling that I must not be doing something right.
He ended up having to take over my computer and go through it all again, and he wasn’t successful either.
During the course of that 1 1/2 hour phone call, he ended up needing to switch ports in the D.V.R.
which finally accessed on-line viewing.

FEATURES ~ Four Ultra hi-res 600TVL dome cameras – model #21060, indoor/out-door – night vision range, 65 ft. capability.
Four Ultra hi-res 600TVL ‘anti-vandal’ bullet cameras, with ‘sun shields’ – model #21006, indoor/out-door – night vision range, 100 ft. capability.
The design of anti-vandal cameras are supposed to be a plus, and the wires comes out the back so they can’t be cut/disabled by an intruder
so you must drill through the wall to run wires. (We didn’t consider that a plus) Cameras have 60 degree viewing angles.

System has Password Protection – Time and date stamp display – Full disc warning –
Auto detect video loss alarm – 500GB HDD Storage capacity – Lifetime free tech support.

FUNCTIONALITY ~ All eight cameras are displayed on one screen. The images are clear and distinct,
with pretty good pictures on the screen, which shows eight-blocks = all eight cameras.

NOTE ~ The cameras that come with this system are manual adjustment, video only, no sound.
The D.V.R. has capability to support pan – tilt – zoom (PTZ) and sound but
you’ll need to get different cameras if you want to utilize those D.V.R.’s features.
And two cameras were frozen and won’t pivot in their sockets when received, I still need to follow up on that issue.

CONSTRUCTION ~ Weather-resistant aluminum housing.

CONCLUSION ~ This product isn’t very user friendly, there’s a lot of complicated instructions,
and the wiring is a labor-intensive installation process, as apposed to wireless.
This isn’t a walk in the park, one should realize whats involved, not only with this brand, but any hardwired system.
Not to be trite, but I want to re-iterate, there’s a lot of wires here to hide.

TIP ~ There are many things to consider before you buy any security system, mainly, what your needs are,
weather your protecting a medium-sized home or office space, which may be as well protected with a wireless system.
Or a larger property, where-as hardwired systems are still recommended.

If you choose a hardwired system, are you willing to drill into walls?
Can you get in your attic or crawl space to run wires?
Do you have a plan how to manage the wires if you have a two story home?
The cameras for this set are recommended to be from 8 to 13 above ground level.
I wouldn’t think it’s possible to suggest an amount of time needed to install this set, every home will be very different.
Hardwired systems really need thoroughly planned out in advance, you won’t like destroying your beautiful home.

ADDITIONAL INFO ~ For relevant ~ pre-purchase information, Defender’s own web-site provides additional information
which can be found at, defender-usa, home page, type in search bar each model# found below and then click on specifications.
This D.V.R., and both styles of cameras have independent model numbers on their tags in the box.
1. D.V.R. ~ model #21013
2. Dome cameras ~ model #21060, indoor/out-door – night vision range, 65 ft. capability.
3. Bullet cameras ~ model #21006, indoor/out-door – night vision range, 100 ft. capability.
(For clarification purposes, this ‘D.V.R.’ is labeled model #21013.
A different Defender ‘system’ here on Amazon with the model #21031 is very similar,
except all 8 cameras are the larger Bullet style)

DVR model #21013 with 500GB HDD
8 Outdoor Security Cameras (4 Dome, 4 Bullet)
8 65 ft Extension Cables
3 6 ft Power Adapter
2 Four-to-One Power Splitter
Mounting Hardware
9 BNC to RCA
10 ft RJ-45 Ethernet (to transmit network data between two devices, router and DVR. Cable)
Instruction Manual which is found on Software CD
USB Mouse
IR Remote Controller with batteries
Quick Start Guide
Window Warning stickers

Features of this product

  • Ultra hi-res 600TVL with IR cut filter for true-to-life color accuracy
  • Versatile bullet & dome camera combination
  • Weather & vandal-resistant aluminum camera housing
  • 500GB HDD
  • Free 1 Step Remote Viewing software download auto-networks your DVR in minutes

You know that since there is a rise in crime, there is also a rise in the quantity of surveillance DVR being sold at stores. Therefore how are you going to select the right one? The truth is price will not always reflect performance. You are able to choose the most expensive surveillance DVR there is, but you cannot always expect that it will perform just how that you want it to. You ought to be able to do your research before picking one from the store which means you will really know what you will be getting. One of the more important features that you should consider is their record resolution. It is the amount of px captured. Thus, it plays a role in the success of taking digital video evidence. You do not want for capturing something that you can barely recognize. It defeats its purpose. You also want the one that you can have full remote access to. So you can access your videos from where you are and that could be anywhere which is the point of installing surveillance DVR at home.

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