Details of Dulcii Wifi Wireless IP Camera Surveillance Video Monitoring security camera IR-Cut Filter plug/play, Pan/Tilt with Two-Way Audio and Night Vision

Dulcii Wifi Wireless IP Camera Surveillance Video Monitoring security camera IR-Cut Filter plug/play, Pan/Tilt with Two-Way Audio and Night Vision

Dulcii Wifi Wireless IP Camera Surveillance Video Monitoring security camera IR-Cut Filter plug/play, Pan/Tilt with Two-Way Audio and Night Vision specifications, interesting information along with costumer testimonials who previously bought plus best price with really good discount.

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Dulcii Wifi Wireless IP Camera Surveillance Video Monitoring security camera IR-Cut Filter plug/play, Pan/Tilt with Two-Way Audio and Night Vision Details and Reviews

Dulcii Wifi Wireless IP Camera

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5best video, fantastic app for control, sufficient audio
By S.E. Poza
This is a multi-function, high quality video monitoring/security camera which allows for multiple means of of control and methods for saving data. It has many features which allow me to manage my security in multiple ways. The main way to control the camera is via an app which you download by following instructions in the manual that is included in the box.

The app is extremely easy to use and has simple icons to access data in various ways (a camera icon for photos, a movie camera for videos). Both video and photos are saved at regular intervals on a cloud server. If you put a micro SD card in it, videos can be saved locally. I put a card into it and half hour videos were created at regular intervals until the card ran out of space. The video is surprisingly good, but the audio is not as strong. The camera did pick up conversations in the room in which it was running (I was running it so it monitored the entry to my home through a window, but was enclosed in my living room), but the voices were not very loud – especially ones that are more than four feet from the camera. So, the video is quite strong on this, but I wouldn’t count on the audio as much unless it is fairly close. Still, I could just faintly make out voices that were 8 feet away (on a TV) at a reasonable volume, so it does pick up sounds reasonably well – you just have to strain to hear them if they’re too far.

The video is variable in quality depending on how you set it. I tried it at first at the highest setting and was extremely impressed with how clear it was. This was, by far, the surveillance camera that I’ve tried with the best video quality option. That being said, I installed the monitoring app on an iPad 2 and used it to control the camera with the highest video setting made things very sluggish. You can use your device (cell phone, iPad, etc.) to control the camera (move the lens right/left or up/down) by dragging your finger across the screen, but, at the highest quality video setting, it will be delayed. I also found that there was about a 5 second delay in what the camera shot outside and what appeared on my iPad screen when I used the higher setting. At the next setting down, they were nearly synchronous so I recommend lowering video quality if you’re finding it sluggish or laggy. It probably depends more on the age and quality of the device you’re running the app on than anything else.

The camera is sensitive to light and can record even under low light conditions, though the quality of what you see is obviously lower when it is dark (and tends to be black and white and grainier – as is to be expected from nearly any camera in near darkness). It is solidly constructed and comes with a mounting bracket that you can screw onto a wall if you’d like to mount it permanently. It also comes with an ethernet cable, but the cable isn’t especially long (about 6 feet, I’m guessing) and chances are that you’ll want to use the Wi-fi instead since a router is rarely nearly a point of interest that you’d like to watch. I added the camera to my network first using the included cable then swapped it over to Wi-fi. I was nervous that this would be an arduous process, but it was actually pretty easy to do using the settings in the app. It found my network with no problems at all.

I loved the way I could use the camera to remotely monitor any space within range of my Wi-fi by dragging the screen on my iPad. Being able to pan it from a fair distance with just a move of my finger meant I could place it in an area and “look around” remotely using a simple method. I could also take snapshots or videos on the fly or choose to monitor continuously (24/7). For testing purposes, I chose 24/7 and was very pleased with the data that was acquired and my ability to review it. That being said, the data is only saved on the cloud up to a certain point so you’ll want to keep that in mind or add your own card to save it locally.

This is my third or fourth monitoring/security camera to use and this one has the best app of any of those that I’ve tried and the simplest and most straightforward interface. It’s also the only one that has offered both cloud saving and saving to an internal card rather than relying on one or the other. Given how fussy and byzantine setting up and using these cameras can be, I was really impressed by the ease of use of the interface. The manual is thin, but the process is sufficiently intuitive that you won’t need much explanation.

Note: I was given a free sample of this product for my assessment.

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5excellent images
By Rachel Ocampo
First off whats included:

1 camera
1 adapter
1 cable
1 bracket
2 screws
1 quick install guide
1 year warranty card

Set up of this is very simple, the instructions walk you through each step. On Google play or the app store you simply search MIPC and download the app for easy access to 24 hour surveillance right on your phone. One feature that really stood out to me was the ability to access the camera via the app on multiple phones. Our old IP camera only allowed one phone to access this.

Moving onto the camera, this does offer Horizontal: 350°,vertical: 100 viewing..the camera will self adjust and zoom in as well. The clarity was exceptional, both day and night. The camera has 12 infrared lights built in so this makes night vision so clear. The camera does video as well as snap shots too. With the motion sensor it picks up a pretty good distance around 50 FT at night..we did test this to ensure the distance.

Overall the camera is packed with features, its really up to you on your needs as to what features you will use. This is perfect for the home as well as the business for monitoring. Very well built.

I was sent this for review purposes and I do personally try every product I review to better inform the consumer. I am always happy to answer any questions you may have about this product. I hope my review was helpful to you.

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3Nice Camera but Some Concerns
By Bill Cashell
Setup is fairly easy, although the documentation is pretty poor. A “Quick start” guide is included, and is the only documentation in the box. The quick start references as a URL where you can download the destkop client (appears to be Windows only) and documentation. However, the only documentation downloads listed are for IPC1 and IPC2, not the IPC8 that we have here.

To setup the camera, you first plug it into your network router/switch with the included ethernet cable. It will automatically bring itself online within a minute or so. You can then use the client app on your phone, tablet, or computer to connect to the camera and configure it. It doesn’t appear to be possible to set it up without using their proprietary app, although the web interface ( might work. The camera app will prompt you to change the admin password for the camera, and to select a Wireless network (and supply a Wi-Fi password, if needed). After that point, you are able to view a video feed from the camera.

I work in IT, so I do have a few concerns with this. Initially, it looked like the camera was only accessible via their proprietary software or website. There is no mention anywhere of being able to access the camera directly. Accessing your video through their website makes it more convenient to view remotely, but that also means that your video feed is accessible by the company.

Through some poking around, I have discovered that you can access the camera directly with a web browser. You just have to type in (replacing “” with the IP address of your camera, which you’ll have to look up under the camera’s settings after connecting to it via an alternate method). It will prompt you for the device admin password, which will then present you with a web interface nearly identical to the one at

The camera itself seems solid. It appears to be quality equipment, and it doesn’t feel cheap. However, I did have an issue with the MicroSD card slot. I tried two different MicroSD cards, and the camera wouldn’t accept or recognize either one. The card won’t sit properly in the slot, which suggests a hardware issue. Everything else about the camera itself looks good. I’d give the Camera itself a 4 out of 5 (subtracting 1 star for the MicroSD issue).

The lacking documentation and somewhat confusing “quick start”, combined with the proprietary software leave me a little more concerned. The web interface works pretty well, using either Flash or a browser plug-in to display video. The microphone on the camera seems pretty clear, although there doesn’t seem to be any way to turn it off, either (viewing the video, you hear any sounds, with no way to mute it). It’s good that you can reach the camera directly, so it doesn’t become a paperweight if the company goes out of business or turns off their website, but it’d be nice if it were easier to do. Casual non-technical users may find it tricky, especially with no useful documentation. I’d give the software, documentation, and access features a 3 out of 5 stars.

Overall, that leaves me with a 3.5 out of 5 stars rating. The software and documentation could stand some improvement, which could take this from a decent product to a very good product.

– The camera is pretty easy to setup
– The camera is accessible remotely
– The camera is accessible by multiple devices simultaneously
– The build quality seems solid
– The video quality seems very good
– The “night mode” worked very well
– The Camera appears to be accessible directly via HTTP to the IP address of the Camera

– Using the camera requires installing a phone/tablet app, a desktop client, or using the company’s website (website requires Flash or installing a video plug-in) – Update, it looks like it can be accessed directly
– Accessing the camera goes through, even if you use the phone/tablet apps or desktop client
– does not use encryption unless you manually go to, so your camera feed is not encrypted by default
– There isn’t a convenient way to access the camera directly. You have to look up its IP address and connect manually.
– If the company goes out of business or removes their website, you will probably not be able to access the camera outside of your home network; also, the phone/tablet apps, the desktop client, and the web interface via the company’s website will probably stop working
– Having the camera feed accessible through means that the company has access to your video
– The video feed can lag badly sometimes. I’ve observed delays of 30+ seconds on the video feed
– The MicroSD card slot seems defective. The camera would not accept either of the MicroSD cards I tried.

I have included Screenshots of the camera in use (daytime and nighttime):

A discounted/complimentary sample was provided for a candid and honest review. I have no financial or personal connection with the manufacturer, seller or their employees.

Features of this product

  • Remote Live Video Streaming Via Smart Phone, Tablet or PC Web Browsers (IE/Firefox/Safari/Google etc
  • Motion Detection Snapshot or Video Alert, Pan 350 Degree / Tilt 100 Degree / 4X Digital Zoom
  • Super Clear HD 720P Vivid Image Quality with IR-Cut Filter | 12 Infrared Leds Up to 10M Night Vision
  • Enhanced Wi-Fi Module with 3DB antenna for extreme reliable Wi-Fi connection,support WPS WIFI instan
  • Video Recording to Micro SD Card Directly (Max 32GB Support),Motion detection, Remote Pan/Tilt(Horiz

The main use of Hidden Video cameras is security. Almost all shops, banks, hospitals, air-ports, casinos, etc. have Concealed Camera security systems. These cameras are linked to a monitor in the security cabin, which is continually manned. Several digital cameras can be hooked onto the same monitor creating a CCTV network. CCTV Hidden Cameras are incredibly popular security devices. For home use, smaller Hidden Cameras are available, which are also called as spy cams or nanny cams. They are installed at secret places inside the homes so that individuals can keep a wristwatch over their children’s nannies or caretakers of senior citizens while they are not at home.

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