Deals of FLIR FX Indoor Wi-Fi Wireless 1080P HD Video Monitoring Security Camera

FLIR FX Indoor Wi-Fi Wireless 1080P HD Video Monitoring Security Camera

FLIR FX Indoor Wi-Fi Wireless 1080P HD Video Monitoring Security Camera facts, interesting information and costumer opinions who currently ordered and in addition best price together with quite great discount.

Placing a surveillance DVR in your home is simple since it comes with instructions on how to set it up. Thus, you will be guided step by step on how to set it up and how to put it to use. These types of DVRs come in most varieties and all sizes. As well as surveillance DVRs that come by means of pens and lights. Try not to be surprised if you discovered for yourself being recorded at a friend’s home. You can even convert your laptop or your desktop computer as a security system. The USB port of your laptop can be converted into a DVR. How’s that for a surveillance machine and you do not have to buy a complete new system. You just have to get a DVR card that can fit in the slot of your existing laptop. The most common types of card are the PCI card. These types of cards can accommodate up to 16 channel types and each channel needs one camera. Thus, you select how many cameras you will need for your home.

This item made by FLIR become one of the top recomended Surveillance DVR Kits since a lot of customers happy after using this product. In addition to its features, the best price also becomes a factor. Below is a review of FLIR FX Indoor Wi-Fi Wireless 1080P HD Video Monitoring Security Camera, a product loved by costumers and have a much of great reviews. We will give you customer reviews, product features, descriptions, and a variety of other interesting things. Happy reading.

FLIR FX Indoor Wi-Fi Wireless 1080P HD Video Monitoring Security Camera Details and Reviews

FLIR FX Indoor Wi-Fi Wireless 1080P HD

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: FLIR
  • Model: FXV101-H
  • Released on: 2015-04-15
  • Dimensions: 4.70″ h x 2.30″ w x 2.70″ l, .50 pounds
  • Battery type: Lithium Ion
  • Display size: 0

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4Flir FX is good, but can be awesome with a few updates and additions like IFTTT/ IOT compatibility
By SignsTechGuru
**Update: 4/22/15: -I just wanted to add that the SmartZone Alerts actually work! Samsung’s version of the smart zones is why I returned their camera. They were sending notifications constantly even after I set the sensativity low. For me, Flir’s Smartzone Alerts literally only alerted me via push notification if something entered the zone. I set my zones up high so the pets don’t trigger alerts constantly, and so far so good! The TV on the wall doesn’t even trigger the zone alerts…that’s not to say the TV will not trigger motion detection. **

Best so far that I have tested. I returned my Samsung Smartcam HD about 2 weeks ago and placed an order for the Flir FX a few days before they started to ship the 1st units. I used my Amazon Prime 2-day shipping and it got to my house the next day…wow. Anyways, I will try to review this cam without bias…and compare it to the Samsung since that is the only current security camera I have ever owned. I am just going to separate everything into groups that were important to me.

***As for the reviews saying the camera doesn’t do this or that, well I’m not going to complain about those things…much. With research, I knew what Flir FX could do before I purchased the camera.

Ease of Set-up
-Compared to the Samsung Smartcam HD, set-up was a little bit harder, but not by much. The most confusing part to me was trying to figure out how to use the chip and the cloud at the same time for saving recordings.
–The answer is no. Unlike Samsung’s camera where is can save video to the chip and send snapshots to your G+ account…the Flir FX is only cloud, or only memory chip. That part doesn’t make give me warm fuzzies because it means that the camera is constantly sending information to the cloud during recordings (which is all the time for me since I have it recording motion 24/7). A 64gb chip can record an awful lot of video (as long as the setting is not set to HD quality of course).

Ease of App
-The App is not as fluid as Samsung’s, but with a little work…it will be there quickly. Since this is a new product for the company, I’m sure they will be working the kinks out quickly. *Posted some screen shots below of the App interface.
-You can download all videos to your phone and then forward them via email, text, facebook, and iCloud (for Apple). If your select more options in the menu that transfers the video, it includes: Onenote, Google+, Gmail, WhatsApp and Vine (these are Apps that I have installed on my phone in which the video can be transferred to). I can also save individual videos and photos to Dropbox from the app if needed.

Video quality
-Compared to the Samsung SmartCam HD, which compares well with Dropcams (in most reviews), it’s pretty dang good! I have read other reviews concerning the video quality, but I cannot totally agree right now. 8 out of 10 times I see some nice clear videos and could easily make out faces and their features. As for lag, those are the other 2 times (which was worse with Samsung’s Camera). I have Verizon LTE and the video typically renders nice and clear. I was in an area recently that changed my service to 3g, so I tested the app and watched the video…still nice. ***I will say that I never stream in HD outside my home. That is a data killer for any camera. If I do stream it, I will only do it momentarily just so I can check something specifically.
-RapidRecap: Pretty cool, but I have only used it once because I don’t have the need everyday to watch a rapid recap. If I had something of importance to see because of an event, then I will use it again. Remember…on the free version of the cloud service, you only get a few chances to use rapid recap a month. You will have to pay if you want more.
-Using as a GoPro type camera. I haven’t done that yet…will update review if I ever do.

Photo Quality
-They are photos. Not much I can expound on that. They are decent…not uber awesome, but again, this is my security camera, not my family outing camera.

– A bit laggy…but about the same amount of lag as the Samsung Camera.

-Nothing to state because there is nothing that I have found concerning encryption. I will have to update this review after I do testing via some network software I have.

I think $150 is a more suitable price, but since they do offer more cloud service for free…I’m not that upset.

What I would like to see added or improved:
1. IFTTT/ IOT compatibility with home security/ automation systems.
2. Use of memory chip and cloud at the same time.
3. Voice to Voice improvement
4. Offer multipacks. 2 cameras for $350 maybe.
5. With in zone alerts, be able to create a zone that blocks out any motion detection…like the TV. This way the TV will never cause the camera to record.

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5My experience with flir fx
By eaglei
I got this to replace my 2 years old wireless cameras. What was important for me is that I can install the cameras without having network cables running through the house and drilling holes. Setup was very quick and easy using the mobile app, I connected both cameras to my ASUS wifi router in the basement.

The connectivity to the camera most of the time is very quick, mostly I use LTE and 3g to connect, when there is poor reception connecting using 3G it takes few more seconds to connect comparing to good 3g reception and LTE.

The video is very stable and sharp (I set it to HD), the camera settings have many interesting options, so as example I can point it outside from the window and turn off the night vision, the street has a lot of light during the night I can actually see everything that’s going on out there (was reflecting from the window at the beginning when the night vision was on). Another thing I like is that the camera placed inside the house in front of the window pointing to the street, the outside of the window is quite dirty after the winter but the video image is crystal clear, see below, don’t know how this guys doing it but it’s amazing.

The other camera I got is pointing to the backyard, the previous camera had sometimes problems with the wifi at this location. But this new camera works fine, connection is very stable no jumps or hanging.

The rapidrecap feature and the recording on cloud is also very interesting to review, I basically could see in the matter of 4 minutes by reviewing the rapidrecap everything that happened yesterday in front of my house such as seeing myself leaving to work and the time when it happened without spending time going over the videos recorded as it was in my old cameras. I had no idea that so much is going on during the day in front of my house. Also was really cool that I can post this rapidrecap augmented reality videos in facebook directly from the app.

Right now the only thing I want to get my hands on is the outdoor case as they advertising on their website, so I can install the backyard camera outside.

Other people writing that it’s a problem that there is no PC/MAC app, this something that might be nice to have, however most of the time I’m monitoring my home using my iphone or iPad device, when I’m away from home and reach of computer, that’s also how I used mostly my old cameras so I can’t say it bothers me so much.

— Update —
Got the outdoor cover, installed, super wide angle.

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3Updated: Could be a great alternative to the Dropcam but needs software and site work
By Joe Wood
Please note: Amazon is labeling this (as of now) the “FLIR FX Indoor/Outdoor Sport and Dashcam Monitor (Black)”. As you can see in my photos, this is the *indoor* version that comes with a stand (the camera is a separate item that slides onto the included stand). The camera *can* attach to an outdoor case, a sports case, or a dashcam mount, but this package *does not include those options* – it only includes the indoor stand. It is shown attached to that stand in the main product image here on Amazon. The other options are available from FLIR (and probably from Amazon shortly, I’d guess). I just wanted to make sure people didn’t order this assuming it came with the other cases/mounts. It does not.

*** Update after a weekend of use: I’m further dropping to three stars from four. ***


I *really* want to like this. Hardware-wise, I think it’s great for the price, and if you want to use it as a sports cam with the (optional) case, or as a dashcam with the (optional) mount, it’s likely a great buy. RapidRecap is very *very* cool.

But as a home security camera, there are serious issues that need to be addressed. Motion (either of the camera or of objects that take up a significant portion of the camera view area) results in *significant* pixelation. Encryption (both on the micro SD card and on the cloud) is either not present or not addressed: I don’t want my home videos being stored unencrypted in the cloud, nor do I want FLIR to have easy access to them, and I also wouldn’t want my home security system to have a micro SD card with all sorts of potentially revelatory info on it which could be viewed by thieves (I at least want the *option* to encrypt local storage). I find myself hesitant to install this anywhere anything I wouldn’t want a stranger to see can be seen.

Look, I know there are other cool uses of this (although beware the pixelation issue), but the primary marketed purpose is as a security device, and when there’s no clear privacy policy, no encryption locally and no mention of it for the cloud, pixelation distortion with any significant movement on the screen, and so on, this is not a device I feel safe using inside my home and recording daily activities. This could easily and quickly be fixed by FLIR, and I’ll keep this a few weeks just in case, because I do like the hardware, but… for now? There’s no way at all I can recommend this, on its own or as an alternate to Dropcam.

*** Update after a few hours of initial purchase: I’m dropping my rating from five stars to four, at least as of now, after using the product longer. ***


I continue to think the FLIR FX is a worthy competitor to Dropcam, especially since you get two days of stored video *for free*. Dropcam charges you for any storage whatsoever. Given that additional differentiator, as well as the others I mentioned below, it’s still a product worthy of your consideration. However, there are some things I discovered that have made my personal opinion of it drop a bit. Please note that I’m using an Android device (actually I used several of them to test), so *maybe* it’s better under iOS. Also, please note there are a lot of good things this has that the Dropcam doesn’t have, and those might be features you will really use. For me, though, for now, this is a *nice* device but not a great one, but I *think* (and hope) most of the issues can be rectified via software updates.

First, the video is *seriously* laggy. Sure, on the Dropcam, because you can only view the footage via Dropcam’s site, there’s a couple of seconds of lag when you move the camera. However, on the FLIR FX, it has significant lag *even when in Direct Connect mode*. It lags for seconds when going via the cloud, *and* it lags for seconds with directly connected. It *should not lag* when you’re connected to the signal from the camera itself. This means that, if you’re out and using the camera on its own, you’re not going to see what it sees… you’ll see what it saw a number of seconds ago. Fine when doing the round trip to the cloud and back. NOT fine when connected directly. Also note that the cloud lag is greater than Dropcam’s, but only a little. Also, there are a *lot* of motion artifacts when the camera is moved. The video when the camera is moved isn’t nearly as good as Dropcam’s. And, yes, I got the software update notification as soon as I added the camera, so I’m up to date.

Second, the intercom feature is useless. It’s even laggier than the video, for some reason. Look, to be fair, Dropcam’s “speakerphone” capabilities aren’t great – you say something, you wait a few seconds, you hear what they say, they wait a few seconds, they hear your reply. But… it works. Not well, but enough. I thought my FLIR FX was broken because I couldn’t hear anything when I tried the intercom function. As it turns out… I wasn’t waiting long enough. The delay was *substantial* – well over 5 seconds, even when connected directly. I have to think this is resolvable via a software update, but as of now, the intercom function is essentually one-way only as well as being far worse than Dropcam’s… and that wouldn’t be a high hurdle to clear.

Third, the notifications aren’t as good. I get them on any device I’ve logged into the FLIR app on, but I don’t get email notifications, I don’t get a picture, I don’t get much of anything other than a notification that opens the app, from which I can look to see what’s going on. That’s fine and all, but Dropcam’s email *and* device notifications are superior.

Fourth, the temperature reading is way off. In my 68 degree basement, it was reading 80 degrees. Sure, the sensor is in the base, and the base warms when charging, and the FLIR FX itself gets awfully warm when in use, but… if you’re going to claim a temperature sensor, it’s not that useful if it’s so far off. Maybe if you had it hung on a wall so it was perpendicular, it might work better (less heat rising from the base towards the sensor on the base top).

Fifth, there is NO WEB ACCESS to the camera that I can find. Maybe I’m missing it. But, with Dropcam, you can log in via your browser *or* use the mobile app. With the FLIR FX, you *have* to use the mobile app. Again, this is as far as I can tell as of now. I could definitely be wrong, or maybe this will change in the near future. But web access is key in my use, so I prefer the Dropcam as of now.

Sixth, the silver rim has a spot where the paint came off (or black was added) from something that was either me putting it back into the box it came it or it rubbing on some cables in there, but it sort of implies it’s a bit sensitive to rubbing against other things (more than you’d expect).

All in all, it’s still a cool device. It still takes good video (while stationary). It still has microSD and battery backup. It’s still capable of standalone use. It still has two days of video in the cloud for free. It might very well have options you need that Dropcam doesn’t.

It’s just not quite ready to take on Dropcam, in my opinion… but a software update or two could change everything. Well, except the looks. The Dropcam will always be the sexier of the two.

*** Original review below: ***

I just received my FLIR FX and am putting it through its paces. I’ll update this with more comments and a video shortly (i.e, within a few days).

In general, I like this camera and its feature set a lot. It compares quite favorably to the Dropcam, but there are advantages and disadvantages to both which are apparent right off the bat. I’ll report back with more details after I’ve used this more.


I’ve added some photos prior to posting a video later today/this week. They’re likely not in order, but they do show the packaging, the contents (including two outlet adapters), and a comparison to a Dropcam. I actually have two Dropcam Pros, but the Dropcam pictured is an older model (which you can now, oddly, spend more money to buy than the Pro), simply because it wasn’t wall-mounted and was easier to get to. Yes, I know the clear cover “label” is still on the FLIR FX… I’d just not removed it yet when I took the photos.

The pictures show that you do, indeed, get a fair bit with the FLIR FX – the camera (obviously), a base with an additional battery inside, a wall mount, USB power cable, and outlet adapters. They also show that the FLIR FX is, roughly, the same size as a Dropcam (the Dropcam Pro is the same size as the one I show, just with some better internals and a black mount).

In my opinion, the Dropcam is a better looking device. Solid color, circular, some sculpting of the body, not a lot of extra colors or printing or ports. If you don’t need/want the extras the FLIR FX brings to the table, you’re likely to be happier, aesthetically, with the Dropcam Pro.


The FLIR FX is a solid-feeling device, albeit one clearly made of plastic. I have no doubts as to the durability of the camera and stand, and the plastic-y feel isn’t something that’ll matter, as you won’t likely be focussed on that aside from when installing it. It’s fun to hold by itself (off the stand) and wouldn’t be a problem to bring with you for recording off-leash, as it were.


This has it all – or at least a lot of it. It is as good as or better than the Dropcam in every category (aside from aesthetics, which are also important). Same streamed resolution. Better local recording resolution (well, the fact it has *any* local recording is a plus). Temperature and humidity sensors. Internal batteries (one in the camera, another in the stand). Micro SD slot (with an included 8GB card). Multiple stand/holder options (at least on FLIR’s site): outside, dash mount, and sports. The Dropcam can’t record without external power and a WiFi connection, so obviously it doesn’t have the same sort of mounting options. That said, the Dropcam’s mount is pretty simple and elegant.


Piece of cake. Seriously, I doubt it took more than a minute. Install the FLIR FX app, take a shot of the QR code, and enter WiFi info, then you’re done. But… Dropcam’s setup is just as easy.


Dropcam wins here, at least for now. It’s really cool that I can see the humidity and temperature at the camera location, but otherwise the Dropcam software is superior. I can zoom in *and enhance* up to an 8X improvement (because the Dropcam’s CCD has higher resolution than it streams – just like the FLIR FX does – so it can stream a smaller area of the image at full resolution, if you’d like). I can zoom in on the FLIR FX, but… it’s not as clear. I don’t think this is a hardware limitation of the FLIR FX… I think it’s a software issue.

However, the software is fine. Clearly still new, but fine. You can do all you need to be able to do.

Comparison to the Dropcam:

In my opinion, if you just want a camera (or set of cameras) in your home to be installed and then essentially forgotten, Dropcam is your best choice as of now. I think they’re more attractive, and the images and software are better. Over time, the images and software of the FLIR FX will improve, but it’s still a less attractive device *for home use*. Note that the streaming video from the FLIR FX is fine, but your ability to zoom in is very limited. Also, there are motion artifacts when you move the camera while streaming – more so than with the Dropcam.

However, there are cases where the FLIR FX is clearly better.

* If you are worried about power outages, the FLIR FX will continue to record for up to 4 hours after the power goes out. That’s great (unless thieves steal it and the micro SD card inside). Truly, it’s a plus the Dropcam doesn’t have.

* If you want local storage, the FLIR FX is clearly the better option. And since it takes micro SD cards up to at least 64GB (tested by me), you can store a *lot* of video before it fills up and recycles.

* RapidRecap is cool. Is it better than the timelapses Dropcam allows for subscribers? Not sure. But it’s cool.

* Portability is a *huge* plus. Take this anywhere. The battery and microSD card means it’s not just a home security camera.

* If you care about temperature and/or humidity. It’s a nice perk to have those sensors, but unlikely an absolute requirement for many people.

* If you want a camera to set out on occasion and don’t want to always have it plugged in: as long as you don’t need it for more than 4 hours at a time, this is your best (and, really, only) option. You can plug a Dropcam into an external battery (I’ve done that), but it’s a less elegant solution.

* If you need a wider angle, this will capture *more* of the room, albeit at lower resolution for a given area (because it’s the same total streamed resolution but covers more area).

Overall, both this and the Dropcam are good choices, with differentiators that should sway you to one or the other based on your needs. This has more features and options. The Dropcam is more polished in terms of appearance and software. Both can be used without a subscription. Both gain from having a subscription, but not everyone needs one.

Features of this product

  • Rapid Recap compiles hours worth of activity into a short video summary. It connects you to all the day’s events in a flash. See your kids coming home, your garbage being collected, your pets getting up to their usual mischief – all in an instant!
  • View live video on your smartphone or tablet in High Definition. Capture an entire room or monitor multiple points of entry with wide angle viewing, up to 160 degrees, and powerful infrared illuminators for superior night vision
  • Anywhere, any place: has a four-hour internal battery, and records 1080p to an included on-board micro SD card. Sports option provides waterproof, submersible housing and mounting accessories capture all the action in stunning HD
  • FLIR FX captures the things you can and can’t see. Sensors for temperature, humidity, sound & motion keep you informed with smart alerts & notifications. Outdoor option includes commercial-grade infrared illumination to see up to 65′ at night
  • Easy to set up. Get direct live video streaming or FLIR Cloud connectivity on your iOS or Android devices in minutes. Integrated battery backup keeps your home or business secure even when the power goes out. Please refer the Quick Start Guide before use.

A lot of crimes are taking place in the home. This kind of has increased the necessity to have a security system in the home. Parents and homeowners aren’t always at home. Therefore, important things and people are left at home unprotected and unsafe from people who are out to do them harm. Seeing that parents are gone for long periods of time everyday, a security DVR is the only thing that can handle this as compared to VCRs that can easily control small amounts of time.

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