Information About Funlux® 8CH NVR 720P HD Night Vision IP Surveillance Camera Kit CCTV Security Camera System with 500GB HDD & Smartphone Scan QR Code Quick View

Funlux® 8CH NVR 720P HD Night Vision IP Surveillance Camera Kit CCTV Security Camera System with 500GB HDD & Smartphone Scan QR Code Quick View

Funlux® 8CH NVR 720P HD Night Vision IP Surveillance Camera Kit CCTV Security Camera System with 500GB HDD & Smartphone Scan QR Code Quick View facts, interesting information along with costumer testimonials who currently ordered and as well best price along with pretty good discount.

Establishing a surveillance DVR in your home is straightforward since it comes with instructions how to set it up. Thus, you will be guided step by step how to set it up and how to put it to use. These types of DVRs come in every varieties and all sizes. As well as surveillance DVRs that come in the form of pens and flashlights. Do not be surprised if you found yourself being recorded at a friend’s home. You can even convert your laptop or your desktop computer as a security system. The USB port of your laptop can be converted into a DVR. How’s that for a surveillance machine and you do not have to buy a complete new system. Just get a DVR card that can fit in the slot of your existing laptop. The most common types of card are the PCI card. These types of cards can accommodate up to 16 channel versions and each channel needs one camera. Thus, you select how many cameras you should have for your home.

This item made by Funlux become one of the top recomended Surveillance DVR Kits since a lot of purchaser fulfilled after using this item. In addition to its features, the best price also becomes a factor. Below is a review about Funlux® 8CH NVR 720P HD Night Vision IP Surveillance Camera Kit CCTV Security Camera System with 500GB HDD & Smartphone Scan QR Code Quick View, a product favored by costumers and have plenty of cool reviews. We will give you customer reviews, product features, descriptions, and a variety of other interesting things. Happy reading.

Funlux® 8CH NVR 720P HD Night Vision IP Surveillance Camera Kit CCTV Security Camera System with 500GB HDD & Smartphone Scan QR Code Quick View Details and Reviews

Funlux® 8CH NVR 720P HD Night

  • Brand: Funlux
  • Model: KS-S88TA-S-5G

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4Good HD quality video
By Nardo
I have had this now for 3 weeks it has performed well. There was some complications with my Dish DVR causing network issues but tech support from Zmodo helped me work through it, once that was corrected it performed as expected. One note is that there are no QR codes on the individual cameras, only one on the NVR, just scan that on the smart phone app and it loads up almost instantly.

The OS of the NVR is punchy, we set the alerts to go off with movement and it’s either too sensitive, where it will take a picture whenever the wind blows a bush, or just not at all. You can adjust the sensitivity of the alert, but if its not on high or highest it misses even a person walking in front of the camera. With the alters you can block out certain parts of the camera area, but it uses a graph with large squares that mean you will either ignore an important section or have the alarm going off on a section that you don’t need. If they had smaller squares or a user defined way to fine tune the alert area it would be better.
The cameras are pretty good quality, they do display HD during the day, night isn’t quite as good, but with IR lights you can expect reduced quality.

Video play back is ok, you can speed it up to 8x normal speed, I would like to have a faster play back but 8x is the best offered with this device. There are markers that show movement areas so you can target those areas then zoom into the timeline to fine tune where you want to start your viewing process so that helps with not having a faster view speed.

There wasn’t much about this specific device on the support knowledge base, I guess because it is a new product, but I installed on the weekend when support was not available, so I had to rely on the knowledge base for any questions I had and I was completely unable to find info on the cameras or the NVR. On Monday I was able to talk with support and get any issues worked out.

The 500 gb hard drive in the NVR gives me about 6 days of recording and snapshots all HD quality. I would like to find out if I can throw a higher capacity drive in there or attach an external, but I haven’t had time to contact support and ask.
You have the option to view the cameras on your PC, but ONLY through IE, if you have a Mac, you are out of luck, if you want to pull it up on your SmartTV it’s a no go. The app or IE only which I find as an unacceptable solution, it’s 2014 not 1994… I am hopeful for firefox or chrome support soon.

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5Best bang for your buck
By Buzz’n’Boooo
First off, I bought a 720p from Lorex at Costco and found out it is full of crap. The resolution was worse than my 480 standard analog system. I can’t believe they advertised it as 720p. I do admit that Lorex software is pretty good compared to Zmodo. The Zviewer from Zmodo/funlux is pretty limited and can’t do everything that you can do at the console (NVR). I bought this during Thanksgiving black Friday and got the $80 off which is the best price I have found. You can read other reviews and get the basic pros and cons. I will cover some other stuff that has not been mention.

UPDATE Jan 13, 2015: After playing with the camera quite a bit, I’ve learned that these camera’s are not truly 802.3af POE compliance. You can only use these cameras with passive (always on, 19V power) POE injector, which is fine if you are planning to use this camera and hook it up to its own NVR. However, if you have your own active POE switch that is 802.3af compliance, you can not use it with these cameras. 802.3af POE require a handshake (power board talk back to the switch to tell it what it needs) before it can provide power to the camera. These camera lack that capability.

1. Each camera has its own webserver. You can go directly to that IP address and view it. So if you just want something for live viewing only, you can forego the NVR and get an IP camera and log onto it and view it live remotely through Internet Explorer.
2. The camera webserver looks almost similar to the NVR webserver. You can configure each camera to take snapshot (640×360) and send it to three different email addresses. Note the NVR records at 1280×720 max; the snapshot is the second stream.
3. The camera alarm interval have a “no interval” setting in it as well which the NVR does not have, which mean you can take a snapshot every second or two and email it. Warning. Lots of pictures (640×360).
4. You can also adjust the video quality or color of the camera in here as well. This will be what the NVR will record, so be careful.
5. You can block out areas you don’t want to be on camera. Again this will be what the NVR record.
6. There are a lot more options in here that is similar to the NVR plus more. So if you want to get more advance setting, the camera webserver is the place to be. To access this, you will need each camera IP address.

Network Video Recorder (NVR)
1. The NVR webserver looks exactly like the camera webserver with the exception that you CAN NOT control everything (you can only control the physical 4 inputs alarm and email), it is there for viewing only. You cannot set up individual alarms for each camera. Individual camera alarms are set at the console or through the camera’s webserver only. This is proving to be a pain since I cannot log in to each camera remotely (offsite/out of LAN) without setting up a bunch of port forwarding to turn off the alarms. I hope Zmodo is working to improve this feature as I don’t have a monitor hooked up directly to my NVR.
2. The NVR will NOT support a hard drive that requires USB power, so you will need a flash drive or an external HD with its own power.
3. The NVR does its own processing to display the image/videos through the HDMI or VGA ports, the image displayed on the monitor seem to be wash out and doesn’t look that great. You can adjust the color balance and so forth for each camera. You can adjust these setting at the camera webserver as well, but note that whatever you do at the camera webserver will be compounded by the setting you do here as well.
4. When going to the single camera view, the display monitor doesn’t display the videos very well (HDMI or VGA), but what it records seem very clear and sharp after I took the file off from the hard drive and view it on my computer (VLC player). You can also see the clarity better through the playback via the NVR webserver on your computer instead of the local HDMI or VGA output.
5. I cannot figure out or I don’t know how to save the videos to a remote location such as a NAS drive or an ftp. So this might be a problem if you want to back up your file remotely or store your file at another location. I think I can bring the NVR to another location offsite and through port forwarding and so forth can record the camera remotely, but I don’t think I can afford that much traffic through my ISP.

Other accessories
1. Camera Cables – the cables provided with this camera is 4 stranded (2 pair) twisted wire that is the standard minimum require CAT5 cable. Your typical network cable will have 8 wires (4 pairs), but CAT5 only require 2 pairs and power can be transmitted over the same two pair to provide POE. So if your home is prewired with CAT5 already, this should work throughout your home. You don’t need CAT5e or 6 or anything higher.
2. Hack: if you have 4 pair Cat5 wire going to a remote area of your home and you need 2 cameras at that location, you can split the 2 pairs into 2 different 2 pairs. This requires you already know how to terminate the network cables and some network crimpers. Be careful with the wires as this is POE so you don’t want to cross wires.

Setting up remote monitoring

While the NVR does provide you with Android or IOS app that you can install and view on your phone, I prefer the PC. The app is very easy to use and install so no brainer there. So here’s how to set up your system to view it remotely.
To view each individual camera or the entire NVR system remotely, you will need to set up two ports forwarding addresses on your router. You will also need to use internet explorer or have the Zviewer install on your remote machine.
Webserver port is port 80 and video port is 8000. Forward both of these port to your NVR or camera. Note that it is best to set up the NVR and cameras as static IP address. If you need help on this, submit a question and I can help you.

Update 1/22/2015: Thank you to some of the other reviewers, Grace Lee and Brian R. for pointing me to meshare. When you sign up and register for your Zsight app, it registered you at You log onto the site with the same username/email and password as you do with your Zsight app. This is awesome! As of now, I can use chrome or firefox to view my cameras (view only)!! So apparently, Zmodo owns meshare or funlux or vice versa. Whatever it is, this is a great combo. Meshare is the only option I have for viewing that doesn’t require you to install any plugin or download anything to view you cameras. So viewing this on a public or secure computer is possible. I’m giving this a 5 star again to make up for the lack of 802.3af standard.

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5Easy installation, easy setup, good value
By Amazon Customer
This system is extremely easy to setup and use. After setting up well, it’s easy for me to check my cameras from anywhere.

– Extremely easy to setup, just download the app, scan the QR Code under the NVR, and you are able to see.
– The default intelligent recording helps save hard drive space a lot
– Picture quality is really clear and very detail, no matter day or night
– Single wire to camera from the NVR, no coax and power, just Ethernet
– Remote access is also very easy, no need to do port forwarding

– The software is still in development and has issues, does not affect use, but still hope their R&D team can improve it
– Does not include a printed user manual, only comes with a quick installation guide
– Does not work for my Mac computer

Features of this product

  • ★Get It Now with $50 OFF★ Regular Price $449.99★
  • New Tech Enables 500GB Hard Drive to Record Continuously for Up to 70 Days, 1 Megapixels 720P HD for Bigger and Detailed Image
  • Remote Access in Seconds: Scan QR Code Only! iPhone Android Smartphone
  • Push Alerts on Your Smart Phones, Remote Viewing Anywhere Anytime
  • 60 Days Return, 2 Year Free Warranty + Funlux Lifetime Technical Support

A lot of crimes are occurring in the home. This has increased the need to have a security system in your own home. Parents and homeowners are not always at home. Therefore, important things and people are left at home unprotected and unsafe from people who are to be able to do them harm. Since parents are gone for long periods of time everyday, a security DVR is the only thing that can manage this as compared to VCRs that can easily manage small amounts of time.

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