Specs of General Imaging Full-HD Digital Camera with 14.4MP, CMOS, 10X Optical Zoom, 3-Inch LCD, 28mm wide angle Lens, and HDMI (Black) E1410SW-BK

General Imaging Full-HD Digital Camera with 14.4MP, CMOS, 10X Optical Zoom, 3-Inch LCD, 28mm wide angle Lens, and HDMI (Black) E1410SW-BK

General Imaging Full-HD Digital Camera with 14.4MP, CMOS, 10X Optical Zoom, 3-Inch LCD, 28mm wide angle Lens, and HDMI (Black) E1410SW-BK details, exciting information along with costumer opinions who currently bought and also best price with very good discount.

Point-and-shoot cameras are specially created for amateur and holiday photography enthusiasts who want to get incredible pictures, but may want to get in the technical details. With a compact size, easy-to-use interface and incredible performance, these digital camera models correctly fit the bill. Point-and-shoot cameras are available in both basic and advanced modes. The basic ones are almost completely automated, so all you have to do is merely point and capture. On the other hand, advanced ones have a few controls such as shutter speed, ISO and aperture that you may easily adjust.

This product made by GE become one of the great Point and Shot Camera since a lot of buyers satisfied after using this item. In addition to its features, the best price also becomes a factor. Below is a description of General Imaging Full-HD Digital Camera with 14.4MP, CMOS, 10X Optical Zoom, 3-Inch LCD, 28mm wide angle Lens, and HDMI (Black) E1410SW-BK, a product loved by peoples and have a lot of positive reviews. We will present to you customer reviews, product features, descriptions, and a variety of other interesting things. Happy reading.

General Imaging Full-HD Digital Camera with 14.4MP, CMOS, 10X Optical Zoom, 3-Inch LCD, 28mm wide angle Lens, and HDMI (Black) E1410SW-BK Details and Reviews

General Imaging Full-HD Digital Camera

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #18753 in Camera & Photo
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: GE
  • Model: E1410SW-BK
  • Platform: Windows
  • Format: CD-ROM
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 2.44″ h x 5.83″ w x 5.59″ l, .30 pounds
  • Memory: 15MB
  • Display size: 3

Estimated Price: $106.94 Buy or See Best Price

22 of 23 people found the following review helpful.
4Nice little camera
By Celestial Sky
This camera would be great for a teenager! It has good, quality photos, and has a lot of scene settings to choose from. The zoom is good, but not something you could take to a concert. The camera is really compact, so you can easily carry it in your purse. The battery doesn’t last very long, so if you are taking it on a long trip, where you can’t charge it for awhile, this would pose a problem.

You can have this on manual, or you can preset the scene. I have played with all of the scenes, and they seem to be good for what they are set for. However, it does take blurry pictures of moving objects, no matter what scene setting you choose. I have chosen the sports, party, and panning scene, and all of them take blurry shots of people moving. However, I LOVE the panoramic feature on this camera. It is the easiest panoramic feature I have used. I also love the cat scene, as it completely eliminates the red eye from my cat.

I don’t like where the battery is charged. It isn’t a removable battery, you have to plug the camera in, which isn’t a big deal, but the plug in location on the camera is up tight to the plastic hinge part of the plastic “door” that covers the plug in ports. I have to fight with it to get the cord plugged in to the camera. I can see this possibly causing the plastic hinge to eventually break do to wear and use. I could be wrong, but it is a concern that I have.

Overall, I wouldn’t purchase this camera if I were looking for a high quality camera. This camera has good quality photos, but not great. I gave it a 4, because it’s not a bad camera, and I like it, but it wouldn’t be my first choice in cameras.

Edited 7/18/12
I was only to take 10 minutes of constant video with this camera before the fully charged battery ran out. That is a very, very poor battery life.

15 of 16 people found the following review helpful.
2Disappointing picture quality, especially in low light
By Sherry Berry
I got this camera with some high expectations because it is advertised as being full HD and able to hook up via HDMI cable. I am comparing this to my Sony Cybershot DSC90, which I have had for 2-3 years with no problems. It does take a SD card to store pictures, which is something I do like. However, the internal memory seems to be lacking. I tried to take a video without a SD card and it would not take it. As soon as I put in the SD card, I was able to shoot videos.

In terms of functionality, the buttons are a bit hard to press and not super responsive. I have to push the shooting button down really hard and have to hold it a while before a picture will snap. At first, I thought maybe it wasn’t working. Also, while there is a button just for shooting videos, which is convenient, it took me a few tries to hit it before it started recording and by then, I missed the moment. Along with the button being hard to press, the shutter speed is also dismal. It takes about 4-5 seconds for it to focus and flash at night and take the picture. So of course, I tend to miss a lot of precious things that my baby is doing since I got the camera mainly to shoot pictures of her. My Sony Cybershot never took that long to take a picture and was more instantaneous.

Another con about this camera is every time you turn it on, it goes to a screen that asks you what kind of setting you want (auto scene, children, twilight, etc.) This takes extra time for the camera to be fully ready to take the picture. I just want to be able to turn on the camera and start shooting like I could with my cybershot but it takes at least an extra 6 seconds or more for the camera to be ready for picture taking. There may be a way to turn it off but I haven’t found it.

As for the picture quality, I was truly disappointed with what I got. It was decent in the daylight pictures but once it got to be night time, the pictures came out dark and grainy. The cybershot isn’t great either with night time pictures but I can get some decent and OK shots with that camera.

All in all, I really wanted to like this camera but it just did not deliver for me.

6 of 6 people found the following review helpful.
3Merely OK.
By owookiee
This is a decent enough pocket camera if you can get a good deal on it. It takes good pictures in low light, though the white balance is usually off. The image stabilization compensates for small movement well, and there wasn’t a lot of noise in pictures.

However, my beefs:
-Panorama mode is designed nice, but does a poor job if you’re not photographing a landscape. I tried to do the yard, but close-by trees threw it off. Also did not perform well trying to photograph a room.
-Manual mode doesn’t appear to allow setting of shutter/aperture like I thought it would. The manual doesn’t give any detail.
-HDR mode is nice, but your subject has to be still for about 4-5 seconds for the two images to be captured and merged. If there is movement, it appears the 2nd image takes precedence for the actual image, with the first image used just for color/light calculations.
-The zoom is powerful, but it does not focus fully zoomed on anything closer than about 8 feet. I tried to zoom in on someone’s face for a portrait and I would have been better served walking closer rather than zooming.

Overall, I feel like you’ll get a better functioning pocket camera in the latest Canon ELPH series of cameras in this price range, perhaps with lesser zoom and megapixels (though you probably won’t need the difference between 12 and 14mp). I’m not sure how long GE has been in this market, but it seems like they’re still getting their feet wet and have some things to work out.

Features of this product

  • 3-inch LCD display
  • High speed shooting that captures every exciting detail with 10 frames per second and in full resolution. Captures all of your videos in full high-definition 1080p resolution
  • Target, track and automatically focus on even the fastest moving objects
  • Automatically enhances a subject’s face by softening unnatural skintones and brightening and opening the eyes
  • Wide-view photos are produced by panning the camera across to create a seamless panoramic picture

An area and shoot camera is small enough to fit in a pocket or small bag. It has a fixed lens with mechanical and digital focus options. Most of the leading digital point and shoot cameras provide a good viewing area on the back, lots of manual and automatic settings. A few cameras enable you to choose your aperture, speed and related film settings as well as a whole web host of features to control the look of your pictures.

All you should know has been revealed and we are highly confident that you won’t find any problem to find out to purchase this product or not. We give you the facts but you are the main one to generate a judgment. If you still have hesitation or there’s any worry about the cost or other, why don’t you take looking other reviews about the similar products? You are able to compare them and with more details you can easily find what exactly you need with the best value for your money. That’s what smart shopper really is.

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