Deals of GW Security 1080P HD-AHD 4 Channel Video Security Camera System – 4 HDAHD CCTV CAMERA

GW Security 1080P HD-AHD 4 Channel Video Security Camera System - 4 HDAHD CCTV CAMERA

GW Security 1080P HD-AHD 4 Channel Video Security Camera System – 4 HDAHD CCTV CAMERA specifications, exciting information along with costumer testimonials who already ordered and also best price with very good discount.

A home surveillance DVR program can be installed in order that you can keep an aware eye on your house, your possessions and your family. Of course anyone that provides a home or a family knows the value of providing as much protection as possible. The ideal part of the security DVR systems is that they make a copy of what they view during the time that they are turned on. If you want to prove that someone was at your home on some day, at some time, then you may have proof of their presence.

This item made by GW Security Inc become one of the great Surveillance DVR Kits since a lot of buyers happy after using this product. In addition to its features, the best price also becomes a factor. Below is a review about GW Security 1080P HD-AHD 4 Channel Video Security Camera System – 4 HDAHD CCTV CAMERA, a product favored by peoples and have a much of beneficial reviews. We will give you customer reviews, product features, descriptions, and a variety of other interesting things. Happy reading.

GW Security 1080P HD-AHD 4 Channel Video Security Camera System – 4 HDAHD CCTV CAMERA Details and Reviews

GW Security 1080P HD-AHD 4 Channel

  • Size: 1080P HD-AHD
  • Color: 4 Channel HD DVR w/ 4 Bullets
  • Brand: GW Security Inc
  • Model: 9334AHD-239HDX4

Estimated Price: Buy or See Best Price

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5Very versatile starter set!
By AmazonJavaJunki
With all of the low cost budget security systems flooding the market, it can be tough to sort through all the hype. As a homeowner and landlord, I’ve installed several security systems plus dozens of stand-alone camera units so may have a bit more experience than average yet still fall within the realm of DIY weekender. Depending on your needs, level of familiarity, intended use etc…this is quite possibly one of the better values available on Amazon right now. Let me explain…

My very first security system was a nightmare to install – cameras were often analog and had to be converted into digital. To view on the computer or back-up to a hard-drive was a beastly time consuming and expensive process. Fast forward a few years and my very first plug and play Logitech security camera made me a believer that there was a better way to go…sadly, those were quite expensive and within a couple of years, support ceased entirely. Next came plug and play quickie systems – I’ve purchased two and while they are indeed easy to install and get up and running…both have failed within a short time. Next I purchased independent units and created my own system which fared a bit better but can be tricky when units don’t play nice with one another. Along the way I’ve also installed at oodles of stand-alone units. I mention all of this so the reader can get a general idea of their own skill level and desired system expectations along the way.

First, I’m going to compare this to the quick plug and play units because the price is not that much more yet the quality of this product is far superior. For example, the original iChannel system which had good reviews, sold for roughly this price but lacked a hard-drive. The LaView is a true plug and play system and I actually own two of these because they can be set-up and taken down very quickly which is great for vacant homes in between tenants and rentals. On the other hand, the cameras have a dismal failure rate…I literally resorted to buying replacement camera’s for them on discount/warehouse deals because they fail about every six months at random. Additionally, the camera’s only have less resolution and fewer LED’s which means substantially less night vision. On the other hand, this unit comes with a 1080p HD 4 channel system with four actual cameras. This is important because a lot of systems will sell a four channel system with only two cameras…yes, you can buy more but it’s nice to have them all to begin with. Additionally, many people don’t realize that the difference between 720 and 1080 isn’t half better…it’s double. This means much more clear images when they matter most. Finally, these are Sony cmos camera’s…after fighting with inferior camera’s used in other systems, I now basically stick to Sony cmos for all my camera’s…more on that in a minute!

My very first familiarity with GW Security (this seller) came when I purchased some cables to replace the lousy ones included in the two LaView kits mentioned above…the cables were all but useless for anything other than a short run. Since then I’ve added camera’s and entire systems from this company and find the build to be substantially better. These are built like small commercial models rather than plain homeowner versions. In the past, this company had a bit more of a bare bones feel to them…for example, the cables would be missing from a system etc… I’m happy to say that this is a lot more convenient package deal for the average homeowner or small business user. It includes a nice four camera system with two dome type cameras and two bullet cameras. These are solid built cameras with Sony Cmos…Sony is a recognized leader so it is nice to see these offered as a standard. Next, this set DOES come with the cables and connections. While I personally prefer to run my own lines due to length considerations, it is nice to have everything included since you won’t need to figure out the proper connectors etc… Last but certainly not least, a pre-installed 1 TB hard drive is included…and notice it IS pre-installed so you won’t even have to worry about configuring.

The next thing most buyers will wonder about is features and software. Once again, I’m happy to say that this company is getting much better in that department. Now you can begin the software set-up by scanning the QR code in order to access info via a web browser or the cloud. However, let me be clear…while this is a very versatile and well built set, the weak spot is still the software set-up and installation. Instructions are still rather on the weak side. This is a foreign supplier and the instructions show it. Those with prior experience will probably be fine although it might take a bit longer than normal…those without any prior experience will likely still be okay but plan accordingly! I’ve not personally had reason to use tech support although it is available so cannot comment on that portion of the purchase but it’s nice to know it is available if needed. On the other hand, one of the benefits of this system is that it’s not can be accessed via android or ios, you can set-up to record only to the hard drive or upload to the cloud. You can access the feed or recorded information via computer, television, online, phone or any combination desired but you will need to know how to set-up your cloud access, change the password and user names, etc…you will need to know your IP address and may need to set a static IP, ditto for your wifi user/passcode, change security settings and so forth. Assuming those are familiar to you or you know where/how to find and change, you should be okay. Again the menu and software as well as instructions are the weak point for this system but it is quite versatile and makes a good starter set with 2 bullet and 2 dome cameras (bullets have a longer view while dome have a wider view), DVR to record all the movement with a pre-installed 1 TB hard drive…it will last about a month with four cameras running on motion detection. Cameras are built well and have decent resolution view – night vision is substantially enhanced by adding some additional lighting to the outdoor environment…for example, a yard light etc will dramatically increase resolution. Overall this is a nice starter system that basically includes everything needed to get started. Complimentary product provided for evaluation.

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5Very good camera, and easy install You see very clearly …
By Amazon Customer
Very good camera,and easy install
You see very clearly the images

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5Five Stars
By sharlene d
Works really well. A little technical to set up but quality is great

Features of this product

  • 4CH HD 1080P DVR with 4 High Resolution 1080P IP66 Weatherproof Cameras for Excellent Video Quality
  • View and Record in Widescreen with Remote Viewing on PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Android devices
  • Setting up is so easy! Simply download the smartphone App and scan the DVR QR code
  • USB2.0 backup feature for peace of mind, IP66 heavy-duty metal indoor/outdoor weatherproof camera
  • Pre-installed 1TB Hard Drive. 1 Year Warranty and Free Tech Support within U.S.

We all know that since there is a rise in crime, there is also a rise in the quantity of surveillance DVR being sold at stores. So how are you heading to choose the best one? The truth is price would not always reflect performance. You are able to choose the most expensive surveillance DVR there is, but you cannot always expect that it will perform the way in which that you want it to. You ought to be able to do your research before picking one from the store so you will really know what you will be getting. One of the more important features that you should look at is its record resolution. It is the amount of px captured. Thus, it plays a role in the success of recording digital video evidence. You do not want to capture something that you can barely recognize. It beats its purpose. You also want one that you can have full remote gain access to to. So you can access your videos from where you are and this could be anywhere which is the point of installing surveillance DVR at home.

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