Where to Buy High Resolution Police Body Micro Camera Portable Audio Video Recorder

High Resolution Police Body Micro Camera Portable Audio Video Recorder

High Resolution Police Body Micro Camera Portable Audio Video Recorder specifications, interesting information along with costumer testimonials who previously purchased plus best price together with very good discount.

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This item produced by ElectroFlip become one of the top recomended Hidden Camera since a lot of purchaser fulfilled after using this product. In addition to its features, the best price also becomes a factor. Below is a details of High Resolution Police Body Micro Camera Portable Audio Video Recorder, an item loved by peoples and have a lot of great reviews. We will give you customer reviews, product features, descriptions, and a variety of other interesting things. Happy reading.

High Resolution Police Body Micro Camera Portable Audio Video Recorder Details and Reviews

High Resolution Police Body Micro

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #2892 in Camera & Photo
  • Brand: ElectroFlip
  • Dimensions: .50″ h x 3.00″ w x .50″ l, .6 pounds

Estimated Price: Buy or See Best Price

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5Micro body camera
By Jerry
It is all that it claims to be. Small, video is good enough to see. In time, they will probably get it clearer but when you considered the size, it is amazing. Pack of gum size video recorder or camera.

Features of this product

  • Full Color Video w/ Sound: The fact that it is the world’s smallest DVR doesn’t stop it from taking video in full color or being able to hear the sounds of the event. With just 8GB of memory, you can record up to 90 minutes of high-quality full color video. Use a 32 GB Micro SD Card to store several hours of crisp and clear video with audio.
  • Video Quality: With video resolution better than just about any handheld device on the market – 640 x 480 – you’ll capture the sharpest detail possible. A 60° wide angle lens lets you get the big picture, not just a portion of it. You’ll never have to worry about missing out on anything. With the iSpyG’s superior quality and resolution, coupled with the wide angle of viewing, you will be able to record anything you want.
  • Picture Mode: Change over to picture mode to snap over 27,000 high quality still photos – all in 1280 x 960 resolution. Insert a 32GB Micro SD Card to snap stills of tens of thousands more high quality and superior resolution photos.
  • Plug & Play: Everything the iSpyG sees and hears is recorded in .AVI format for easy use on any computer. All you need to view your video and pictures is Apple QuickTime or Windows Media Player. We recommend that you download the videos to your Mac or PC for uninterrupted playback. The included USB Cable was not designed for streaming playback of all your videos.
  • Rechargeable: No ultra-portable DVR would be worth its salt without good batteries. The iSpyG comes with long-life rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries. If you make sure you charge the batteries at least 2 hours beforehand, the iSpyG will deliver hours of recording ability.

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