Details of IP Security Camera, ieGeek FI-366 HD 720P Wireless Wifi Security Camera Two Way Audio Pan/Tilt Plug/Play Easy Set Up Motion Detection Monitoring Home Surveillance Camera Baby Monitor

IP Security Camera, ieGeek FI-366 HD 720P Wireless Wifi Security Camera Two Way Audio Pan/Tilt Plug/Play Easy Set Up Motion Detection Monitoring Home Surveillance Camera Baby Monitor

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IP Security Camera, ieGeek FI-366 HD 720P Wireless Wifi Security Camera Two Way Audio Pan/Tilt Plug/Play Easy Set Up Motion Detection Monitoring Home Surveillance Camera Baby Monitor Details and Reviews

IP Security Camera, ieGeek FI-366 HD

  • Brand: ieGeek

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4Nice video quality and hardware; quirky interface and limited support…
By Long-Suffering Technology Consumer
[[VIDEOID:1605ec589dae67875b5cc24fa9c8f284]]In the last three years I’ve tested four other wireless IP cameras, and had success in fully configuring and operating exactly none of them. With this wireless (after initial setup) camera, I was viewing and recording activity on another floor of the house within 15 minutes after unboxing. After getting off to a great user experience out of the box, the camera works great, but users can expect their experience to suffer some drag from non-intuitive portions of the interface software (in both Windows and Android versions).

This camera (whose nomenclature might be the IP8; this is unclear from either the packaging, manual or the manufacturer’s support site) was up and operating using both Android and Windows clients in a matter of minutes.

No interface software ships with the camera. Initial set-up requires connection to a wired router, and downloading client software for either Android or Windows interface/control devices (I tested using two Android phones and three Windows PCs running both Windows 8.1 and Windows 10). The quick start guide specifies ONLY the Android option, but a URL for the Windows version is included in the guide contents. While connected to the wired router, the client interface will prompt you to add the create a local login, add the camera (you can scan a QR code to obtain device name and MAC address information) and provide settings for your wireless environment. Once the camera has joined your wireless network, it can be disconnected from the wired router port.

What’s good:
-Excellent HD video in normal lighting environments; video resolution options range from 1280×720 HD to 160×90).
-Excellent pan/tilt/zoom functionality. If using an Android device, simply slide your finger horizontally or vertically for tilt and pan functions, and pinch/spread for zoom functions.
-Excellent low light coverage via 12 IR lighting elements.
Note: the video accompanying this review will show artifacts and quality issues that are the result of both Amazon’s compression/streaming technology and noise introduced in the screen capture process. You can expect to view much higher video quality live.

Recordings are captured in .mp4 format. For Android devices, your record selections go to the device. Oddly, when controlling via Windows PCs, I could only capture recordings if I placed an microSD card in the camera’s slot for that media; there did not appear to be an option to direct the content to a Windows hard drive. The card’s available and used capacity is viewable through the client software. The card can also be formatted via the client software. As far as I can tell, there’s no way to extract video or image files except by physically removing the card.

What’s not so good:
-Limited included documentation. The camera arrives with an adequate quick start guide (which includes a detailed line drawing), but no other documentation or interface software media. The print directing you to the support site to download Windows software is in very small print, and could be missed if you’re not looking for it).
-Rather quirky client software. This camera routinely captures still images…but I’m not sure how or why (or where they reside when using a Windows interface). You can set your local time and date manually, and it will be accurately displayed on the OSD…but the archived images are tagged with times/dates that are somehow related to GMT…but I’m not sure exactly how.
-Other than offering downloads of the client software and user guide for the client, there is no other information on the web site to help you troubleshoot.
-Client software indications that provide false notifications of connection failures even as the camera streams excellent live video.
Collectively, these almost cost this camera a second star, but its ease of initial operation and the apparent soundness of the hardware kept this as a four star product (at the current sub-$100 price; if it were still listed in the $200 range, then another star would be at risk of falling off the table).

Note: this product provided for review purposes.

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4Some flaws caused me to dock a star, but a solid camera
By Joe Wood
[[VIDEOID:d7d4a8b0b02f271aad5d0359640477ba]] I’ve used a number of similar cameras, so I’ve got a reasonably decent feel for what you should expect, and I think that this camera performs well against its competition – with a few things to note (as mentioned in the video).

If you’re looking for a sub-$100 pan/tilt/zoom wifi camera, especially if you want to keep it on Ethernet and/or want to plug in various security triggers, this is actually a very nice camera in this price range, and it might very well be your best option. However, there are some things you’ll want to know when comparing this to other cameras:

(1) You need an Ethernet connection to set it up. It only takes a moment, and then you can use WiFi (or keep it on Ethernet, if you want), but: you *must* have an available port to plug this into during setup. For many (like me), this is just a minor inconvenience. For others, it’s a deal-breaker.

(2) The movement lag on this is greater than on other cameras, although this is something that could be fixed with a software update. For now, though, the camera will continue to move for a bit after you’ve stopped gesturing in the app to move it, unless you’re very careful with your gestures in the (free) app.

(3) The audio from the camera is noisier than that of its competition. It isn’t *bad*, it’s just not as good. You’ll hear the camera itself, and the mic doesn’t pick up as much as you’d want. BUT: it’s easy to plug in an external mic, and those are pretty cheap, so it’s not a huge deal, if it’s even an issue for you.

(4) The lights on the front are annoying. Fixable with electrical tape, but annoying. The Ethernet one is especially so, because, for most users, Ethernet will never be plugged in after the first few minutes of setup.

(5) Video quality is OK but not as good as the competition. *Almost* as good as the other 720P cameras and, perhaps for most, so close you’d not notice, but, for me, there was a slight loss of quality compared to others.

Those are the reasons I docked a star.

However, still, for under $100, it does a good job. It’s easy to access once set up – the free software is actually quite nice. It has 2-way audio. It moves how you’d want it to. It’s easily mountable, and so on.

If you want a pan-tilt-zoom camera for under $100, this is one of your best options, especially if you want to connect via Ethernet as well as if you want to connect security sensors and/or external microphones or speakers – *especially* if you want to be able to connect external audio, because many other sub-$100 cameras won’t let you do that, and it’s not a bad option for communication remotely. The lag on this camera is *better* than the competition’s, or at worst the same, and so, with a connected external mic and speaker, this is a good option for keeping an eye on the kids, for example. Of course, once you buy that mic and speaker, you might have been able to move up a few levels in cameras for the same total price.

Review disclaimer: I received this item for free (or highly discounted) in exchange for an honest review, and, as with all such review items, I used it long enough to really get a feel for how good it is. I don’t only get 4 and 5 star product samples, but do I tend to review only the 4-5 star ones, which is why my reviews of samples tend to skew higher; still, if I get a product, I’ll review it honestly and point out the flaws as well as the positives. I’ll often use a product as part of my daily routine for days or weeks to get a good feel for it before reviewing it, and, because of that, I’m always open to questions and feedback in the comments section about it. I take pride in my review process, and I’m always happy to help you with your product-buying decision.

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4Easy set up, exceptional night vision
By Jim
You can monitor this camera on Android and IOS devices via an app called MIPC, which is available for IOS devices in iTunes and for Android devices in Google Play, and you can monitor it in Safari, Firefox, and Explorer browsers via mipcm dot com. Mipcm dot com is not mentioned in the included Quick Install Guide, which is the only guide or manual that comes with the camera. The guide only references the IOS and Android mipc apps, without the m on the end of mipc. I found mipcm dot com by chance via a search. Mipcm dot com in Explorer is the only way I’ve found to monitor the camera on a Windows smartphone, and it works just fine.

I can access mipcm dot com and monitor the camera in Chrome, but starting on 9/1/15, Google stopped allowing NPAPI plugins, and it seems that’s the type of plugin required for smooth monitoring of this camera in Chrome. Presumably because the plugin is blocked, although I can monitor the camera in Chrome, there are long lags or delays between live action and the time it takes to show on the camera.

I’ve tested the MIPC Android app and I’ve tested the mipcm page in Safari on a Mac and in Firefox and Explorer on a PC running Window 7 64-bit and in all cases connectivity is fast (you use a username and password) and access is generally good, though I sometimes get lags or delays of up to a few seconds. This makes it difficult to accurately remotely pan and tilt the camera; any delay makes it probable that you’ll overshoot where you want to direct the camera.

Clarity is good and I’d rate it 3 on a 1-5 scale. It’s not great but it’s good enough. The night vision is exceptionally good. One evening when testing the camera in the dark via an Android tablet, I saw my cat stalking an insect and the image was so bright and relatively clear for night vision, that I thought I must’ve left a light on, but when I went to the room where I had the camera it was nearly pitch black. Since then I tested it in a room that is 100% pitch black at night when the room darkening curtains are drawn, and again, the night vision is exceptionally clear and bright.

The camera speaker is good at picking up audio but I haven’t been able to get it to work for two-way audio, and the included guide is no help at all with this. If ieGeek has a website where one can find more information on how to operate this camera, I can’t find it.

The antenna, which screws onto the back of the camera, clearly does a good job of picking up Wi-Fi signals, because wherever in my house and garage I’ve tested the camera it connects to Wi-Fi easily and without any problems,and I tend to have problems with most Wi-Fi devices by the time I get to the garage, which is far from the router.

The design of the wall wart is such that if you were to plug it into a standard two-receptacle wall outlet, you’d have to plug it into the bottom receptacle to avoid blocking both. The cord between the wall wart and the camera is 7′ long.

Overall “I like” this camera and thus rate it 4 stars, with a star off because of the scant included instructions and lack of online resources. I take delays between live action and what you see when monitoring for granted with cameras of this type. Set up went remarkably easy, and I can compare the setup for this camera with that of several others I’ve tried. If you buy one, be sure to note that the initial, user-changeable password that you’ll need during initial setup is printed on the bottom of the camera near the scannable QR code and device ID (which you can enter manually if scanning the QR doesn’t work or you prefer). ieGeek’s description says “Plug/Play” and I did find this particular security camera to come as close to being literally plug and play as I’ve seen for a camera of this type.

I received a sample ieGeek FI-366 to review.

Features of this product

  • Easy setup:P2P technology, plug and play,no any settings
  • 3 Dbi Antenna, Clear and fluent video ,Fastest Intelligent Transfertation
  • Night vision: Built in 12pcs IR LEDs, night vision distance is up to 30ft,1.0 mega pixel capable of streaming video at 1280×720p
  • Support two-way audio, telecommunication level of signal processing, (echo cancellation, noise suppression, comfort noise, silence suppression)
  • Smart transmission technology: adaptive bandwidth, dynamic code rate adjustment, voice first, the jitter buffer

A web-based surveillance security system allows you to monitor your home while away. If you go on a vacation, are in the office, or away on business, you can have access via internet to look at what your surveillance video cameras are catching on online video. This type of protection system is perfect for families who are often apart for extended periods, offices that contain chronic theft or perhaps vandalism problems, and homeowners with members that require the aid of a caretaker if left only.

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