Information About JOOAN TC-734 720P IP Cameras 4CH NVR Wireless Security CCTV Surveillance Systems Plug and Play Indoor/Outdoor – No Hard Drive

JOOAN TC-734 720P IP Cameras 4CH NVR Wireless Security CCTV Surveillance Systems Plug and Play Indoor/Outdoor - No Hard Drive

JOOAN TC-734 720P IP Cameras 4CH NVR Wireless Security CCTV Surveillance Systems Plug and Play Indoor/Outdoor – No Hard Drive specifications, useful information and costumer testimonials who currently purchased as well as best price along with really great discount.

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This product produced by Jooan become one of the great Remote Home Monitoring System since a lot of shoppers fulfilled after using this product. In addition to its features, the best price also becomes a factor. This article is a review of JOOAN TC-734 720P IP Cameras 4CH NVR Wireless Security CCTV Surveillance Systems Plug and Play Indoor/Outdoor – No Hard Drive, a product favored by peoples and have a much of great reviews. We will give you customer reviews, product features, descriptions, and a variety of other interesting things. Happy reading.

JOOAN TC-734 720P IP Cameras 4CH NVR Wireless Security CCTV Surveillance Systems Plug and Play Indoor/Outdoor – No Hard Drive Details and Reviews

JOOAN TC-734 720P IP Cameras 4CH NVR

  • Size: NO HDD
  • Brand: Jooan
  • Model: 01-1004-000071-2

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By Dr. Oceanfront
[[VIDEOID:be0e0c40410562e677f332cf9afac9a5]] Bottom line – a very good system that has distinct advantages in installation and camera positioning over a hard wired cable system. In my use there have been very few drawbacks to this and the protocol / system and a while is very easy to integrate.

Having used a very similar (almost identical) system to this prior I will recycle part of that review in some of the wording where I see fit.

The JOANN system has advantage of a local setup without any advanced configuring sounds promising and has the ability to make something that may seem daunting to some, a fraction less so. In reviewing it I tried to think how easy would this be for ‘ma & pa’ to setup and in that respect I think its doing as good as it can. its plug and play to a degree but sometimes you have to educate ones self as to any technology so at least come into it with the mind set that IF you don’t have any experience with cameras / routers / IPs etc. then yes, it is easy to setup but you will have to do some self education if you want to get the best from the system.

In general setup was a breeze. You could get the basics of this setup and operational in as little as ten minutes if that (and that includes installing the HD) which is just a matter of two screws on the case, mounting screws for the HD, and the data / power cable.


The Interface – Fairly intuitive. A right mouse click gets you into any setting menu and form there its easy to follow. The playback menu / interface is below par but I will detail that later. Generally the other menus are clear and concise with things easy enough to setup just using the included mouse although adding a keyboard will probably pay dividends at least during the initial setup / feeling out period. The more I have used it like most things the more comfortable I have been navigating around the system.

The detailed aspects of the system WILL require some technical knowledge and knowhow. Setting the cameras up to record and show pictures is exceptionally easy but you will need to invest some time in learning the system as you progress. Complicated? No. However, it does require an intermediate understanding of basic IT concepts to get the most of this system.


Recording and Encoding – 720p with some options on frame rate although I found no issue when left on variable (feels like about 15fps to me but you can adjust this in settings). On the downloaded / backup footage the quality improves a lot as does the frame rate which I feel is about 20-25 fps but it is much clearer than the default preview option (which to be fair are adequate for what they are doing and keep the bit rates manageable) I don’t really feel to play with any setting here the defaults do a fine job.

Scheduling is easy to setup and it gives you a single camera option and an easy option to copy that setting to other cameras if you want. When motion detect is used it allows the option to record just the tripped channel and all or some other channels concurrently. You get four total ‘schedules’ and can select a multitude of parameters within these.


Picture Quality – Decent but with some issues. In general you will get an over contrasted, slightly grainy picture on the preview screens but this does improve a lot when actually downloaded so don’t worry too much and it is excellent compared to several systems I own and use. I found the switching to night mode far more accurate in this unit than I did in the previous systems of its ilk.

You can not schedule it to switch to night / day camera mode so positioning is everything here and is literally going to be the make or break aspect of this system and it is just a case of watching your ambient lighting. Just watch your positioning and you should be able to negate rouge lights causing it not to switch to night mode.


The Cameras – Four custom setup IP cams that have a very nice quality feel to them. The have their own power supply and Ethernet connection and will automatically find the box and set themselves up. This is both the main selling point of this system and also one of its strongest. Once the cameras plugged themselves in (with the power supply) the box found them without issue – no setup at all was required and I thought that was excellent (although IF set up is required it isn’t that difficult and just requires hard wiring the cameras to the box initially). If you add additional cameras it should add those easily with just the use of the search + match button on the configuration screen (although I’m not entirely sure how many cameras the system can take I’m of the though it is likely only bandwidth limited). The cameras are waterproof although I did not test this however at least in feel they are a step up in quality from most of the budget IP cams I have tested.

With that being said the cameras wireless connection was rock solid – I tried these out at varying distances form the box (maximum was approx. 50ft) and the stream was perfect. NB: included in the kit and two zoom lengths of 2.8mm and 3.6mm which are both superwide and you will notice a little bit of barrel distortion / fisheye which is normal.


Motion Detect – Pretty good. It uses a grid range mode which is easily set and allows a sensitivity setting. I fount it to be very good in use and it would trigger very reliably with very few false triggers. Reviewing these in detail via the playback module was another matter and I have used systems that are both much better, and much worse than what we have here. The grid system is great though, very easy to set up precise areas and is a very strong aspect of this system. You can easily aim just the grid at a door and have that act as the trigger mechanism whilst avoiding changes in say ambient light coming from the window next to it.


Playback – Not great but its useable. It is easy to get into however detailing in on a particular time period is poor and really hard to zone in on. I can not find a way to zoom the timeline so it comes down to guess a little which is not ideal particularly if you are trying to zone in a particular time period.To pull footage requires going into another menu where you can not see any playback of the backup you are about to make. This gets a bit messy and it may be the best way to download footage from a given period and review it on your computer. Its a band aid solution and I may have just missed something in the navigation that could make this whole task much easier.

You can filter the playback menu as well as selecting a specific time period to play back. The initial menu give and option to play back the last 5 / 10 / 20 minutes but I don’t see to much use there so the manual mode is easier to go straight too.

In use I find the device IP and you can log in an view recorded events much easier. I can not find a way to download multiple clips at once which is annoying BUT I did note on reviewing this system that the general smoothness of the playback system has been improved compared to previous iterations of the OS.

Alarms – You can set alarms for HD failures or camera blind. This is untested by me but options are available caller ‘sensors’ as the terminology. This also gives you a selectable filter and settings so upon playback you can check for any issues via the sensor box which is a nice option.


Box Output – Can be configured with either a HDMI connection or VGA and the options allow the resolution to be set with your monitor. You can set up to auto switch channels and also ignore channels without a camera in the case where you only have the two cameras operational. It does allow the hardwiring of the cameras however I found the wireless to be very reliable to a range of approx. 50ft as stated so beyond that I doubt you would be running cable (and it also defeats the purpose of this system as you could just use an analogue system of you were running cable that far – BUT thinking it through it could give you some great options if you had hard wired ethernet throughout your house.

Audio – It has a setting for an audio volume in settings but neither of the cameras have audio as far as I can tell. No audio from the cameras presented here.


Instructions Provided – I didn’t read them so I wont comment too much but they might be a bit limited at only two pages. I had setup a system like this before and had similar disregard for the included instructions. Turn it on and the cameras were paired and you have a picture straight away. The options beyond that just require an understanding or self education of IP cameras and security systems in general.

There is NOTHING on advanced options once you have to cameras set up and operational. I am pretty adept at setting these systems up so I didn’t think to much of it the first time but they really need some guides on how to do some of these things although you can generally figure them out if you have a technical bent.

App – It uses an app called ESEENET and the app works VERY well for basic remote viewing and I rate it highly.

Advanced Options – Email on Alarm and upload to FTP can be configured but were not tested. You would need to set this box up with your router to allow this and it does have DDNS forwarding capabilities also which is great and easy to setup.


A very easy to setup system with good quality video. It’s only real weakness is the playback system but its something that can be worked with and I fell with the advantages in installation it really does present an option for some great ‘reach’ with little fuss involved in the setup. For functions beyond basic streaming and recording you will need to invest some time in learning your system but that is going to be the same for any security system worth its salt, but I feel this is a good one and worth the time.

Product provided for review – its just my opinion

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4… NVR Wireless NVR 4 stars because it has some amazing strengths, and some notable annoyances
By guest
This is for JOOAN TC-734 720P IP Cameras 4CH NVR Wireless NVR

4 stars because it has some amazing strengths, and some notable annoyances.
First off, I like that they don’t include a hard drive. Let them save money, and it gives me a chance to use an old hard drive I had laying around collecting dust. It took a few minutes to sort out how to mount the drive inside the box but the instructions were fair. As frame of reference, I’m a medium grade nerd. I tear apart computers, reformat hard drives, and battle a home network with multiple routers and a switch (not a light switch).

Initial BASIC set up was… amazing! Plug it in, turn on the cameras and you have signal! VERY easy for that. I was watching my cameras on a tv via hdmi input in minutes. It’s actually pretty easy to move around within the playback settings as well. But it’s not great. Don’t forget this is a very cheap wireless solution so I’m not expecting wonders.

Remote app was a hassle. With my android, I needed to go download the .apk file or whatever you call it and execute it to get the app up and running. Not a standard install. But it works. But the app keeps getting problems saying the cameras went offline. Well… then I had to go back to the box to system setup and try turning on DHCP and ID and with both those selected, I can see the camera through the app again. But then it randomly turns off DHCP shutting me out when I’m trying to watch them remotely. And I can’t fix that till I get home again.

Wireless range seems pretty good. I’m in a 3 bedroom 1 floor condo and it reaches all the way across. Farthest camera gets mad at the fact that I stuck the NVR behind a tv & computer monitor. But it still gets 1-2 bars of signal there so I leave it. (that’s a plus for range)

The system setup on the NVR is not very user friendly. I still haven’t figured it out entirely. There are supposedly email (use the email a text option to my phone email addy) alarms that can be used for motion sensing but I haven’t gotten that up and running either. Again, just kinda hard to use as a user interface.

All in all… I feel like I bought the cheapest wireless NVR surveilance kit I could find w reasonable reviews.
What I got is a solution that really has the meat and bones of what I need. The hardware seems to work well. User interface is suboptimal and actually creates a barrier toward using all the features. But I feel like if cared that much or tried hard enough I could get those features up and running maybe. Image quality is great. Wireless range is great. It records and plays back. App is easy to use once installed. Watch out for the DHCP gotcha. User interface needs work.

Finally, don’t be shy about emailing their support addy with “wendy.” They actually respond within a couple days and seem to care which is also really cool. Seriously… $330+an old hard drive for wireless NVR is pretty sweet. It works. Just rough around the edges…

3 of 3 people found the following review helpful.
4Quality system, easy to hook up
By black
The quality of this system is superb. The resolution is extremely fine. Wish the instructions were clear.

Features of this product

  • 4 weatherproof cameras with IR-CUT double filter lens allows to see up 65fts in the dark; View anytime, anywhere with remote viewing via internet, smartphone, and tablet.
  • Maximum support 4T Hard Drive(excluded HDD with the unit), H.264 compression for extended recording; Within LAN, you can get the nvr and all ip cameras running without network cables after matching well.
  • In order to remote viewing, pls make sure the nvr connect well with network cable and all system is under a good web condition; Pls use a network cable to connect IP cameras to your nvr first, and you can unplug the cable once the WiFi connection is well done.
  • Hope you enjoy our product, and any news pls do not hesitate to contact us firstly. Thanks a lot ! !(Customer service email:; Skype: online: 5 PM ~ 2 AM (PST).

A remote surveillance security system permits you to monitor the home while away. Whether you go on a vacation, are at the office, or away on organization, you can have access via internet to look at what your surveillance video cameras are catching on video. This type of protection system is well suited for family members who are often aside for extended periods, offices that contain chronic theft or perhaps vandalism problems, and households with members that require the aid of a caretaker if left only.

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