Information About Konica Minolta Dimage Z10 3MP Digital Camera with 8x Optical Zoom

Konica Minolta Dimage Z10 3MP Digital Camera with 8x Optical Zoom

Konica Minolta Dimage Z10 3MP Digital Camera with 8x Optical Zoom specifications, interesting information with costumer reviews who already purchased and in addition best price with pretty good discount.

We are always told that we need more mega pixels in our cameras, these is a great way to get you to buy the latest camera. Manufactures will encourage you that your 3 mega pixel camera is not good enough nevertheless the truth is an average digital photographer might desire a minimal of 3 mega pixels to be able to printing their 4×6 images at home. If you want to print larger images, then you will need more mega pixels but when will you want larger prints. Although by adding a little more cash to get a higher resolution camera, such as which have up to 10 mega pixels, one can save cost as most do not need that much.

This item produced by Konica-Minolta become one of the great Point and Shot Camera since a lot of shoppers happy after using this item. In addition to its features, the best price also becomes a factor. This is a review of Konica Minolta Dimage Z10 3MP Digital Camera with 8x Optical Zoom, an item favored by peoples and have a much of positive reviews. We will present to you customer reviews, product features, descriptions, and a variety of other interesting things. Happy reading.

Konica Minolta Dimage Z10 3MP Digital Camera with 8x Optical Zoom Details and Reviews

Konica Minolta Dimage Z10 3MP Digital

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #20928 in Camera & Photo
  • Color: silver
  • Brand: Konica-Minolta
  • Model: DIMAGE-X31
  • Dimensions: 3.23″ h x 3.70″ w x 4.29″ l, .90 pounds
  • Display size: 1.5

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41 of 41 people found the following review helpful.
4Great Camera
By Laura Castillo
This is my first digital camera and I did a lot of reading before I decided what camera I wanted to buy. The 8 x optical zoom and the .4 in. macro option is what sold me on this camera. I have had it for about two weeks now and have taken some great pictures. I can not beleave the the detail I can get in my close up shots. The only reason I did not give this camera a five is because once I take it off of auto I find it hard to figure out some of the other settings even when I have read how to do it in the manual. I think this is a great camera for a beginner because it can grow with you.

22 of 22 people found the following review helpful.
5The best digital camera for under $200!
By K. Collins
I LOVE this camera… I bought it for around $175 and it takes just as better pics (if not better!) than my friends who have more expensive, higher tech cameras. I feel like a pro when I use this camera! My family has actually been amazed at the pictures I have taken, they really do look professional. I wish I could post the pictures on here to show you! You won’t regret this purchase! The only con I have is that there is no mic so there is no sound with the video, but I don’t really take much video so it doesn’t matter!

19 of 19 people found the following review helpful.
5Great camera for beginners
By Dustyjob
This is my first digital camera. Just like most other first-time buyers, I read reviews and product features. A friend has a 10X zoom camera and I figured that for my needs I would want a camera that can get close-ups. This camera is awesome!!!! Not only is it great for beginners like me, I can also learn how to do better quality photos without becoming a rocket scientist. It does more than I dreamed of with quality that even impresses my husband. I was going to buy a camera at Christmas time, but when I saw the price on this — well, let’s just say I had Christmas in July.

Features of this product

  • 3-megapixel sensor captures enough detail to create photo-quality 10-by-13-inch enlargements
  • 8x optical zoom combines with 4x digital zoom for 32x total zoom
  • .5-second start up time; PictBridge compatible; autofocus feature locks in on subjects in as little as .3 seconds
  • Store images on Secure Digital (SD) memory cards; 16 MB SD card included
  • Powered by 4 AA-size batteries (alkaline included; rechargeable NiMH recommended)

Point-and-shoot cameras are specially made for amateur and holiday photography enthusiasts who want to catch incredible pictures, but don’t want to get in to the technical details. With a compact size, easy-to-use interface and incredible performance, these cameras perfectly fit the bill. Point-and-shoot cameras are available in both basic and advanced modes. The basic ones are almost completely automated, so all you have to do is just point and capture. On the other hand, advanced ones have a few controls such as shutter speed, ISO and aperture that you can certainly adjust.

That’s what you need to find out about Konica Minolta Dimage Z10 3MP Digital Camera with 8x Optical Zoom. We give you what we know and practically that’s the unbiased fact you can use to evaluate if this product well worth your money of not. With this information, you won’t make any bad decision. It is better to not concerning much about the price when you know it values more. We are also recommending other reviews on similar products to offer you fair comparison before you make the big decision. Exactly what a great thing to share with you this along with you. Have a good day!

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