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Korner Home Security Additional Tag

Korner Home Security Additional Tag specifications, useful information with costumer reviews who previously purchased and also best price together with quite great discount.

You are able to save a lot on installation cost if you do your own electric home monitoring system on your own. Doing your own installation can save you as much as 50 percent on costs. As well, you will not be weighed down with regular bills like service charge, guaranty, tax, and other high monitoring costs. Nevertheless , you should be outfitted with the proper tools and apparatus to attain you tasks. Try and check out your local hardware store and find out if you can rent some available tools for a least charge. Ask your friends and family if they have some of the tools you need which you can borrow.

This item made by Korner become one of the great Remote Home Monitoring System since a lot of customers happy after using this product. In addition to its features, the best price also becomes a factor. This article is a review about Korner Home Security Additional Tag, a product loved by costumers and have plenty of positive reviews. We will present to you customer reviews, product features, descriptions, and a variety of other interesting things. Happy reading.

Korner Home Security Additional Tag Details and Reviews

Korner Home Security Additional Tag

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #390 in Boost
  • Brand: Korner
  • Model: 432-00240
  • Released on: 2015-08-04
  • Dimensions: .40″ h x 2.40″ w x 2.40″ l, .2 pounds

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11 of 11 people found the following review helpful.
5Korner is unequalled!
By JF Potgieter
I’ve been looking for a system like Korner for a number of years without success. Living in crime-ridden South Africa and having been the victim of armed house robbery myself, I just had to get a back-up system for my existing system (passive infrared radio- alarm linked to response company) to give additional peace of mind. Eventually I resorted to a Chinese GSM system but if you have ever tried that out you will know the term ‘ user unfriendly’ was specifically created to decribe those systems. In came Korner and what a pleasant experience!
A few remarks:
One piece door contacts and real pleasing on the eye!
Absolutely user friendly – even a child can install them.
Direct control via an App on your phone.
Long battery life
The whole system is plug and play.
Korner will send you an email as well as a pop-up on your phone if intrusion is detected.
Korner can be used as a door chime if not armed – so you can still monitor movement through the house even when it is disarmed.
Allthough the tags are meant to be used with doors/windows, I’ve dropped one in portable safebox at home and it works perfectly well to register movement of the box.
Very nice feature is that you can actually set up a circle of friends to be notified of intrusions – one can create your own personal neighbourhood watch system.
Customer service is excellent – I had a few questions/issues and time and again I was assisted in a prompt and efficient manner. Love the fact that the system is updated continiously (OTA) with new features and improvements.
The whole system is portable – so you can take it along if you move.
It deserves a 5/5.
Francois, South Africa

8 of 9 people found the following review helpful.
5It really is easy
By Dave Quick
Well, I got my kickstarter 12 tag very large house package last week and decided to set it up this weekend. It really is as easy as physically peeling, sticking, then remove battery protector and then in the app name the tag and test the sensor by moving the window/door. I was up with all 12 in a matter of about a half hour. Currently the system registers “activity” but not whether the window/door is in a particular state (i.e. closed/open). This is perfectly good for me. I used 9 of them in the house and 3 in the garage – they say they did not harden the tags for outdoor use but my garage is heated and air conditioned and so far they work just fine out there. I put the base transmitter/alarm thing in my bedroom next to the bed – works just fine in the ethernet tap there and didn’t have to be directly plugged in to the router.

Korner folks reading this: The biggest things I hope for in the future include: IFTTT integration (i.e. if a particular sensor goes off, trigger a camera to take a picture or place a call to me), API exposure so that I can trigger a camera or lighting or mic or videocamera, other zigbee devices/hub integration – including this system as just one additional set of devices in a bigger home system, zones to allow some sensors to have movement if that zone is not activated, allowing of chime just during certain hours (and not requiring the system alarm to be on to enable the chime), auto unlock or auto lock based on proximity/geofencing.

3 of 3 people found the following review helpful.
5The Alternative Home Security System
As one of the original Indiegogo backers I took a risk as an early adopter. I’m happy to report that Korner meets my expectations as a continuously evolving product. Whenever issues arise, or additional features are requested, the Korner team is very responsive about their customer support. For example, when I suggested that their software/firmware release notes be posted for better visibility of progress, they made it happen within a few days!

I originally bought Korner for a home that did not have any kind of security system installed except for strategically-placed webcams. But while waiting for the Indiegogo delivery I relocated to a 3,500sf house that was already set up for monitored system. I decided to install Korner anyway — which was very quick and easy — to do a side-by-side reliability comparison. In the beginning the Korner system didn’t always trigger an alert when a door/window was opened/closed, but over a short span of time the Korner team tweaked the performance and reliability with the help of customer feedback. Now every time that my monitored wired system is triggered, my Korner system does so as well.

There are only two issues in my perspective. I mounted one of the tags to my rolling overhead garage door and have found that the Korner system doesn’t always get triggered during opening/closing. Please note that Korner doesn’t officially support garage door applications, but I wanted to try it anyway. The other issue is that the Korner system becomes disabled during a power outage. I suppose you could try to hook up an emergency battery backup to it, but without Internet access the system can’t notify you or your family/friends during a burglary or home invasion. Despite these compromises I find Korner to be a cost-effective, trust-worthy alternative to traditional home security systems.

Features of this product

  • Stick Tag to door and windows (no second piece to align)
  • Reusable adhesive backing
  • Portable, remove when you move and set up in your new home
  • A Korner Stick can support up to 25 Tags
  • Replaceable CR2450 batteries, last up to 2 years

A web-based surveillance security system allows you to monitor your home while away. If you go on a vacation, are in the workplace, or away on business, you can have access via internet to look at what your surveillance video cameras are catching on online video. This type of secureness system is well suited for families who are often away for extended periods, office buildings that contain chronic theft or vandalism problems, and homeowners with members that require the aid of a caretaker if left alone.

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