Specs of Lorex LW1744B Wireless Video Surveillance System Series with 7-Inch LCD Monitor and 4 Camera (Black)

Lorex LW1744B Wireless Video Surveillance System Series with 7-Inch LCD Monitor and 4 Camera (Black)

Lorex LW1744B Wireless Video Surveillance System Series with 7-Inch LCD Monitor and 4 Camera (Black) specifications, interesting information with costumer testimonials who currently purchased plus best price together with very nice discount.

Setting a surveillance DVR in your home is not hard since it comes with instructions about how to established it up. Thus, you will be guided step by step about how to set it up and how to put it to use. These DVRs come in every varieties and all sizes. There are even surveillance DVRs that come in the form of pens and lights. Try not to be surprised if you found yourself being recorded at a friend’s home. You can even convert your laptop or your computer’s desktop computer as a monitoring system. The USB port of your laptop can be converted into a DVR. How’s that for a surveillance machine and you do not have to buy a complete new system. Just get a DVR card that can fit in the slot of your existing laptop. The most common types of card are the PCI card. These cards can accommodate up to 16 channel versions and each channel needs one camera. Thus, you choose how many cameras you should have for your home.

This product produced by Lorex become one of the top recomended Surveillance DVR Kits since a lot of shoppers satisfied after using this product. In addition to its features, the best price also becomes a factor. This article is a description of Lorex LW1744B Wireless Video Surveillance System Series with 7-Inch LCD Monitor and 4 Camera (Black), an item more liked by costumers and have a lot of beneficial reviews. We will present to you customer reviews, product features, descriptions, and a variety of other interesting things. Happy reading.

Lorex LW1744B Wireless Video Surveillance System Series with 7-Inch LCD Monitor and 4 Camera (Black) Details and Reviews

Lorex LW1744B Wireless Video

  • Size: 4 x 720p
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Lorex
  • Model: LW1744B
  • Dimensions: 9.60″ h x 2.00″ w x 12.80″ l, 1.70 pounds
  • Memory: 0unknown-units
  • Battery type: Lithium Ion
  • Display size: 7

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124 of 130 people found the following review helpful.
4A good choice for basic security; it has some limitations.
By Richard Aubin
I’ve been somewhat conflicted over the rating and review for this system. It is, I think, what it aspires to be – a relatively inexpensive surveillance system that is somewhat de-featured, but still offers a lot of the basics and a good picture quality. It’s not really clear from the description here, but there is no remote access to this system; you cannot check on it from out of town, or at the office and there’s no way to get remote notifications that the motion detection has been triggered. If that’s important to you, then you should look at one of the many other systems that Lorex offers. Lorex actually markets this lack of connectivity as a “feature” on its own website. You -can- remove the micro-sd card and watch any recorded video on a computer, using a dedicated Lorex app or most other video playback programs. (I was able to view recorded videos on my Mac using the VLC app.)

The setup is easy and operation is relatively straightforward for basic items, but overly arcane for other things (e.g., formatting a new memory card cannot be done from the “SD Card” choice in the menus, it’s actually buried in the “Recording” choice.). The “feather-touch controls” are non-responsive at times and required a few reboots to sort it out (I believe the unit has upgradeable firmware, so hopefully this can be resolved on the software side). Motion detection works, but seems overly sensitive at times. There is not a lot of clarity in the gradations of sensitivity (there are five levels, I think) – it mostly seems to be hyper-sensitive (2-5) or totally out to lunch (1) – but the feature is there and you can set it to record upon detection for some period of time. You can also set it to just straight-up record.

A few words about the cameras on this system . . . the picture quality is quite good for SD and the night-time quality is very good (the cameras have a lot of infrared lights) – although some items will give a high reflectance to IR emissions (true of almost any night system). The cameras are billed as weather-resistant and have the appearance of outdoor cameras – yet the instructions suggest that the cameras should not have direct exposure to the elements. It’s hard to say whether they really need shelter or whether Lorex is hedging against folks who might otherwise put this unit somewhere where it could be submerged in water (you never know what people are going to do with these things). I’ve mounted one of the cameras in a non-sheltered area and will see how it goes.

Overall, I’m somewhat conflicted on the rating. It’s not an awesome system, but it is a good one and probably a good one for the money. The security you get is basic – much more of a “Hey, who threw that rock through the window of my car.” than a proactive system that would notify you remotely that a camera had been triggered. Ultimately I think it mostly achieves what it aspires to be, so 4-stars instead of 3. If basic security is what you are looking for, then this is probably a good choice.

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3Entry level system-Initial bugs & problems
By Amazon Customer
**This an entry level wireless security camera system**

My Observations:
o I tested the system with one camera outside and one inside.
o Range is good enough for my average 2 story house.
o Unit looks like it should be a touch screen, but it isn’t. You have to use navigation buttons to move from one menu item to the next.
o It only records data on the monitor unit and only when the monitor is on.
o The video and still images can be moved to your computer by ejecting the memory card and reading them on the computer with your own adapter. This is fine for storing the files or viewing the still images (jpeg). The manual says there is a media player that you can download from their website, but I couldn’t find it.
o Video and still quality are low resolution, but it conserves space on the 4GB memory card. It looks like it will take several weeks to fill up the memory card using 2 cameras. It lets you decide whether to overwrite when full or not. I tested overwrite by almost filling it up with added files. When it gets down to 4MB, it simply over-writes the oldest files and keeps 4MB available.
o Night camera is actually pretty good for low resolution. It does illuminate the area itself with 16 little red lights that are visible, but the area doesn’t look illuminated to the naked eye.
o Extra cameras cost $120(comes with only 2 cameras) & the display has 4 small, live sections on the screen for up to 4 cameras.

Problems: (too many)

o Unit reset the date/time to factory default (01JAN14) on its own a couple of times.
o “OK” button worked intermittently, requiring a reboot to fix it. Seems ok now.
o Unit freezes occasionally and doesn’t record events that it should have. A reboot temporarily fixes it.
o I contacted the manufacturer through their website. They took a week to get back to me and suggested restoring to factory defaults and reformatting the memory card. This seems to have worked but the system is problematic.

Initial setup details:
Inserting the battery is harder than it should be. You use your own little screw driver to remove a screw, but then it isn’t obvious if the door should slide out or pop up. The instructions imply that it slides out, but it pops up.
Manual issues: The web address in manual doesn’t work, but a quick search of the internet reveals the new one: www.lorextechnology.com A more thorough manual can be found there for downloading. The manual says “It is important to keep the system up-to-date with the latest firmware. You can check for and download available firmware upgrades at www.lorextechnology.com.” The website doesn’t have any firmware downloads yet.

**This system is definitely not worth $300, maybe $200.00.
I gave it 3 stars but it is working better now after all of the trouble so maybe 3.5.

58 of 63 people found the following review helpful.
5Very user-friendly wireless recording video survellance system; requires keeping cameras and monitor in a direct, unblocked path
By Bold Consumer
This is a nice little surveillance unit. I already have a more serious unit that is wired in and cost a lot more. My main unit required people (electricians) to install it. When something goes wrong, it requires tech people to fix it. The Lorex LW1742 is basically plug-and-play. You’ll need to play around with location of the cameras and monitor, because moving it just an inch makes a huge difference in success or failure. I’m amazed at what a great view of my yard I’m getting, a long, clear view, even on such a small monitor. The fact that the monitor is small is an advantage, since it doesn’t take up much space and isn’t in the way. I can keep it right next to the chair where I watch TV and read. If the doorbell rings, I can just turn my head to look at it and decide if I want to answer the door or not. Usually not, because it’s those sales people who are “not really soliciting, just demonstrating a product.” I no longer have to deal with them.

No electrician or tech expert was needed. The instructions were easy to follow about how the cameras, power cords, etc., are put together. I tried to follow the instructions faithfully and did pretty well until I did something really stupid. Rather than admit to that really stupid thing I did, let me just say that if it doesn’t say to remove cardboard from an item, don’t. Fortunately, the battery works anyway and I lucked into putting it in the right way, even though the THIS SIDE UP mark was on the cardboard which I removed.

I did have to fuss with the buttons and settings for half an hour because the menu bar isn’t well explained in the instructions. I kept trying to use it as a touch-screen, which it isn’t. However, after fussing with it and having no idea what I was doing, suddenly the cameras were on and working. There was also annoying sound, but hitting the down-arrow turned the volume down/off. Since I’m using the system inside, I don’t need the sound function.

For most people, I think this will be fairly user-friendly. It has a very long range of sight of view. One negative is, it only works when the monitor is in the direct path of the camera, with no obstructions like steel or brick to block it. That greatly limits my options of where to put the cameras and monitor. Once I established locations that worked, it turns out that it gets a view that my outside security cameras were never able to get of people standing out of range at my front door. I like that very much! Since it’s indoors, strong winds, hail, snow, and rain won’t affect it either. My outdoor cameras (another system) sometimes get poor treatment from the weather, tree limbs banging into them, and/or spiders crawling across them. Keeping the cameras inside on this system will avoid all of those problems, even though they “can” be put outside. Our weather around here is not that predictable, so putting them outside isn’t going to work for me. There is a two-way talk feature, but I probably won’t use that.

Night vision is interesting. The system works fantastic in low-light, probably even better than in direct sun. In total darkness, the monitor doesn’t show you anything you can identify UNLESS someone comes into view. I believe that’s typical of most night-vision cameras.

All-in-all, this is a decent, VERY user-friendly system, somewhat limited by where cameras and monitors can be located in relation to each other, with an excellent range of vision. I’m enjoying using it.

Features of this product

  • 7″ rechargeable wireless LCD monitor
  • Night time viewing up to 65ft away in ambient night time lighting conditions and up to 45ft away in total darkness
  • View and record up to 4 cameras at the same time in quad screen
  • Secure wireless signal: Up to 150ft indoor / 450ft outdoor wireless range

A lot of crimes are happening in the home. This has increased the requirement to have a security system in your home. Parents and homeowners aren’t always at home. Therefore, important things and people are left at home unprotected and unsafe from people who are to be able to do them harm. Seeing that parents are gone for a long time everyday, a monitoring DVR is the only thing that can deal with this as compared to VCRs that can simply manage small amounts of time.

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