Where to Buy Mobotix M12D-Sec-DNight-D22N22

Mobotix M12D-Sec-DNight-D22N22

Mobotix M12D-Sec-DNight-D22N22 details, interesting information and costumer reviews who currently bought and also best price with quite good discount.

Dome cameras come in a variety of sizes and are highly recommended for commercial purposes because they don’t protrude much from the threshold or where they were placed. The IP curve cameras come with a high image resolution that is better than this analog cameras. Lenses used in these cameras are offered in various focal plans depending on the kind of view or zoom size you want. The wide angle lenses are most often used although there is also an adjustable type called the Varifocal Lens Camera where you can modify the lens manually to fit your view requirements.

This item produced by Mobotix become one of the top recomended Dome Camera since a lot of shoppers satisfied after using this product. In addition to its features, the best price also becomes a factor. This is a details of Mobotix M12D-Sec-DNight-D22N22, an item favored by costumers and have a much of cool reviews. We will give you customer reviews, product features, descriptions, and a variety of other interesting things. Happy reading.

Mobotix M12D-Sec-DNight-D22N22 Details and Reviews

Mobotix M12D-Sec-DNight-D22N22

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #279905 in PC Accessory
  • Brand: Mobotix
  • Model: M12DSECDNIGHTD22N22

Estimated Price: $1,996.92 Buy or See Best Price

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4Good Product
By Art Hungerford
Ok, so I’ve had 10 Axis 214 PTZ cameras in service at two locations for about 5+ years now. While they were great (day only), one by one they all failed but two. So I’m looking to replace them all with fixed HD cameras (given the frustration of the ptz cameras pointing into a tree or wall after a power failure, even though I programmed them to the proper default view – that’s another story). Anyway, after much thought, I bought the Mobotix M12D-SEC-Dnight-D22N22. Bottom line – it works very well. The quality of the video is very good during the day, but if you use the virtual zoom, the quality drops like a rock. In fact, I cannot even read a license plate in my driveway 25′ from the camera on the highest resolution. So I’m not entirely sure about the resolution claims (the 22 lense is almost like panoramic and very clear unless zooming). The set-up wasn’t too bad, but not intuitive like the Axis set-up. The big advantage of this camera is no moving parts, internal camera storage, low relative cost when comparing to Axis, and the night vision (no IR illumination built in) is amazing. My old Axis 214 ptz couldn’t see a thing after sunset, but the M12D sees everything with virtually no light. All I have is a small light at my front door and a low voltage landscape light out by my house number sign (75′ away), and you would think you were viewing a cloudy day viewed in black and white. So I never even bothered mounting the IR blaster I bought. This camera is also very small and light. So for now, I’m satisfied, but not overwhelmed.

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5Good Camera
By Brian Cobas
Great image quality. Wish I could get faster frame rate with max Quad quality.
Mobotix should place the updated S14D in the M12 housing to get the benefit of the faster processor.

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When you are building your security camera systems or setting up your home security video cameras, review your camera options. The dome camera might not exactly fulfill your camera needs in all cases, but my wager is down that you will want some dome video cameras in your system. Avoid forget the features of the artificial cameras to supplement your system. Remember there is no better evidence in court then a time stamped security video of the crime, and the best way to deal with criminals, is by removing them, rather than confronting them.

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