All About Nikon COOLPIX L32 Digital Camera with 5x Wide-Angle NIKKOR Zoom Lens (Red) (Certified Refurbished)

Nikon COOLPIX L32 Digital Camera with 5x Wide-Angle NIKKOR Zoom Lens (Red) (Certified Refurbished)

Nikon COOLPIX L32 Digital Camera with 5x Wide-Angle NIKKOR Zoom Lens (Red) (Certified Refurbished) specifications, exciting information with costumer opinions who already bought and in addition best price with quite great discount.

Once deciding to buy a brand new camera or simply improving the the one that you have, there are many factors to consider. There are some fantastic makes and models of cameras in the stores, but a good steady point and shoot camera is merely as good as a digital single zoom lens camera. An average person uses their camera to take family shots, and holiday photographs and though they do not really understand mega pixels, resolution and exposure, as long as their camera takes a good picture, they will be pleased with the results. The technology in an area and shoot camera is fantastic these days, that they can now outperform some more expensive cameras on the market.

This item made by Nikon become one of the top recomended Point and Shot Camera since a lot of customers satisfied after using this item. In addition to its features, the best price also becomes a factor. This is a review of Nikon COOLPIX L32 Digital Camera with 5x Wide-Angle NIKKOR Zoom Lens (Red) (Certified Refurbished), an item more liked by buyers and have a lot of positive reviews. We will present to you customer reviews, product features, descriptions, and a variety of other interesting things. Happy reading.

Nikon COOLPIX L32 Digital Camera with 5x Wide-Angle NIKKOR Zoom Lens (Red) (Certified Refurbished) Details and Reviews

Nikon COOLPIX L32 Digital Camera with

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #1617 in Camera & Photo
  • Size: compact
  • Color: Red
  • Brand: Nikon
  • Model: CRTNKCPL32RRB

Estimated Price: $74.95 Buy or See Best Price

25 of 26 people found the following review helpful.
3They work great until the battery door malfunctions
By Dogcatcher
I am on my 5th Nikon Coolpix camera, all have been different Coolpix models. They work great until the battery door malfunctions. My last Nikon battery door broke today, it is the last Nikon I buy. For the last 5 years I have replaced the broken one with a new Coolpix model so I did not have to re learn how to use all of the buttons. I use my camera almost daily, usually 10 to 20 pics, then down load to my computer every day. It was a great camera as was the others, but the battery door is a MALFUNCTION waiting to happen.

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1Nikon’s customer service is the worst.
By Kindle Customer
Nikon’s customer service is the worst. I purchased this item for my mother, many states away, as a gift. Right out of the box this camera ate batteries like Cookie Monster eats cookies- 4 to 6 pictures and the camera was dead. New batteries, same experience, over and over. I called the Amazon protection plan coverage and was told the camera was still under warranty, so I had to call Nikon. I called Nikon, sat on hold for over 10 minutes only to be told that I needed to go through trouble shooting steps with them on the camera. I explained that I didn’t have the camera, it had been a gift and my mother works when Nikon service is open. I was told that I would either have to get the camera in my possession or they would send me an email list of troubleshooting ideas which I would have to go through on the phone with my mother and then call them back. Hours later their email has not arrived. I am now going to have to spend more time on the phone with the Nikon service department….all over a $100 camera. Here’s an idea, since it is still under warranty, how about you send me a shipping label, I return it to you and you send me a new camera?!?!

21 of 24 people found the following review helpful.
5Great Camera = Outstanding quality photos and videos!!
By Barbarian
Great Camera = Outstanding quality photos and videos!!

I had the Cool Pix L24 for about 3 years and loved it! I had no problems with it whatsoever. About 4 weeks ago I accidently dropped it and the battery latch snapped off. Since I couldn’t close the compartment and duct tape didn’t work I decided to get the Cool Pix L32. I love this camera as much if not better. A major improvement for me is having the video button on the console. With the L24 I had to press a couple of buttons and go up/down on the menu and then press start. This is a nice feature! There are some additional beneficial features that make this a must have quality camera as it is easy to use, works great, and is fun to use.

I did read other comments about the battery compartment door but the caveat on that is you must be careful when opening and closing it. Just like anything with digital and electrical components you have to handle with care and also keep out of extreme heat and cold.

Also, the NX2 software still works! All I had to do was attach the compatible Nikon cable I had with the L24 and connect it to the L32 and to my computer. This synchronized the L32 with my computer and NX2. After I did this all of my photos and videos were then transferable from the L32 and the card reader.

Working with the NX2 software is pretty easy but you have to take time and most of all read the HELP files at the top of the screen. This helped me tremendously because at first I didn’t understand why the images from my card reader weren’t showing up on the main screen in NX2 on my computer.

WARRANTY – A Warranty paper is inside my camera box that includes the serial number and model number of the camera and can register it online at I received this camera 7/3/2015 and on the paper inside it reads, “Registration not required for warranty coverage.” “You must present this form together with Proof of purchase and proof of purchase date (Bill of Sale to obtain warranty service. This Nikon product is warranted by Nikon Inc. to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the date of purchase.”

My Coolpix L32 Nikon I just bought and received comes with a Nikon one (1) year warranty.

I am very happy with this camera and it is a great price with tremendous value! If I hadn’t dropped my L24 I would still be using it but the good thing is I have the most up to date Cool Pix camera now. I give this little but quality and powerful camera my highest recommendation! The audio is awesome too!

Features of this product

  • This Certified Refurbished product is manufacturer refurbished it shows limited or no wear
  • Includes all original accessories plus a 90-day warranty
  • Flatter your friends and family – Smart Portrait System makes everyone look their best
  • More great results, less fuss – Easy operation with simple menus
  • Frame the perfect shot – 5x wide-angle zoom lens gets you closer to the action

Now, I’m not going to tell you that you can take better photos with a point and shoot camera than you can with an DSLR. But, I’m not going to notify you that you can’t take good photos with them either. If a point and shoot has an aperture priority, shutter priority, or a manual shooting mode, you should have some pretty good control over what the image will look like. But, even if it doesn’t have custom shooting modes, you can still get favorable results. After all, there are groups of photographers that pride themselves on getting great photos using only their cellphone cameras.

That’s the whole thing you should know concerning this product. With such a comprehensive input, you’ll receive plenty of guideline so there’s not a single possibility to make the wrong decision. Don’t forget that best valued one isn’t always be the least expensive one. Price won’t be described as a problem when it meets your decision. Off course, you’re the someone to decide and if your decision just for this product is a no, we have now reviews for an additional products on the same category. There’s possibility you will find things you need from one of them. Thank you and also have a good day!

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