Cheap Nikon Coolpix S220 10MP Digital Camera with 3x Optical Zoom and 2.5 inch LCD (Cobalt Blue)

Nikon Coolpix S220 10MP Digital Camera with 3x  Optical Zoom and 2.5 inch LCD (Cobalt Blue)

Nikon Coolpix S220 10MP Digital Camera with 3x Optical Zoom and 2.5 inch LCD (Cobalt Blue) details, useful information with costumer opinions who already ordered and in addition best price along with quite great discount.

Our company is always told that we need to know more mega pixels in our cameras, these is a great way to get you to buy the latest camera. Manufactures will persuade you that your 3 mega pixel camera is not good enough even so the fact is an average professional photographer may only need a minimal of 3 mega pixels to be able to print their 4×6 photographs at home. If you want to print larger photographs, then you will need more mega pixels but when will you want larger prints. Although by adding a little more cash to get a higher resolution camera, such as that have up to 10 mega pixels, one can save cost because so many do not need that much.

This item made by Nikon become one of the great Point and Shot Camera since a lot of shoppers satisfied after using this item. In addition to its features, the best price also becomes a factor. Below is a description about Nikon Coolpix S220 10MP Digital Camera with 3x Optical Zoom and 2.5 inch LCD (Cobalt Blue), a product favored by costumers and have a lot of beneficial reviews. We will give you customer reviews, product features, descriptions, and a variety of other interesting things. Happy reading.

Nikon Coolpix S220 10MP Digital Camera with 3x Optical Zoom and 2.5 inch LCD (Cobalt Blue) Details and Reviews

Nikon Coolpix S220 10MP Digital Camera

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #25748 in Camera & Photo
  • Color: Cobalt Blue
  • Brand: Nikon
  • Model: S220 Cobalt Blue
  • Dimensions: 2.20″ h x .71″ w x 3.54″ l, .22 pounds
  • Memory: 44MB
  • Display size: 2.5

Estimated Price: Buy or See Best Price

66 of 73 people found the following review helpful.
1Great camera – so I thought
By Ronald D. Hubbs
I needed a good camera and didn’t want to spend a lot of coin. I picked this one b/c it had the lithium-ion rechargeable battery and was 10 megapixel. It’s super easy to use and has great features. I have taken some close ups of things (macro) and I’m blown away by the detail quality. For […] bucks, I don’t know how you could beat this. Some of the shots i’ve taken already look professional and I don’t even really know how to fully use it yet.

Great buy.


This camera seemed fine for me at the time, but despite VERY LIGHT USE and always having it in a protective case and proper handling, it didn’t even last a year and a half. The lens wouldn’t open and despite several attempts to fix it (using various methods found online as this is a common problem), nothing worked. My option was to try to get it fixed for more than the camera is worth. Now it is a $150 paper weight. Complete junk.

Bought a Canon PowerShot SX130 IS and am far happier: better pics, better video, easier to use. For lower end stuff like this, I would go with Canon. While Nikon may make great high end cameras, their consumer grade stuff seems like junk.

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4Very pleased…
By A. Campla
My husband surprised me with this camera as a gift about two weeks ago, and I love it! It takes great pictures once you get used to using all the settings. Like many others have said in their reviews, this is not an out of the box camera. You need to learn about the settings in order to get great pictures. The camera is certainly capable of great pictures, just take the time (it doesn’t take all that long) to get familiar with your camera’s abilities and you’ll love it! And the color is BEAUTIFUL! I even found a camera case on Amazon that practically matches the camera! Yes, I am a blessed and happy wifey 🙂

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3Cool Digital Camera for Beginners
By Bryan Carey
Nikon Coolpix S220 Digital Camera is a compact digital camera that makes a good camera choice for the first- time digital camera owner who is ready to get started in the world of digital photography but wants something that isn’t priced too high or requires too much tech savvy. It is one of the smaller cameras available and it is offered at a price level that makes it ideal for the budget- minded consumer.

Digital cameras are offered in many sizes and with many features and the Nikon Coolpix S220 Digital Camera is easily the smallest digital camera I have ever used. There are some cameras that are even smaller, but most are inadequate for my needs, due to their often tiny LCD viewing screen. This camera offers an LCD screen that is large enough to easily see what you need to see so that picture taking is optimized. The size is sufficient enough that it doesn’t hinder the taking of quality pictures.

Picture quality is the most important feature of any digital camera and the Nikon Coolpix S220 Digital Camera does, indeed, take good pictures for a simpler camera. It also includes helpful features that produce better photographs, such as its image stabilization system. I also like the color options. Standard color is the option most photographers will use, but there is also a setting called Vivid Color. This option brightens the colors and in many ways, it reminds me of the colors common to a videotaped television program. However, one needs to be careful with this feature because I have found that it sometimes distorts the colors in certain situations. For example, outdoor pictures should not be taken using the Vivid Color option because it can result in a level of color that is a little unrealistic.

Another picture taking aid with this camera is its Smart Portrait system. This includes features such as Smile Mode, which automatically snaps the picture when the subject is smiling; Built- in blink proofing, which snaps two pictures and deletes one of them if eyes are blinking; Face- Priority technology, which focuses quickly on faces and adjusts brightness so that faces look more natural; etc. These features are nice, but not always reliable. I have found, for example, that the blink- prevention feature doesn’t always work. Sometimes, pictures get snapped anyway with the eyes of the subject shut. Of course, one can easily delete the picture and try again, but it would be nice if this technology was more predictable.

The Nikon Coolpix S220 Digital Camera is a small digital camera, so it fits easily into one’s shirt pocket or other small space. This is generally good, but it can also prove to be a problem. Because it is so small, it is easy to lose this camera. A camera this small and thin can fit into many places where other cameras will not fit, so you need to be careful where you leave it.

Nikon makes some very good digital cameras and they also make a few average cameras. Nikon Coolpix S220 Digital Camera fits into the latter category. It is a good point and shoot digital camera, but it lacks the sophistication of other cameras and some of its features are inconsistent. Still, it’s a decent beginner’s camera and its small size and 10 megapixels make it a good choice for those new to the world of digital .

Features of this product

  • 10.0-megapixel resolution for photo-quality prints up to 16 x 20 inches
  • 3x optical Zoom-Nikkor glass lens; 4-way VR image stabilization
  • 2.5-inch high-resolution LCD screen
  • Nikon’s Smart Portrait System; Red-eye Fix, Face Priority AE and more
  • Capture images to SD/SDHC memory cards (not included)

Point-and-shoot cameras are specially designed for amateur and holiday photography enthusiasts who want to get incredible pictures, but avoid want to get in the technical details. With a compact size, easy-to-use user interface and incredible performance, these digital camera models flawlessly fit the bill. Point-and-shoot cameras are available in both basic and advanced modes. The basic ones are almost completely automated, so all you have to do is merely point and take. Alternatively, advanced ones have a few controls such as shutter speed, ISO and aperture that you can certainly adjust.

That’s what you should know about Nikon Coolpix S220 10MP Digital Camera with 3x Optical Zoom and 2.5 inch LCD (Cobalt Blue). We give you what we know and practically that’s the unbiased fact you can use to decide if that one well worth your dollars of not. With this information, you won’t make any bad decision. It is best not to ever concerning much regarding the price when you know it values more. We are also recommending other reviews on similar products to provide fair comparison before making the important decision. What a great thing to share with you this together with you. Have a very good day!

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