Cheap Nikon D2X DSLR 12.4 MP Camera

Nikon D2X DSLR 12.4 MP Camera

Nikon D2X DSLR 12.4 MP Camera details, useful information and costumer testimonials who already bought as well as best price together with pretty great discount.

A huge selection of hobbyists are desiring to get a DSLR, the fact is definitely that they have no clue what it is precisely, if have, just like “It is like the compact one in my pocket, it will be better, that is a large one. In my way to explain a DSLR, it might be ‘All-Round’, you can use the DSLR for almost anything, taking pictures of lovely animals, beautiful landscapes or amazing astronomy, recording vibrant high quality video clips. And there is a significant difference on the price too. How much are you prepared to pay for a decent camera that suits your needs?

This item produced by Nikon become one of the top recomended DSLR Camera since a lot of shoppers happy after using this item. In addition to its features, the best price also becomes a factor. This article is a description of Nikon D2X DSLR 12.4 MP Camera, an item loved by buyers and have plenty of great reviews. We will present to you customer reviews, product features, descriptions, and a variety of other interesting things. Happy reading.

Nikon D2X DSLR 12.4 MP Camera Details and Reviews

Nikon D2X DSLR 12.4 MP Camera

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #16643 in Camera & Photo
  • Brand: Nikon
  • Model: D2x
  • Display size: 2.5

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103 of 105 people found the following review helpful.
5I’ve retired my F5
By J. Odell
I’ve been waiting for a long time to finally switch to digital. For the last four years, I’ve shot 35mm transparencies and scanned them with a film scanner. For me, switching to a digital SLR (and justifying the expense of these cameras) meant getting all the functionality and performance I came to expect with my F5 and images that I could easily print at 13×19 without any (or much) interpolation.

The D2X does all of this, and continues to blow me away each time I use it. Here’s my general highlights of what I find important;

1) Build quality and ergonomics are outstanding. The viewfinder image is bright and I can manually focus my lenses in most situations if I want to. I don’t have huge hands, so some of the controls require a little stretch, but nothing that is too difficult to manage.

2) The 3D Matrix II meter is AWESOME. I get great exposures, even better than my F5. In addition, the Auto whitebalance is excellent. It is possible to fool it, but it gets the situation right 95% of the time, especially outdoors.

3) Autofocus is incredible. The 11-point AF system gives me MUCH better frame coverage than I had with the F5. It’s also more sensitive and faster to aquire focus, even in low-light situations. Although there are reports out there about focusing issues with the D2X, my camera does not have any problems. What I HAVE discovered, however, is that it’s REALLY EASY for the camera to lock-on to an object that is slightly offset from where the focus indicator is. This is partly due to operator error– you have to be really careful with your technique, and the fact that the actual AF sensors are MUCH larger than the little reticles in the viewfinder. At least I can check my image on the LCD to see if I need to redo it.

4) The LCD and camera menus are great. More custom settings than anyone could imagine, but they are easily navigated and you can group them in banks. The camera also has the nice ability to recall the last several functions you modified, so it’s easy to get back to where you were if you change something.

5) Battery life is excellent. The Li-ion battery is small and light, and I routinely get about 700-900 images in one charge. WAY better than my F5!

6) Image quality. Nothing short of outstanding. This camera can out-resolve some of my lesser lenses. I REALLY can see the difference between hand-held and tripod-mounted shots if I’m not careful. I have as much resolution as I could possibly need. NOISE: I don’t have any problems using the D2X all the way up to ISO 800. In fact, compared to ISO 400 slide film, there is less noise with the D2X at HI-1 (ISO 1600) than film grain at comparable ISOs. At ISO 640 or less, there really isn’t any noise issues at all. Anyone who says otherwise is either reading too many test results or pixel-peeping. Images viewed at a normal distance look FANTASTIC.

In summary, the D2X is a total replacement IMO for slide film. It may even compete with medium-format in terms of resolution. This camera is a tool for professionals, and it will DEFINITELY expose any flaws in your technique or lenses. That being said, I gotta go work on my technique some more!

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5Awesome, but Demanding
By Ansel WannaBe
All of the great things you see in the other reviews are true. This is a fabulous camera with outstanding capabilities. It is also a very demanding camera. It is demanding of your shooting techniques. It is demanding of the lens you use with it. It is demanding of computer capabilities.

This camera captures such incredible detail that it demands proper handholding techniques. This is complicated by the heft of the camera. I upgraded from a D70 and thought I had pretty good technique, but it actually took several weeks of effort to improve and really get tack sharp images. I thought there was a problem with the focus on the camera until I realized images taken on a tripod were perfect.

The true capabilities of the camera only come through when used with professional-level glass. I had used both a Tamron 28-300 zoom, a very good lens, and a Nikon 70-200mm VR lens on the D70 and, obviously, the Nikon VR lens was better. But, the difference between the same two lenses on the D2X is unbelievable.

This camera will also place demands on the computer equipment and accessories. Be ready to upgrade to 4gb memory cards. Also, be sure your computer has the RAM to handle manipulating 70mb files. If you use Photoshop and create many layers, be ready for the file size several times that size. In addition to memory, you will need to have LOTS of hard drive space for all of the images you will be creating.

I can recommend this camera to anyone wanting a professional-level DSLR. Just be aware of the demands of the camera and have the supporting equipment necessary so that your experience is satisfying, not frustrating.

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5A wonderful pro camera in every respect
I am going to keep this review short and sweet, rather than go on about every wonderful aspect of the camera. You can tell a lot about the camera simply by reading the specs, but they do not tell the whole story.


-12MP have a lot of room to crop, I can crop down to 1/3 of the picture and there is still enough info for a decent 13×19 print.

– Images are clean and smooth. I only shoot at ISO 100-200 and the images are noise free for all normal purposes.

-GREAT COLORS. I am upgrading from a D70 and the colors are much improved. The D70 had a tendencey to wash greens, while the D2x has wonderful colors.

(This is the part that really never makes it to the specs)

– Responsiveness/ Handling. Nikon has always had the edge in ergonometrics, but the D2x/H take this to a new level. I have average sized hands and everything is right where it should be. The best thing is how everything happens INSTANTLY. You press “AF-ON” the picture is in focus. The viewfinder is beautiful and bright. The mirror blackout is so short you never see it go black in Single frame mode.

-Two cameras in one. You can comapre this camera to the Canon 1Ds Mk II for high res landscapes and all that…AND you can compare it to the 1D Mk II for 8FPS sports action in HSC mode.


-It’s big. This is not a small camera, in fact it’s pretty huge and heavy.

-It’s expensive. (I think it is worth every penny….Well most anyway)

-It demands good lenses to perform best. The D2x can resolve more than many consumer lenses, so wait until you have good enough glass to justify the D2x.


Great camera for just about anything, if you have five grand go for it, you will never look back!

Features of this product

  • Supplied Accessories – Type-B Focusing Screen, Rechargeable Li-ion Battery EN-EL4, Quick Charger MH-21, Body Cap, Camera Strap AN-D2X, A/V Cable
  • Image Size – Full Image – [L] 4,288 x 2,848-pixel / [M] 3,216 x 2,136-pixel / [S] 2,144 x 1,424-pixel, High Speed Cropped Image
  • Storage Media – CompactFlash Card (Type I / II) and Microdrive.
  • 2.5 LCD Screen
  • Exposure Control – Programmed Auto with Flexible Program [P], Shutter-Priority Auto [S], Aperture-Priority Auto [A], Manual [M]

Digital slrs are usually larger than Prosumer cameras. However, Digital slrs are often equipped with a convenient hand grip which makes it possible and easier so that you can hold your camera when by using a heavy lens. DSLRs include larger sensor hence enabling you to catch larger objects. The sensor also uses a low-noise sensor technology so the images produced are better. Because of the large sensor size, the price is generally expensive.

All of that we have shared above is all you need to understand about this product. At this point, you can decide whether it is a right product which you really need or certainly not. Still, the decision is still on your hand since we only can provide you to information and recommendation to your best choice. For the biggest thing for you, price would not be a problem especially if the product is absolutely suitable for your need. We also have additional articles or reviews regarding to similar products which is often suitable for you to make a comparison. You can explore and make sure what your right choice is. We hope that’ll be fruitful for you. Have a wonderful day all and a bunch of thanks for stopping through and reading our article.

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