Where to Buy Pentax K-5 II 16.3 MP DSLR DA 18-135mm WR lens kit (Black) (OLD MODEL)

Pentax K-5 II 16.3 MP DSLR DA 18-135mm WR lens kit (Black) (OLD MODEL)

Pentax K-5 II 16.3 MP DSLR DA 18-135mm WR lens kit (Black) (OLD MODEL) facts, exciting information with costumer testimonials who currently bought and also best price along with really good discount.

Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR for short) are big guns of photography. The biggest benefit of a DSLR is that using the same body, you can change lenses to shoot from point blank or sniping miles! DSLR cameras give the user full control over their photography – one can change each and every setting on the camera to get the desired results along with automated shooting modes.

This item produced by Pentax become one of the top recomended DSLR Camera since a lot of shoppers fulfilled after using this product. In addition to its features, the best price also becomes a factor. This article is a review about Pentax K-5 II 16.3 MP DSLR DA 18-135mm WR lens kit (Black) (OLD MODEL), an item favored by costumers and have a much of great reviews. We will give you customer reviews, product features, descriptions, and a variety of other interesting things. Happy reading.

Pentax K-5 II 16.3 MP DSLR DA 18-135mm WR lens kit (Black) (OLD MODEL) Details and Reviews

Pentax K-5 II 16.3 MP DSLR DA 18-135mm

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #19173 in Camera & Photo
  • Size: 10.00in. x 7.90in. x 5.20in.
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Pentax
  • Model: K-5 II lens kit DA 18-135WR
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 3.82″ h x 2.87″ w x 5.16″ l, 1.68 pounds
  • Display size: 3

Estimated Price: $955.00 Buy or See Best Price

10 of 10 people found the following review helpful.
5I LOVE this camera!
By Mr. Dale E. Martin
I have had a Pentax K200D for the last few years and I have really enjoyed it. My only real complaint about the K200D was the fact that the ISO would only go to 1600. I take a lot of pictures in situations where I really don’t want to use a flash and the performance at ISO 1600 was not always good enough. Every time a new Pentax camera has come out I have considered if it’s a worthy upgrade. I really liked that K200D was weather proof, and that I could use older (Pentax K-mount) lenses on the K200D so I wanted those features in any upgrade I chose.

I’d say that the performance of this camera at ISO 3200 is similar to the K200D in terms of the noise in the image – and it can go up MUCH higher. I can put it in TAV mode, set it at 1/60th sec shutter speed, pick an F-stop, and how high I’m willing to let the ISO go and shoot away. The noise can be significant at 3200 and above (see examples online) but for me it’s better than a flash in many situations. I’ve been using Lightroom as the next step in my workflow and the noise filtering in Lightroom 4 is really pretty good so I generally let the camera go up to 6400 if it wants too – it almost never goes that high.

Two other things I love about this camera: 1) The autofocus is REALLY fast, even in low-light situations. 2) The build quality is so good – it’s REALLY solid in your hands. To me it feels even better than the K200D did.

35 of 42 people found the following review helpful.
5The Best of the best!
By Mclavilla
Unbelievable camera.
What else I would say?
The Pentax K-5ii is significantly more compact than similar Nikon and Canon cameras while offering more options and features. It is a well thought out, digital photography tool. There is something special about using a high quality camera, the feel in your hand, a solid mechanical sound, the way it comes to your eye. This camera has all of it. And hey, you get to use Pentax lenses, the best glass in the world.

Warning: This camera is arguably the best in the industry to date.

13 of 14 people found the following review helpful.
5So far – PERFECT!
By FlatPicker
I have to agree with the other 5-star reviewers.

This is one product that is in very good taste and works perfectly every time. The image quality is absolutely perfect.

The auto-focus is right on the money every time. Note that the older models of Pentax cameras did not have a perfect auto-focus. For instance, I still have my Pentax K10D. The manual for the Pentax K10D explains that the auto-focus is not always perfect, which is true. On the other hand, the Pentax K-5 II is advertised to have a much improved auto-focus, which turns out to be absolutely true. But the auto-focus in the Pentax K-5 II turned out to be even BETTER than I expected.

For all those who might want to know, this Pentax K-5 II camera seems smaller and lighter than the older models, such as the Pentax K10D. This kind of surprised me.

Here is something else that I don’t dare forget to mention: I bought a Metz mecablitz 58 AF-2 Digital Flash and it works perfectly with the Pentax K-5 II camera. I bought both the camera and the flash unit very recently through Amazon. You should check out the flash unit as well as the camera. I’m having perfect results with the flash unit as well as with the camera.

Something else I should mention is that the lens that comes with this kit is very good. If I’m not mistaken, this same lens can cost a few hundred dollars if bought separately. These kits also come with an 18-55 zoom lens, but those lenses are much less expensive and aren’t as nice as this one.

For those who want to know, this lens has good friction on the manual focus ring and the manual focus ring will slip as necessary (in a very good quality way) when the focal limits are reached in either direction. There is just about the right amount of friction when zooming too. These controls and the lens itself have a nice precise “tight” feeling. The lens even comes with a beautiful lens cap. The lens seems to focus perfectly at all focal lengths.

According to what I’ve experienced so far, I would highly recommend buying this camera and lens.

Here is an update on 11/13/13: I had tried using the camera to do some videos and found that to be difficult. The problem is mostly that the autofocus doesn’t work for videos. But the image quality in the videos looked like it might be pretty good if the video were produced under the right conditions. What I discovered is that if the subject is well-lit and stays pretty much in the same place (so that the focus stays pretty much the same), then the video will probably turned out pretty well.

I set the aperture at f8 (it was possible to go to a slightly smaller aperture, but that would have been borderline for what I was doing) and focused on a spot under an LED lamp. Then I placed several different objects under the light in the area that was in focus. The camera was mounted in a tripod. The videos turned out to be much better than any that I had seen online.

I was using the HD 30 setting for image quality. To get to this setting, press the menu button to get to the first menu. Then press the right navigator button until you get to the fourth page of the menu. The item at the top of page 4 is “MOVIE”. Press the down navigator button one time to select “MOVIE” and then press the right navigator button and that will show which video resolution is selected. To change the resolution, press the right navigator button again and that will take you to another menu. There are 5 resolutions to choose from. When you play your video back and you are using a fairly high resolution, I would suggest playing it on the Windows Media Player at full screen resolution.

My conclusion is that if you use a small aperture, tripod and bright enough light, you can make a very good video. The small aperture setting allows more depth of field, and if the subject stays pretty much in the same place, then focus shouldn’t be a problem like it normally would. However, if you are buying a product that will be used primarily for video, then you should buy a good video recorder instead. The K-5 II is still a fantastic camera, even without the ability to do videos. I haven’t found anything that I don’t like about it. One other thing about making videos is that you might want to record your sound using a better microphone than the built-in camera microphone.

Update, 01/26/14: I did an experiment recently that I really want to tell people about. I bought this camera with a Metz mecablitz 58 AF-2 Digital Flash for Pentax Cameras. As far as I have been able to tell, the flash is as excellent as the camera itself.

I attached the flash to my Pentax K-5II camera and then went into my bedroom, which was pitch dark. It was so dark that I couldn’t even see the walls in my bedroom. Then I started taking pictures in total dark. The only thing I could see were a little bit of the subjects against an opposite wall when the camera used the green light to help with auto-focus. I took several pictures in the total dark. When I got done and checked the pictures, all of them had perfect exposure! I think this speaks highly of both the camera and the flash. Right now I’m right on the verge of buying a second camera and flash like the ones I just bought. That’s how satisfied I am with both products.

Features of this product

  • 16.3 Mega pixel APS-C CMOS sensor with integrated AD conversation circuitry
  • High sensitivity 80-51200 ISO range with excellent noise performance
  • Air gap free 3-Inch LCD with 921,000 dots of resolution
  • Pentax body based shake reduction stabilization system
  • Fully weather sealed and coldproof design and speedy 7FPS captures for fast action shots

So you finally decided to take the plunge and purchase a “proper” camera, a camera that even a professional photographer would be pleased with. Well, DSLR cameras have been the equipment of choice for professionals for quite a number of years now and thanks a lot to improvements in technology which has brought the manufacturing costs down, these cameras are freely available to everyone. DSLR means Digital Single Lens Reflex, which basically means that light travels through a single lens and a mirror can be used to reveal some of that light through the view finder, which shows the customer just what the image will be.

Everything we have shared above is all you should know about Pentax K-5 II 16.3 MP DSLR DA 18-135mm WR lens kit (Black) (OLD MODEL). Today, you can decide whether it is a right product that you really need or certainly not. Still, the decision is on your hand since we only can give you to information and recommendation for your best choice. For the main thing for you, price would not be a big deal especially if the product is really suitable for your require. We also have additional articles or reviews relating to to similar products which may be suitable for you to generate a comparison. You can explore and ensure that what your right choice is. We hope that is to be fruitful for you. Have a wonderful day all and a lot of thanks for stopping through and reading our content.

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