Cheap Pentax K-S2 20MP Wi-Fi Enabled Weatherized SLR Body Only (Black)

Pentax K-S2 20MP Wi-Fi Enabled Weatherized SLR Body Only (Black)

Pentax K-S2 20MP Wi-Fi Enabled Weatherized SLR Body Only (Black) facts, exciting information and costumer testimonials who previously purchased plus best price along with quite nice discount.

A great number of hobbyists are desiring to get a DSLR, the fact is definitely that they have no idea what it is precisely, if have, just like “It is like the compact one in my personal pocket, it will be better, it is a large one. In my way to describe a DSLR, it might be ‘All-Round’, you can use the DSLR for almost anything at all, taking pictures of lovely animals, beautiful landscapes or amazing astronomy, recording vivid top quality video clips. And there is a significant difference on the price too. Just how much are you ready to pay for a decent camera that matches your needs?

This item made by Pentax become one of the great DSLR Camera since a lot of purchaser fulfilled after using this product. In addition to its features, the best price also becomes a factor. This article is a review of Pentax K-S2 20MP Wi-Fi Enabled Weatherized SLR Body Only (Black), a product more liked by buyers and have a much of positive reviews. We will present to you customer reviews, product features, descriptions, and a variety of other interesting things. Happy reading.

Pentax K-S2 20MP Wi-Fi Enabled Weatherized SLR Body Only (Black) Details and Reviews

Pentax K-S2 20MP Wi-Fi Enabled

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #14667 in Camera & Photo
  • Size: 4.92in. x 8.07in. x 6.33in.
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Pentax
  • Model: K-S2 body kit black
  • Dimensions: 3.58″ h x 4.82″ w x 2.55″ l, 1.50 pounds
  • Battery type: Lithium Ion
  • Display size: 3

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5High end DSLR in mid tier price point
By Photographer
8/26 update:

I have this K-S2 for a few weeks now. Attached here are some recent pictures taken at the Cincinnati Zoo. All taken with K-S2 and Sigma 70-200 OS HSM. The camera has performed really well. AF is fast and accurate. Shutter is relatively soft and quiet. I took several hundreds shots in a day and the battery was still OK, my initial concern with battery capacity is eliminated. It is an incredibly capable camera. At the current low price, it is better than products from the other two major brands. Highly recommended.

Original review

This is my latest Pentax addition. I bought it with the intention of replacing a K-01, which I am still keeping for now. My main camera is a K-5 IIs. I picked K-S2 over K-50 because it is almost a K-3 but w/ a 20 MP sensor. I don’t need 24 MP but like the elimination of AA filter (like K-3 and K-5IIs) and the AA simulator just in case. For the price, I could easily pick up a K-3 but I prefer the smaller size for situations that are better served with smaller cameras. BTW, I also have a Olympus e-pm2 m43 system.

Let me get the minor cons out of the way. I am used to the K-5 interface, so it takes a few days to get to know how to use K-S2 effectively. The front and back dials were a little stiff initially. It is easy to turn the on/off dial all the way to video. It does not take wired remote. The WIFI app still needs more work.

Once I am properly oriented, I am rewarded with superb RAW images captured by the 20 MP sensor. Using the camera is now no different from K-5IIs. The shutter noise is slightly louder than K-5 series but quiet compared to many mid-tier competitions. It is significantly smaller than the K-5IIs such that I can fit it into my bag that is used for my m43 system. Since I already have a Pentax 18-135, I think this light weight WR combination will travel with me to many places that I may not want to carry my full system.

The flip out LCD screen is just outstanding. Low angle shots are no longer a drag. Placing it on dirt ground for that special view is not a challenge anymore. Simply rinse it with water and it is clean again.

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5First impressions are very positive
By J. Dauntless
I think this review will be a work in progress until I feel comfortable with every aspect of the camera. So far I’ve experienced nothing negative as far as the performance. I’m using it with a Pentax HD DA 55-300 lens. As far as the lens goes, everything is just fine except the somewhat noisy autofocus, but that’s a different review.

Let me start the review with pointing out that if you have very big hands this camera is not for you. I’m a male with medium size hands, and I feel the size is at the low end of my comfort zone. However, its grip and general design is very ergonomic for general handling. Controls are well placed and plenty. Based on the specs I read before I bought the camera, I expected less from the battery, and immediately ordered a spare (which turned out to be a great deal with 2 batteries), but the battery life far exceeded my expectations, maybe because I don’t use live view too much.

Performance of the camera is top notch. I tried mostly the Program mode and a few of the Scene modes, and the results were all very good. So far I didn’t save the RAW files, but based on the quality of the JPEG images I can easily say that I’ll be more that happy with the quality of the RAW performance. Initially I was a little concerned that the Auto ISO was picking very high values too quickly, but I’m relieved after realizing that this camera has an excellent high ISO performance I’m not used to seeing.

K-S2 has an extensive set of settings for a number of items, which will take some time to try and master. I also didn’t try the video recording other than checking that it’s functional. As far as I understand from the reviews I read, the video performance is average. If your priority is to take videos all the time, you might want to look at other choices. I’m still an old fashion still photography guy.

The weather resistance of the camera came very handy right away. I was out in the field chasing some birds when the rain started. Intuitively I first started to protect the camera, but then I remembered and kept shooting. Rain stopped shortly after, but the important thing was I stayed on track and didn’t lose sight of anything. I think I’ll love this feature.

The provided Quick Start booklet is sufficient to get you going for almost everything the camera is capable of, but if you’re into the nitty gritty details you’ll need to resort to the electronic version of the full manual.

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5Great Camera! I could use other auto focus lenses …
By Spooky
Great Camera! I could use other auto focus lenses from my other Pentax. Easy to work with. I do real estate and the photos look better than ever!
This camera has a great feature, vari-angle LCD that extends freedom of shooting from high angle to ground level view. Highly recommended. Excellent service from seller and super fast delivery!

Features of this product

  • 20 MP AA filter less APS-C CMOS Sensor w/ISO Speeds up to 51200
  • In camera Wi-Fi with dedicated Wi-Fi connect button/dedicated “selfie” mode
  • Large High-Resolution 3 inch variable angle swing out LCD Monitor (921K Dots)
  • Fully Weather-sealed, Dustproof, Cold proof Design w/in body shake reduction
  • 4K interval movie capture & 1080P h.264 HD video

Digital slrs are usually larger than Prosumer cameras. However, Digital slrs in many cases are equipped with a convenient hand grip which makes it possible and easier that you should hold your camera when using a heavy lens. DSLRs include bigger sensor hence enabling you to catch larger objects. The sensor also uses a low-noise sensor technology so the images produced are more clear. Due to the large sensor size, the purchase price is generally expensive.

All of that we have shared above is all you need to know about this product. Now, you can decide whether it’s a right product that you just really need or certainly not. Still, the decision continues to be on your hand since we only can give you to information and recommendation for the best choice. For the important thing for you, price would not be a big deal especially if the product is absolutely suitable for your require. We also have a lot more articles or reviews relating to to similar products which can be suitable for you to generate a comparison. You can explore and ensure that what your right selection is. We hope that is to be fruitful for you. Have a wonderful day all and lots of thanks for stopping by means of and reading our post.

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