Cheap PENTAX mirror-less SLR K-01 lens kit [DA40mmF2.8XS] White ~ Blue K-01 WHITE / BLUE 15383

PENTAX mirror-less SLR K-01 lens kit [DA40mmF2.8XS] White ~ Blue K-01 WHITE / BLUE 15383

PENTAX mirror-less SLR K-01 lens kit [DA40mmF2.8XS] White ~ Blue K-01 WHITE / BLUE 15383 facts, interesting information with costumer reviews who already bought as well as best price with pretty good discount.

Many of you are familiar with the digital camera. Many persons own this today and also kids know how to operate it. But definitely, not many are knowledgeable about the mirrorless camera. Perhaps, some of you came to know about this only right now. So what really is a mirrorless camera? Precisely what is its difference from the regular digital camera? Known since the compact system camera, this photographic gear was pioneered by Olympus and Panasonic. A look-alike of a mini DSLR, this features a micro several thirds system.

This product made by Pentax become one of the top recomended Mirrorless Camera since a lot of purchaser satisfied after using this item. In addition to its features, the best price also becomes a factor. This is a review of PENTAX mirror-less SLR K-01 lens kit [DA40mmF2.8XS] White ~ Blue K-01 WHITE / BLUE 15383, an item favored by costumers and have a much of great reviews. We will present to you customer reviews, product features, descriptions, and a variety of other interesting things. Happy reading.

PENTAX mirror-less SLR K-01 lens kit [DA40mmF2.8XS] White ~ Blue K-01 WHITE / BLUE 15383 Details and Reviews

PENTAX mirror-less SLR K-01 lens kit

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5The Press Just Didn’t Get It
By Carlton D. Garrard
Pentax’s K-01 may have failed to online press but pleases it’s owners greatly. I could just stop the review right there.

However, I must press on…this camera got a major unfair handshake and the score needs to be settled.

The K-01 came out at a time when the press made expectations from every camera manufacturer about releasing their own mirrorless camera. And because the K-01 didn’t meet their expectations, the press misunderstood this camera greatly. They lambasted it for the most part calling it ugly, fat, and totally missing the point – amongst other things.

Totally unfair.

Mirrorless today is still an experimental and developing camera platform. There were no rules then, and there are no rules now for this new frontier. As camera sales started to slide because of the digital camera bubble bursting and a poor economy, few camera makers started taking to experimentation again to fuel consumer demand, others just continued with the safe bet.

Pentax, instead of making yet another “me too” camera like many other makers chose to do, decided to do something courageous and different with the K-01’s design. And instead of being praised for experimentation (something the press and enthusiasts normally demand) the “different kid” on the block was made fun of and ridiculed.

The K-01 was designed to target a different audience. This is a fun camera, meant to put the spontaneity into photography and draw in shooters who were normally intimidated by the look of a DSLR. There’s a touch of class to the design, and thinking outside of the box. Yet despite its intent, the K-01 is also capable of high level performance ensuring new users could grow into the camera and learn. The K-01 also gave a much smaller body available for Pentax users who wanted something a little different and compact to shoot with when needed. The K-01 was obviously not meant to be a pocketable camera, and this was on purpose- it wasn’t an oversight as many press seemed to think. It’s also not nearly as large as reviews would have you believe.

A huge advantage- Instead of starting a new lens mount that would derail owners of K mount lenses, this camera allows instant compatibility with all K mount lenses. Wasn’t that hardly noticed by press? Sure it was mentioned, but not applauded as it should have been, and gives the K-01 a major advantage over competitors.

The K-01 has many abilities and features that other makes and models only dream of. Its menu system is replete with customizable functions and sports high end features that allow the camera to shoot in a very wide range of circumstances- just like many high end Pentax DSLRS. Yet its looks and design manage to cater to those who want a simple but fun shooting experience. It’s image quality scores the highest among ANY mirrorless camera even today. It’s new firmware, showing full support by Pentax of its buyers, gave the K-01 much faster autofocus and additional features and stability.

It’s battery life, handling, video capabilities, and studio photography capabilities are top notch – adding to the value of the K-01 even more.

Take this to a party and I guaranty you may get a couple laughs, but you’ll get a lot more praise for a fun loving camera that can shoot better images than most Canon DSLRS on the market today. Laugh until you see its images. Ridicule till you know its capabilities. Then lets see who’s talking.

The K-01 isn’t a perfect camera by any means, but no camera is. I dare anyone though to take this camera out for a day, come back and look at the images, and say they aren’t impressed. If you let your guard down about it’s looks, you might even enjoy shooting with it, and what do you know- even start to like it.

A camera that shows high owner satisfaction despite the short sighted press, its a winner to it’s owners.

(A full review of this camera will be posted on my blog dub dub dub photographic-central dot blogspot dot com in the coming weeks).


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5My most favorite camera. I loved every bit of it.
By Jayesh Patel
I agree 100% with the first reviewer- Carlton Garrald. I bought this camera when it was cleared out by Pentax for around $300! Thank you press and critics who helped me had my best camera deal. I sold the kit 40mm lens for around $200. Used the camera with 50mm F1.4 lens I had and with some Super Takumar lenses.

If you can stand with two drawbacks- lack of optical viewfinder and the orthodox style of Pentax k-01, this is probably one of the best dslr cameras for 2012.
* The image quality is excellent.
* With included 40mm lens, you can take impressive portraits and low light photos. If you like to take photos of people, this lens works out very well.
* If you like to take landscapes, the HDR mode does wonders. Easy to use and brings in details in shadows and highlight does not get clipped either.
* With same K mount, in body Image Stabilization, and now Focus Peaking, using my Super Takumar 50mm 1.4 lens is easy and it helps get accurate focusing. K-01 body and Super Takumar lens (with combined cost of less than $400) help me take portrait photos that can compare very well with full frame $2000 plus DSLRs.
* This camera is compact and its odd look lets you take candid photos of people. Bulky SLRs many times make people too serious while being photographed but with box type camera, your subjects are less likely to take you seriously but when you show them the photos, they will be amazed.

I was going to buy K-05 but when I saw this camera, I instantly bought it and I am very glad I did. Having used dSLRs and and mirror-less micro four third/APS-C cameras of Panasonic, Canon, Olympus, I can say that K-01 is a better camera. A great value for money.

Features of this product

Actually, a mirrorless camera is a digital single lens reflex or DSLR camera without its mirror box. This box is usually situated behind the lens and angles a reflection to allow users to get a view from a top-mounted eyepiece. With a DSLR unit, the shutter button normally triggers a mirror to click up thereby allowing light to hit the fühler located behind it. This type of camera was introduced in 2008 and since then, it has gained much attention especially from the image fanatics. Olympus was the first to create this product through its PEN E-P1 in the late part of 2008. Other camera manufacturers followed suit and made their own designs.

That’s all whatever we can present you. It’s our hope that the information is useful enough to help you choose the right product to purchase. Cost is vital but it really won’t be an issue whenever you actually need that product. What we are advising to you is to always choose best value one. In the event you don’t prefer this product, we’re recommending you to definitely read reviews of similar product below. Thank you very much to see this review so we are wishing you a great day.

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