Review of Q-See QT5716-12H4-1 16 Channel 960H DVR with 12 Weatherproof Cameras and Pre-Installed 1 TB Hard Drive (Black)

Q-See QT5716-12H4-1 16 Channel 960H DVR with 12 Weatherproof Cameras and Pre-Installed 1 TB Hard Drive (Black)

Q-See QT5716-12H4-1 16 Channel 960H DVR with 12 Weatherproof Cameras and Pre-Installed 1 TB Hard Drive (Black) specifications, useful information and costumer testimonials who already bought and in addition best price with quite good discount.

Placing a surveillance DVR at home is simple since it comes with instructions how to established it up. Thus, you will be guided step by step how to set it up and how to utilize it. These types of DVRs come in every forms and all sizes. There are even surveillance DVRs that come as pens and flashlights. Try not to be surprised if you discovered being recorded at a friend’s home. You can even convert your laptop or your personal pc computer as a monitoring system. The USB port of your laptop can be converted into a DVR. How’s that for a surveillance machine and you do not have to buy a complete new system. You just have to get a DVR card that can fit in the slot of your existing laptop. The most common types of card are the PCI card. These types of cards can accommodate up to 16 channel versions and each channel needs one camera. Thus, you choose how many cameras you will need for your home.

This product produced by Q-See become one of the top recomended Surveillance DVR Kits since a lot of customers fulfilled after using this product. In addition to its features, the best price also becomes a factor. This is a description about Q-See QT5716-12H4-1 16 Channel 960H DVR with 12 Weatherproof Cameras and Pre-Installed 1 TB Hard Drive (Black), an item favored by peoples and have a much of great reviews. We will present to you customer reviews, product features, descriptions, and a variety of other interesting things. Happy reading.

Q-See QT5716-12H4-1 16 Channel 960H DVR with 12 Weatherproof Cameras and Pre-Installed 1 TB Hard Drive (Black) Details and Reviews

Q-See QT5716-12H4-1 16 Channel 960H DVR

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Q-See
  • Model: QT5716-12H4-1
  • Dimensions: 13.13″ h x 17.25″ w x 17.25″ l, 28.00 pounds

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4Helped me identify the garbage can attackers.
By Kortick
The Q-See QT5716-12H4-1 16 Channel 960H DVR with 12 Weatherproof Cameras and Pre-Installed 1 TB Hard Drive is a good system but is on the lower end of the security set up products. Higher end systems have HD cameras, wireless connections and better infrared components. But still for the price point this is a very good system, and can be very useful. It was for me.

Set up is fairly easy. Follow the Set Up Wizard and it guides you right along. I had an extra computer monitor that I connected to the DVR (it has an HDMI output for video, cable included, monitoring device is NOT). It does come with a USB mouse and a remote control along with connection cables. You can also attach this system to your internet set up by plugging it into the router and following the instructions for getting the apps and codes needed. This is a good feature that allows more wide range use. Follow the Set Up for explanations on these features and how to set up the ones you want.

This device has already come in useful. There is one side of the house that has not many windows therefore you can’t see much from inside of that area. There is a motion sensor light installed there so anyone who need to go to that area at night can safely see to walk. We keep our trash cans on that side of the house. Well, since the weather started getting warmer we are finding the cans knocked over and the trash bags ripped open and the contents all over the place. Obviously something is dining at night at the all you can eat buffet they discovered. I was at a loss as to how to handle it. The cans were labeled ‘secure’, lets just say that they are incorrect in that statement. I didn’t want to put poison or traps out as it could be a neighbors pet decorating the area with trash. I wanted to know what I was dealing with before taking any actions to stop this.

So a friend and I hooked up 3 cameras and positioned them to capture the area. We baited it with some food in a single trash bag in one container. Set up the cameras (motion control is the default setting) and let them run. Well sure enough here we see this large groundhog come trotting along and knocking the container over and ripping the bag open and just having a really nice dining experience, leaving the mess behind. So, now we know what we are dealing with. The next thing was to set the cameras in the area it came from to see if we could locate its nest. We moved the 3 cameras and added one more to get more coverage. Same routine, set bait, turned on cameras, and checked them. We were able to see this fatso was living under the shed in the back yard, During the day we went and checked and sure enough, there was its hole. We then set up a trap and release cage to catch this unwanted mess maker. We put the baited trap out, captured it and relocated it to the park where it can eat all the trash it wants there.

The camera quality performed well as we were able to identify the animal as a groundhog and watch it eat and destroy and even follow it back to its point of origin. The set up was easy and it was kind of amusing to watch this animal just casually make a complete mess and then return home. This device helped to solve a really annoying problem simply, and without having to harm the animal. We tested the cameras during the day while setting them up and the picture quality was even better in daylight as one would expect.

This is a really good system. I am now planning on where to permanently place the cameras and doing a full set up, but it already has come in useful beyond what I could have hoped for. Again….if you are looking for an elaborate security system with HD cams with high res and wireless connections, then this is NOT the one for you. If you want an inexpensive and easy to set up system with a lot of cool features then I can highly recommend this.

The Q-See QT5716-12H4-1 16 Channel 960H is a very good system.

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5Easy to setup, excellent video quality, versatile
By Mark B
Very good product at this price. Setup was very easy. From first turning the DVR on to having two cameras up and running and intertnet-accessible was 30 minutes at most. When you first turn the unit on, it guides you through the full initial setup. The menus are easy to follow and the instructions very clear and intuitive. The DVR comes with a USB mouse and a remote. Of course you will need an external monitor (an HDMI cable is provided). We use our main TV. To hook up to the internet, you will need to physically connect the DVR to your router (cable included). You then download an app (we used an iPad), scan a code that appears on your TV, and you are set up! We were able to view all cameras, change camera brightness, focus, etc, trigger recording for specific cameras, and view events (more on that in a bit). The cameras themselves are very sturdy and have very adequate video quality. We tested the cameras and found them to provide good enough quality to recognize faces, especially when with 16 feet or so of the camera. The night recording is also excellent, providing a nice clear image. Recording was very smooth. The default mode for the DVR is to record motion events. You can configure the system to email you when motions detected. So when the unit is operating, it develops a list of events, by camera, when motion was detected. The cameras record these motion events (note that a live feed is visible all the time). You can override this motion-triggered recording default and set each camera to record during a specified time, record motion during a specific time, record all the time, etc. You have this control whether you are accessing the system at home on the DVR, or remotely on your iPad, iPhone, Android, or computer. This specific unit does not have remote alarm inputs (some systems have separate alarm/motion detector inputs that trigger cameras too), nor does it have audio for each camera channel. As for installation, I can only assume the camera cables are approved for in-wall installation (I could not seem to find verification for this, so I plan on calling tech support and will update this review). The system comes with twelve 60-ft cables. Each cable carries a video signal and powers the camera. At the DVR side, the cable splits so that one piece goes to the DVR video input, and the other goes to a power adapter. Each power adapter can handle four cameras, so you will need four outlets total (plus your TV) to power the system if you set up all cameras. The cameras are every well-built and look professional. Playback on the 1 TB DVR was intuitive and smooth.

In summary, this is a very good system for the price. There are more expensive and less expensive systems available from Q-See, so I would suggest you look at their entire lineup to see what will work best for your needs. You can also download the user manuals (search Q-See user manuals) to review features before you buy. This specific setup is mid-level and will likely be more than adequate for most folks. Wireless would be nice if you want to pay more for that, but wireless units have their own set of complications and drawbacks. So for this model: Good quality, well-designed, easy to use, feature-rich, and easy to set up. Highly recommended. Feel free to email me (or post) questions/comments.

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5Two cameras up and running in under 30 minutes
By Lucy Cat
Mounting and running wires for 12 camera is an involved task, no matter what your level of experience or the simplicity of your floorplan. We decided to mount and run wires for two cameras to test the setup before we invested the time in running the other 10 cameras. We were exceedingly pleased with the results and spent the following day planning locations and running cables for the remaining 10 cameras. All in all, it took about 30 minutes from opening the box to having two cameras online and streaming video feeds. Quite excellent!

Immediately upon opening the box, I was impressed with the attention to detail Q-See has put into their product. Clearly they understand that the camera setup can easily become a wiry mess and have mitigated the organizational difficulties by packaging and labeling all the parts and components separately.

The DVR was extremely simple to setup. It has HDMI out which can be run to any television or computer monitor thus equipped. A USB mouse and a television remote is also included for ease of use.

Along with the 12 cameras, you’ll also receive 60 feet of cable for each of them. The task of wiring can be burdensome, my best recommendation is to plan it out and see if you can manage to place your DVR in an attic or upper-floor closet.

For the price, the performance of this system is surprisingly excellent. Faces are easily recognizable, I can easily see where my cats are and can differentiate between them while they roam around the back yard. The night vision is not superb but it certainly meets expectations. In terms of camera housing, construction and quality, I would say that they look and feel high quality. The lenses and optics deliver a good quality video feed. I’ll update this at the end of the summer once they’ve had 120 days of good Southern 100’ F summer heat….

I tested the app capabilities as I went out of town the weekend after installing the cameras. From my iPhone 4S (running iOS 7) I was easily able to log into my DVR and check my cameras. Again, this setup is extremely simple to use and maneuver once the initial labor of setting up cameras is out of the way.

I couldn’t be more impressed with this setup for the price point. Q-See hasn’t cheaped out on anything—the cameras, wires, DVR and construction are of good quality. The app, setup videos and user interface are well designed and easy to use. I highly recommend this setup if you are considering a full-featured, wired home surveillance system.

Features of this product

  • 16 Channel Real time 960H DVR
  • 12 Cameras with 650 TV Lines of Resolution and 100 feet of Night Vision
  • HDMI Port for High Resolution Viewing Options (HDMI cable included)
  • Free Apps for iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone and Android. Mac and PC compatible
  • Pre-Installed 1TB Hard Drive

A lot of crimes are occurring in the home. This has increased the necessity to have a security system in the home. Parents and homeowners are certainly not always at home. Hence, important things and people are left at home unprotected and unsafe from people who are to be able to do them harm. Since parents are gone for a long time everyday, a monitoring DVR is the only thing that can manage this as compared to VCRs that can simply control small amounts of time.

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