Information About Q-See QT5716-8V3-2 16-Channel DVR 960H Security Surveillance System, 8 Hi-Resolution ***900***TVL Cameras, 2TB Hard Drive (Black)

Q-See QT5716-8V3-2 16-Channel DVR 960H Security Surveillance System, 8 Hi-Resolution ***900***TVL Cameras, 2TB Hard Drive (Black)

Q-See QT5716-8V3-2 16-Channel DVR 960H Security Surveillance System, 8 Hi-Resolution ***900***TVL Cameras, 2TB Hard Drive (Black) specifications, useful information and costumer reviews who previously purchased and also best price along with very nice discount.

A home surveillance DVR system can be installed to ensure that you may keep a careful eye on your residence, your possessions and your family. Of course anyone that provides a home or a family knows the value of providing as much security as possible. The greatest part of the monitoring DVR systems is that they make a copy of what they watch during the time they will are turned on. If you need to prove that someone was at your house on a particular day, at a particular time, then you could have evidence of their presence.

This product made by Q-See become one of the great Surveillance DVR Kits since a lot of shoppers happy after using this product. In addition to its features, the best price also becomes a factor. This is a details of Q-See QT5716-8V3-2 16-Channel DVR 960H Security Surveillance System, 8 Hi-Resolution ***900***TVL Cameras, 2TB Hard Drive (Black), an item favored by peoples and have a lot of great reviews. We will present to you customer reviews, product features, descriptions, and a variety of other interesting things. Happy reading.

Q-See QT5716-8V3-2 16-Channel DVR 960H Security Surveillance System, 8 Hi-Resolution ***900***TVL Cameras, 2TB Hard Drive (Black) Details and Reviews

Q-See QT5716-8V3-2 16-Channel DVR 960H

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Q-See
  • Model: QT5716-8V3-2

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By Vedathma Narine
This dvr keeps freezing up on me and the mouse does not work with this. The mouse is fine because i connected it to a desktop pc and it worked. This dvr freezes when starting up, when disconnecting camera cables, and if anything shakes the desk it is on. I installed many camera systems before and never encountered this issue. This is just unacceptable.

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5Up and running!
By Fred F
I’ve recently completed installation of my Q-See system. Took me a few days because of my work schedule. One thing I found is that where the cameras need to be mounted (to view the exterior of the house) are not the easiest places to get to from the inside (in the attic). You should consider that where you want or need the cameras may not be accessible from the attic. I used a combination of two things to accomplish getting the lines run where I need them- a young healthy (small) 16 yr old young man and a 15′ line fishing fiberglass rod system I found at Home depot. I drilled a 1/2″ hole through the eaves (or vertical wall under them) into the attic, inserted the fiberglass fishing pole into the hole and the attic and had my line installation assistant attach the line to the fishing pole. I pulled the lines to the outside attached the camera to the lines and then put the connectors back thru the hole- out of the weather. After the system was all up and running, I cam back and ‘foamed’ the holes so there is not access for insects etc into the attic.
For the DVR, I located it in a cabinet I have in my office. I had to bring in a power cord (that I tied into the box supplying power to the doorbell). First drilled a small pilot hole thru the top of the cabinet to make sure there was nothing critical or dangerous above the cabinet. I got my young assistant to get to that part of the attic to be sure there were no power lines or rafters etc that I would hit drilling a bigger hole. I drilled 2- 3/4″ holes and we inserted 8 pairs of video/power cables, 1- 12-2 power line and a computer line. Ran the computer line to a router I had access to and tied the power into the door bell supply.
I turn off the monitor I use with the system to keep it from getting too hot inside the cabinet- seems to be OK with just the DVR. I’ve loaded the remote access- that works fine. I haven’t got the email alert feature working yet, that will be my next project. Probably start that soon.
Problems I encountered- 1) Figure out how to unroll and run your lines to get the twists out and not get them intertwined with other lines. I spent a lot of time sorting out the twisted lines. I wasn’t proud of how that went. 2) When you aim your cameras, don’t try to shoot straight down a wall. I ended up adjusting the aim a couple of times. The farther you can keep them away from walls and eaves the better- without giving up the weather protection of the roof and eaves.
Length- I used 200′ cords on two cameras. On one I have a and additional 60 foot cord on a second I have an additional 100 ft cord. The power and video work fine at 260′. The infared lights are weak with the 300′. I moved the power supply to an intermediate connection to fix that.
Just a couple weeks in and this is a great easy system for the price and definitely do-it-yourselfable.

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4Great for the price
By Mark C.
Great for the price, kind of disappointed with customer service.Two cameras developed a purple /green hue to them. After some research it was clear what the problem was. The cameras have a sensor the detects night and day time. Due to the location they was catching the morning sun. After a little re-adjusting the problem cleared up. Now the only problem I am still having is a slight “Ghosting ” in images. This is caused by the BNC Connectors. I am currently working on the problem. It is caused by the center pin not making good solid contact with the center connector on the DVR unit. These are great for up close. Very grainy pictures at a distance. 100ft night vision. is a joke. more like 50 ft.

Features of this product

  • 16 Channel DVR | Large 960H Resolution | 8 High Resolution 900+TVL Cameras Model QT5716-8V3-2: experience superb quality and clarity
  • Real-Time DVR with pre-installed 2 TB A/V Rated Hard Drive (QT5716): Save up to 2 TB of video or expand to up to 3TB
  • Remote Monitoring Via Free Q-See Apps: Gain peace of mind from anywhere using an iPhone, iPad, Android, or Windows Phone
  • Start-Up Wizard: Ensures quick and simple setup of remote monitoring features, PC & Mac Compatible: Flexibility to use systems with either PC or Mac computer, Scan N’ View Connectivity: Easily connect to the DVR for instant live viewing on a smartphone or tablet,
  • Cable Versatility: Two cable lengths, 60ft & 100ft, included for added installation flexibility, Power AC 110-240V, DC12V 2A

Everybody knows that since there is a within crime, there is also a rise in the quantity of surveillance DVR being sold at stores. So how are you going to choose the best one? The truth is price does not always reflect performance. You are able to choose the most expensive surveillance DVR there is, but you cannot always expect that it will perform the way that you want it to. You should be able to do your research before picking one from the store therefore you will know what you will be getting. Among the most important features that you should consider is the record resolution. It is the amount of pixels captured. Thus, it plays a role in the success of recording digital video evidence. You do not want to capture something that you can barely recognize. It beats its purpose. You also want the one that you can have full remote access to. So you can access your videos from where you are which could be anywhere which is the point of installing surveillance DVR at home.

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