Review of Raymarine EV-100 p70 Wheel Pilot Pack

Raymarine EV-100 p70 Wheel Pilot Pack

Raymarine EV-100 p70 Wheel Pilot Pack specifications, useful information with costumer reviews who already ordered and also best price with quite great discount.

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Raymarine EV-100 p70 Wheel Pilot Pack Details and Reviews

Raymarine EV-100 p70 Wheel Pilot Pack

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #354729 in Sports & Outdoors
  • Brand: Raymarine
  • Model: T70152
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 8.00″ h x 15.00″ w x 27.00″ l, 14.50 pounds

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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful.
5EV-100 Raymarine Wheel Auto-Pilot….YES!
By Amazon Customer
This system is fabulous. Works like a champ
Like others, I did have some issues with the instruction books that came with the wheel that caused me the mental time.
If you have even the basic knowledge of your boat and how the Raymarine SeaTalk ng system works the installation should be a breeze. They give you the basic wires needed to install the system, there’s no way Raymarine could supply the cables to the correct length for every scenario that would come up for individual installations.I found it easy to install and set up. My problem came from the dockside setup according to the ST-4000 instruction book that was supplied with my wheel. It’s for an older system. That truly was confusing. However after getting on line and knowing what I did with the setup wizard on the R-70 instrument panel, the new equipment works so much more intuitive than the older ST-4000.

I took it out and did the sea-trial, dialed it in as per the wizard on the screen and it works like a champ. didn’t even have to do a circle to calibrate the compass, just do the the straight line course hold to the GPS and from then on it went where it was supposed to.

In particular I checked out the sailing to the wind option, I do have the Raymarine wind instruments….now that is super cool. As the wind would vary the system kept the boat right on the correct point of sail. Then I would mark the Chart Plotter with the curser about a 1/2 mile away and 30 degrees to port and tell the plotter to “Go to curser” and boom the wheel turns and the boat heads for the curser…….( I did take it off the WIND option, put it back to TRACK), all that with very little set up or fuss, so I guess use the ST-4000 book for the installation of the wheel but not for the electronics of it.

I would give the equipment 10 stars if I could, but the documentation and instructions get about 3 stars.

4 of 4 people found the following review helpful.
4Too many units.
By Ak
The units has too many parts. need a control head, a compass unit and cpu besides the drive unit. Should hv just one cpu with build in compass and the display integrated into the drive unit. So 2 units will do instead of 4 units currently.

3 of 3 people found the following review helpful.
4but seem to work good now. I had a bad motor when it …
By Bobbie Davis
Took over a month to get to working, but seem to work good now. I had a bad motor when it arrived and it took a long time to
trouble shoot to find out what was wrong. After I determined with the help of the tech department the problem, they sent out
the new motor and works fine now, but have not been out very much, so will have to reserve judgment until I use it for awhile.

Features of this product

  • Designed for smaller wheel steered sailboats with maximum vessel displacement: 16,000 lbs.
  • Precision monitoring of heading, pitch, roll and yaw allowing the autopilot to evolve instantly as sea conditions and vessel dynamics change
  • No calibration required; The autopilot automatically evolves and adapts to your vessels steering characteristics without any user adjustments
  • Flexible installation options; Waterproof housing allows for installation above or below deck
  • Wheel Pilot Pack Includes: EV1 – Sensor Core, ACU-100 Actuator Control Unit, p70 control head, wheel drive, evolution cable kit

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