Where to Buy Revo RCDS30-2BNDL 600TVL Indoor Dome Surveillance Cameras with 80-Feet Night Vision (2-Pack)

Revo RCDS30-2BNDL 600TVL Indoor Dome Surveillance Cameras with 80-Feet Night Vision (2-Pack)

Revo RCDS30-2BNDL 600TVL Indoor Dome Surveillance Cameras with 80-Feet Night Vision (2-Pack) specifications, exciting information with costumer opinions who previously bought plus best price with pretty good discount.

In case you are searching for a device that can capture all the movements in a room by video than you really would like a Dome Camera. As their name suggests, dome cameras assume a dome form and are highly recommended for indoor purposes. These types of cameras can not be easily spotted so they are generally positioned in the ceiling of stores, bars, office properties and even warehouses. Dome Cameras can be possibly wired or wireless. Either way the unit are a popular CCTV surveillance option mainly because they have a very clear view of the space from overhead.

This item made by Revo become one of the great Dome Camera since a lot of customers satisfied after using this item. In addition to its features, the best price also becomes a factor. This article is a description of Revo RCDS30-2BNDL 600TVL Indoor Dome Surveillance Cameras with 80-Feet Night Vision (2-Pack), an item loved by buyers and have a lot of beneficial reviews. We will present to you customer reviews, product features, descriptions, and a variety of other interesting things. Happy reading.

Revo RCDS30-2BNDL 600TVL Indoor Dome Surveillance Cameras with 80-Feet Night Vision (2-Pack) Details and Reviews

Revo RCDS30-2BNDL 600TVL Indoor Dome

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #19071 in Camera & Photo
  • Size: 80-Feet
  • Color: N/A
  • Brand: Revo
  • Model: RCDS30-2BNDL
  • Dimensions: 10.00″ h x 9.00″ w x 9.00″ l,

Estimated Price: Buy or See Best Price

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3Camera’s are great if used with the 5th generation Revo DVR – clarity problems if used with the 4th generation Revo DVR
By Busy Bee C
We have a 4th generation Revo DVR 16 channel system we have used for several years now with no complaints. Revo makes a really easy to set up, dependable home surveillance system. We bought 4 of these 700 TVL indoor/outdoor cameras and they really added clarity to our system during the day, however at night, the clarity really decreased to a foggy looking lens.

My husband spoke to Revo customer service last week; they had him call back twice to check with them as they investigate our problem. Revo customer service is great, very customer pro-active so he did not mind calling back. The conclusion was that these cameras do not work well with the 4th generation Revo DVR because there was a chip upgrade, but they do work excellent with the 5th generation DVR. The price of a 5th generation DVR is $799.00, just for the DVR. Somewhat expensive in our opinion when a new 5th generation DVR with 8 bullet cameras can be bought for $1156.00 w/o a monitor. The bonus is that the 600 TVL cameras that were standard issue with the 4th gen Revo DVR are purported to work well with the 5th generation Revo DVR.

Revo customer service did state that we could send in our 4th gen DVR and have a chip upgrade done, but we would have no surveillance system during that time. Not an viable option.

As one other reviewer mentioned, one of a pair of the cameras we bought was also defective. The night vision would not work so I returned the pair yesterday. Revo customer service did acknowledge they had been have a problem with that as well, for unknown reasons.

I do think that the Revo should state on their 700 TVL products that there are issued using a Revo 4th generation DVR.
It would boost Revo’s customers confidence in their being upfront about their products.

As I said before, we really like Revo products but in view of the lack of compatibility of the newer cameras are exploring other manufacturers for a new camera security system for one of our mothers who needs to upgrade to an 8 channel.

We paid $1300 for our older Revo system with a monitor and don’t feel that the newer cameras justify another $850 to $1300 dollar outlay for the new 5th gen DVR with or without cameras and without a monitor.

However if anyone is installing a new surveillance system, Revo is the way to go. Their customer service is always pro-active, we had a bad camera on the 600 TVL and they sent a replacement right away. They do have the answers and if not, they always find an answer even if it takes a couple of days. I would recommend that you purchase the new 5th generation DVR, R165 system instead of the R164 if you want cameras with better clarity for 100 feet.

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3Non-standard connectors
By Amazon Customer
Watch out, these cameras do NOT use standard BNC/female DC power connectors! Instead, they have an RJ12 connection (like a 6-pin telephone cord), so you will most likely have to purchase the Revo RJ12 to BNC/DC adapters for another $10 each. I haven’t tested the cameras yet, since I have to wait for these adapters to arrive, so I can’t say how well the cameras themselves work at this time.

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3Not so bad according to price
By Hnin S. Khin
The output picture is not very good but it can accept with their price range. They do not have electronic light compensation (ELC) so little flickering effect with lighting,

Features of this product

  • 2-pack of Super High Resolution Color Dome Cameras
  • Power consumption: max 4 Watts (IR LED on)
  • LED lighting distance: max 80ft
  • Auto exposure, white balance, gain control and day and night
  • Built in microphone for audio monitoring capability

A single big feature for a business or the home with a limited budget is you can broaden your area of concern without purchasing a lot of cameras. The dome camera can be intermingled with dummy cameras or artificial cameras. Most security camera vendors have dummy cameras the look just just like a real dome camera, even having a blinking diode to signify it truly is in operation. Putting real cameras in strategic areas and after that a few dummy cameras will really deter theft, and only the owner or manager will know which can be real and which cameras are the fake cameras. It’s a confirmed fact thieves don’t like bright lights, noise and cameras.

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