Price of Samsung EC-ST65 Digital Camera with 14 MP and 5x Optical Zoom (Indigo Blue)

Samsung EC-ST65 Digital Camera with 14 MP and 5x Optical Zoom (Indigo Blue)

Samsung EC-ST65 Digital Camera with 14 MP and 5x Optical Zoom (Indigo Blue) specifications, interesting information and costumer testimonials who currently bought and also best price along with very good discount.

Our company is always told that we need to know more mega pixels in our cameras, these is a great way to get you to buy the latest camera. Manufactures will encourage you that your 3 mega pixel camera is not good enough even so the real truth is an average digital photographer might desire a minimal of 3 mega pixels to be able to printing their 4×6 images at home. If you want to print larger images, then you will need more mega pixels but when will you want larger prints. Although by adding a little more cash to get a higher resolution camera, such as that contain up to 10 mega pixels, one can save cost since many do not need that much.

This item produced by Samsung become one of the top recomended Point and Shot Camera since a lot of buyers happy after using this product. In addition to its features, the best price also becomes a factor. This is a review about Samsung EC-ST65 Digital Camera with 14 MP and 5x Optical Zoom (Indigo Blue), an item favored by costumers and have plenty of positive reviews. We will give you customer reviews, product features, descriptions, and a variety of other interesting things. Happy reading.

Samsung EC-ST65 Digital Camera with 14 MP and 5x Optical Zoom (Indigo Blue) Details and Reviews

Samsung EC-ST65 Digital Camera with 14

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #14965 in Camera & Photo
  • Color: Indigo Blue
  • Brand: Samsung
  • Model: EC-ST65ZZBPUUS
  • Format: CD-ROM
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 2.09″ h x .67″ w x 3.62″ l, .24 pounds
  • Memory: 32MB
  • Display size: 2.7

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49 of 50 people found the following review helpful.
4A great deal!
By S. Clark
Let me start by saying that the only reason I didn’t rate this as 5 stars is because the LCD display is a little dim and very hard to see in bright sunlight. But the photos come out great, even if you have to guess a bit at what you’re aiming at. Indoors is fine, though.
I bought this camera specifically to mount on my mountain bike to make high-def videos. It’s small, lightweight and has the tripod mount in the center so the camera will be balanced when I bounce over rocky trails. The video (720p) is very good, but the image stabilization doesn’t help on my bike. In fact I think it’s better without it and then I just rely on post-processing to stabilize it. But I don’t hold that against the camera – it’s a pretty shaky ride on a the trails, whether it’s mounted on the frame or my helmet. When the video is too shaky to view, I can still grab individual frames (using my video editing software, not included with the camera) and use them as photos – the resolution is high enough to put on the web, but not for printing.
The camera doesn’t come with a printed manual. You have to get the manual from the included CD. You can pick one of several dozen languages. It does have a printed quick-start guide to get you going.
The camera records video up to a max of 2GB. The manual says that is about 9 minutes, but I’ve found it’s more like 11-12 minutes. When you reach the limit, it just stops recording and saves what it has.
As for memory cards, the manual says up to 8 GB micro SDHC is guaranteed; I’ve used a 16 GB card with no problems. In video mode, the total record time left (based on space on the memory card) is displayed at the top. An 8 GB card holds almost 45 mintues of 720p video. The 16 GB card holds double, but the battery is only good for about an hour of video, so you’ll need a spare to fill 16 GB.
The battery can be removed from the camera, but only way to charge it is in the camera using the included USB cable. It’s not a standard USB cable, so don’t lose it!
I have taken many dozen photos with it, exclusively outdoors, and they came out very well. At least I didn’t notice any problems with them. The color, contrast and focus were all good.
In summary, I think this camera is a great bargain! It’s small and easy to carry, attractive and takes good pictures and video. The only issue I have is that the display isn’t bright enough to see well when outside in the sun.

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5Perfect for a compact travel camera
By Greg
I have a Nikon SLR and a Canon HD camera for movies, but both are a pain to lug around. I wanted a small, lightweight camera I could keep in my pocket, use mostly for shots of people, but wanted a decent optical zoom and video option. Lastly, I didn’t want to invest more than $100. I just got this today and I’m impressed. It looks and feels like a high quality camera, and has an easy interface. It’s small, and light weight. The Nikon, Sony, Canon, and Panasonic models were all either heavier or cost much more for the features. The only thing is it requires a micro memory card so I could not use the ones I already have. An 8 gb is only $12, so, no big deal. I’d recommend this camera. It takes good pictures, too. But, the flash is not ideal for dark settings.

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3Not What I Expected
By AmazonUser10051975
I purchased this camera as a gift for my roommate’s birthday back in June 2011. Being a photo-hobbyist, she really liked the camera…so I figure I’d take a stab at it and bought one for myself (October 2011, at a local Fry’s Electronics for $79.99 +tax…Best Buy has this right now at $105.99 +tax). It’s a nice upgrade from my Canon Powershot SD1100IS, which was an 8.0 megapixel camera. This is a 13.4 megapixel camera, so it takes pretty clear pictures. I say 13.4 because the dimensions of the pictures taken at the maximum resolution are 4320×3240 (do the math). It is pretty high quality but definitely not 14.2 MP as advertised. Also, the pictures are 96 dpi. I wish it could’ve been higher.

There are a lot of pre-defined modes for taking pictures, which is great; however, I have not yet discovered a way to manually adjust any of these settings, such as white-balance or apeture. Further, most cameras I’ve used had buttons or a circular knob on the camera to switch between picture and video (and other features). This camera’s change of mode is in the menu, which I find very inconvenient. It does have a pretty cool feature that snaps a picture whenever it detects a smile.

The videos recorded at HD-resolution is okay. Most of my videos so far have a line through them and artifacts throughout. I’m not sure if that’s because the ST65 uses mJPG for videos instead of H.264. In any case, the video files I’ve created are nothing to brag about. If anyone is interested, the video bitrate is between 17k to 23k.

The camera comes with a USB connector that is used for charging the battery. You can charge it while connected to a computer or you can use a wall-outlet adapter that is included. While the camera is plugged into your computer, you can transfer pictures to your computer, but you cannot use it to take pictures or record a movie. I have not tested that functionality while charging with the outlet adapter.

Overall, I’m disappointed in this camera. I usually do a lot of research before purchasing an electronic product. This time, I went by word of mouth. I hope my roommate truly enjoys this camera. It is a lot lower quality than her SLR and the only advantage that I can see is that it’s not as clunky as an SLR. I give it THREE stars as it is, at best, an average camera.

Features of this product

  • Power Optical : 27mm Wide Angle 5X zoom
  • Easy of Use : Smart Auto & HD Movie
  • 720 HD Movie 14 Megapixel 2.7 LCD

Point-and-shoot cameras are specially suitable for amateur and holiday photographers who want to get incredible pictures, but avoid want to get in to the technical details. With a compact size, easy-to-use software and incredible performance, these digital camera models correctly fit the bill. Point-and-shoot cameras are available in both basic and advanced modes. The basic ones are almost completely automated, so all you have to do is just point and shoot. However, advanced ones have a few controls such as shutter speed, ISO and aperture that you can certainly adjust.

That’s what you need to find out about Samsung EC-ST65 Digital Camera with 14 MP and 5x Optical Zoom (Indigo Blue). We present you with what we know and practically that’s the unbiased fact you can use to decide if that one well worth your money of not. Using this information, you won’t make any bad decision. It is far better never to concerning much around the price when you’re conscious it values more. We are also recommending other reviews on similar products to give you fair comparison before you make the big decision. What a great thing to share this together with you. Have a very good day!

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