Review of Samsung NX1 28.2 MP Wireless SMART Mirrorless Digital Camera (Body Only)

Samsung NX1 28.2 MP Wireless SMART Mirrorless Digital Camera (Body Only)

Samsung NX1 28.2 MP Wireless SMART Mirrorless Digital Camera (Body Only) details, useful information and costumer testimonials who currently purchased and in addition best price together with pretty nice discount.

A Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Camera (MILC) is a digital system camera that facilitates multiple lenses while forgoing the mirror reflex optical viewfinder featured on an SLR. It may be a popular choice especially among amateur photographers upgrading from point and shoot cameras. The first mirrorless camera was introduced in 2008. Since that time it has evolved greatly in the design and features offered, moving towards the better.

This product made by Samsung become one of the great Mirrorless Camera since a lot of buyers fulfilled after using this product. In addition to its features, the best price also becomes a factor. Below is a details of Samsung NX1 28.2 MP Wireless SMART Mirrorless Digital Camera (Body Only), an item loved by costumers and have plenty of beneficial reviews. We will present to you customer reviews, product features, descriptions, and a variety of other interesting things. Happy reading.

Samsung NX1 28.2 MP Wireless SMART Mirrorless Digital Camera (Body Only) Details and Reviews

Samsung NX1 28.2 MP Wireless SMART

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #7677 in Camera & Photo
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Samsung
  • Released on: 2014-11-28
  • Format: Multisystem
  • Dimensions: 4.02″ h x 2.60″ w x 5.47″ l, 1.21 pounds
  • Battery type: Lithium Ion
  • Display size: 3
  • Included Software: TRUE

Estimated Price: Buy or See Best Price

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4Review from a Videographer / Youtuber Max Yuryev and Previous Wedding Photographer
By Max Yuryev
I was very Impressed with the NX1 when it was announced, so impressed that I immediately pre-ordered the camera and made a long youtube video talking about the features and named it “The 7D mark 2 Killer” as that camera was announced at a similar time and it really disappointed myself and a lot of other video guys. Come 2.5 months later the camera is in my hands. I won’t go over stuff mentioned in other reviews but mention some things that I am seeing while I am testing this camera, and at the same time making videos on features with examples on my Youtube Channel as well as working on a full review video and comparison to the GH4 that will be posted there as well.

This camera came in nice packaging, “Apple Esq.” (I like that). The build quality matches the big dogs. Ergonomics are not bad, better than other cameras I’ve used but the GH4 fits my large hand better (even though NX1 is a larger body). I’m not happy with the ISO/White balance/metering options being on top of a dial on the left hand side compared to buttons on the right by the LCD Like Canons and other brands because it takes two hands to change your settings.

The Processor in the camera is crazy! 28MP 15FPS RAW images is awesome. Autofocus for photo is really nice in good light. In low light if your focusing on a dark area it will hunt and not find focus. This instantly reminded me of the 5d mark 2 that was not known for good autofocus. I believe this can be fixed with firmware update, and this may be the reason release was pushed back 3 times. The Canon EOS M (also Mirrorless) had horrible autofocus at launch but got much better after a firmware update. I really like the sound of the shutter on the camera. Best I’ve heard so far. Nice quiet and a low sound not loud and higher pitch like other I’ve used. I wish my 5d2 had this shutter when I was shooting weddings.

Lets get into video. First I’ll mention the autofocus during video isn’t perfect like the 70D but is better than anything else i’ve used. It does have that same focusing issue in really low light like with photo. You can also touch to focus and it works well but at this time its more of an abrupt fast change, instead of smooth transition like the 70D. I hope samsung fixes this soon.

The Camera supports C4k,UHD 4k, 1080P up to 120FPS, and other smaller formats. It records all this in either “PRO” which is 80mbps or another option which is 40mbps. It used the new h.265 coded which is an awesome codec BUT no real editors support it yet meaning you need to convert the footage to either H.264, ProRes, or another format. The software Samsung provides sucks, I purchased wondershare and its A LOT better, and is surprisingly efficient. Samsung made a big mistake not including another format for people to use until editing software gains native support for h.265.

The 4k footage looks great. The image is nice and the colors in the standard setting (picture profile off) look good! There is no flap profile yet but I suspect this will be added with the popularity of S-Log in the A7s and Panasonic putting one out for the GH4. The 120fps image looks great! Just as good as 1080P in 30FPS which is awesome as the GH4’s 96fps is really bad, and looks like 720P upscaled to 1080 with lots of aliasing and moire added and details lost. I’m really surprised by this, if 120FPS is something you need this may be enough to get this camera.

Low light looks good for a APS-C sensor, better than others but worse than modern full frames like 5D3. In video the NX1 is about 1 stop better over the GH4 under 3200iso. The GH4 has visible noise at 200iso which a lot of people complain about, where the NX1’s noise starts to become visible at 800iso. At 3200 and 6400 (limit for video in nx1 & gh4) the GH4 performs better, this is most likely because the GH4’s noise looks more monochrome and film grain like, where the NX1’s noise is more “wavy” and digital looking like the Canon cameras. This was surprising to me!

As far as lens lineup I am impressed. Samsung is new to the game but they have a decent setup already (their latest video quoted 16 lenses) They have 2 “Pro” lenses the 16-50mm F2.0-F2.8 S and the 50-200mm F2.8 S both very sharp, built well with Image stabilization and weather-sealed. They also have other less expensive lenses starting at about $230 and going up to $800 with the widest being a 10mm F3.5 fisheye, as well as a 85mm 1.4, a 18-200 power-zoom and a lot of other in between. I’ve been using the 45mm 1.8 that I picked up new for $246 and I’m very impressed with it! Rokinon/Samyang also has lenses for this camera which is awesome. On the got my eye is the 12MM F2.0 for $320 (manual lens) It will make a nice fast wide angle and based off of reviews its nice and sharp! I also purchased a $25 adapter on Amazon that allows me to mount my Nikon lenses and control the aperture manually so thats a great option for you Nikon users!

Basically this camera is a great first semi-pro/pro camera from Samsung. It has some quirks and some things samsung can address in software updates but what camera doesn’t. If you want 4k internally but don’t want the noise in low iso that you get with GH4 then this is for you. If you want awesome slow motion this is for you. If you want fast autofocus in good light at 15FPS This is for you. If you want to see more content and examples of what I talked about check out my Youtube channel named “Max Yuryev”. I will have a full review video up as well as other content, and download links to video files, Jpeg and Raw image files, and comparison to GH4. Thanks for reading!

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5The Current King of APS-C Interchangeable Lense Cameras.
By Landon Dodd
I’m brand agnostic when it comes to DSLR cameras. I have virtually every “pro” lens that Sony, Canon, Nikon, and Samsung makes. I say that to make the point that a lens collection in one brand isn’t tainting my review towards another. This camera, the Samsung NX1 is handily the best APS-C sensor camera in the market right now. That’s shocking to me, seeing how Samsung is fairly new to the interchangeable lens camera universe. They’ve come a long way from the N30.

I used to favor Canon back in the day but was wooed by the software and features that Sony offered as well as their translucent mirror tech and electronic viewfinder. Well Samsung has one – upped every other camera manufacturer now with the introduction of the NX1. The build quality is superb, easily on par with the most rugged and durable camera bodies available from other makers. The EVF and software has one-upped even Sony. The touchscreen is huge and absolutely gorgeous. The camera has wonderful battery life and incredibly fast. Low light performance is amazing, especially for the huge megapixels count.

I’m a photographer and not a videographer but the times I’ve messed with 4k video and 1080p, the colors are good, footage is smooth and clear and the file size is surprisingly small thanks to h. 265 encoding.

This is a well rounded camera. It excels at fast paced photography (sports), dynamic photography (weddings) and portrait photography. One of the best auto focus systems I’ve ever used and light metering is superb. My previous “default” camera was a Sony A77 2 and this decisively trounced it in features, performance, and image quality. The Samsung S lenses are some of the best available right now. The 16-50mm S lens is incredible for general use.

I have cameras that cost 4x as much that don’t offer overall quality comparable to the NX1. The features and experience of this camera, in my opinion, are second to none as of the date of this writing. I’ll be holding onto this camera for a long while as a primary shooter- I’m extremely hard to impress and this camera has done just that. I have 3 of these cameras now and have shot a combined ~28,000 photos without a single software hiccup, glitch, or problem. Highly recommended camera.

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4Almost Perfect! Just won’t work for me with this firmware…
By Michael White
Great review! Just one question about the Samsung NX1. Will a future firmware update enable smooth, cinematic focus changes while shooting video?

I recently purchased a Samsung NX1 and the 16-50mm f/2-2.8 lens to test. I believe the NX1 is a better camera than anything available from Canon. I am testing it with an eye to buying 3 bodies and several lenses. There is currently only one small problem preventing me from moving forward. I shoot TV commercials and stills for ad agencies. While shooting video with the NX1 camera in auto focus mode I touch the screen on the face of the person speaking. When that person is done and another person starts to speak I touch their face. Everything works great except that the focus changes so quickly that it is jarring to watch. Unusable unfortunately.

My suggestion is to have Samsung’s digital imaging software engineers test the Canon 70d along side the NX1. I know the Samsung NX1 has the processing power to do anything the Canon 70D can do. The 70D easily creates usable video by slowly (relative to the NX1) and smoothly changing the focus position without any hunting as it achieves final focus. The effect is similar in experience to watching a feature film.

As far as the image quality, resolution, size, weight, wireless connectivity, feature set and handling of the NX1, it seems just about perfect to me. My numerous tests show the Samsung NX1 using h.265 codec captures noticeably better quality video than the 70D All-I codec with less than 1/9 the file size! I can convert the Samsung h.265 1080p to ProRes 422 almost as quickly as the conversion from Canon’s All-I to ProRes 422. The still photos are sharper and in my opinion superior to the Canon 1D, 5D Mk II, and 70D cameras. At least up to iso 800 which is all I’ve tested so far. When I say sharper I mean NX1 photos seem twice as sharp as the 70D. In pursuit of sharpness I have very carefully calibrated back focus for four L series lenses on my 70D.

After using follow-focus rigs for years I will never go back to that. Touch screen combined with auto following facial recognition for video focus allows a very high percentage of good takes. Lens change – no problem!

I love the Samsung NX1camera. I really, really want it to work for my use. It breaks my heart to think of returning it to B&H Photo. Unfortunately I can’t use it for delivering pro video with the way I want to do focus. Please tell me that some future firmware update will enable smooth, cinematic focus changes while shooting video!

btw- Continuous autofocus is pretty darn good. I only falls apart if there is significant distance between the focus points selected by touch during video shooting.

Features of this product

  • New 28MP Back Side Illuminated APS-C Sensor
  • The NX AF System III on the NX1 is supported by 205 phase detect auto focus points
  • NX1 can shoot at up to 15 FPS at full resolution. It can also capture UHD/4k video to SD card or can output it via HDMI port
  • Incorporates the newest Wi-Fi standard, IEEE802.11ac
  • Includes Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5

Mirrorless Cameras are Digital Video cameras which provide the photo quality and versatility of professional Digital Single-Lens Reflex cameras (DSLRs), along with a mobility closer to those of a more common “point and shoot” digital camera. They are also otherwise known as Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Digital Cameras simply because that, unique from your common Digital Video cameras for consumer market, they provide a mechanism to change lenses conveniently, as it’s done with professional ones.

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