Where to Buy Samsung SDS-P5082 16 Channel DVR Security System (White)

Samsung SDS-P5082 16 Channel DVR Security System (White)

Samsung SDS-P5082 16 Channel DVR Security System (White) specifications, useful information along with costumer opinions who previously purchased plus best price together with really good discount.

Establishing a surveillance DVR at home is easy since it comes with instructions on how to arranged it up. Thus, you will be guided step by step on how to set it up and how to put it to use. These DVRs come in most varieties and all sizes. As well as surveillance DVRs that come as pens and lights. Try not to be surprised if you discovered being recorded at a friend’s home. You can even convert your laptop or your personal pc computer as a security system. The USB slot of your laptop can be converted into a DVR. How’s that for a surveillance machine and you do not have to buy a whole new system. You just have to get a DVR card that can fit in the slot of your existing laptop. The most common types of card are the PCI card. These cards can accommodate up to 16 channel variations and each channel needs one camera. Thus, you choose how many cameras you should have for your home.

This product made by Samsung become one of the top recomended Surveillance DVR Kits since a lot of customers happy after using this product. In addition to its features, the best price also becomes a factor. This article is a review of Samsung SDS-P5082 16 Channel DVR Security System (White), a product favored by peoples and have a much of cool reviews. We will give you customer reviews, product features, descriptions, and a variety of other interesting things. Happy reading.

Samsung SDS-P5082 16 Channel DVR Security System (White) Details and Reviews

Samsung SDS-P5082 16 Channel DVR

  • Color: White
  • Brand: Samsung
  • Model: SDS-P5082
  • Dimensions: 11.80″ h x 17.80″ w x 11.40″ l, 22.50 pounds

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Estimated Price: $549.00 Buy or See Best Price

17 of 18 people found the following review helpful.
5Very easy to use. Good camera quality.
By Maurice
We’ve done quite a bit of research on budget friendly security systems, and decided to give this Samsung a shot. We’ve had multiple security systems for about 15 years now, and this is by far the easiest one that we’ve come across.

Most budget systems have terrible user interfaces that are difficult or confusing to navigate. The UI operates much like a Samsung TV would, and was very friendly to navigate. Getting the system setup to view on our iPhones and iPads was also a snap with Samsung’s iPOLiS. Most of the security camera companies have a similar service, but I felt better that it was backed by Samsung and not a brand I’ve never heard of.

As far as the DVR and cameras themselves, they felt well made. The DVR is light, but it doesn’t feel flimsy like some of the other ones that are out there. It does have a medium hum, so if this is for home use, I would definitely find a closet to put this in. For our commercial use, there’s no issue.

For the price, it was hard to beat. There are a couple of systems that have cameras with slightly better recording quality, but I have no regrets.

9 of 11 people found the following review helpful.
2Questionable quality for such a high price
By Corock
While the components feel sturdy, the performance is lacking. The installation at my facility was straight forward and relatively easy to achieve.
However, the 7th and 8th camera channel on the receiver do not function…I connected the camera and power wires to the receiver, as I did with all of the other cameras, and no picture was present, to side-step this performance glitch, I just removed those connections and connected them instead to the 9th and 10th port on the receiver.

Additionally, the camera connected to the #6 port shows on the screen in black and white…all of the other cameras show in color, except in the lowest light conditions.

Overall, the system performance is less than I expected from Samsung.

3 of 3 people found the following review helpful.
4Good Quality however the owners manual could use a lot …
By Billh
Good Quality however the owners manual could use a lot of help. Overall the system is pretty good for the price, keep in mind this is a consumer product not pro. The installation was straight forward I used RG59 Siamese cable cut to length and installed the connectors because many of my runs were longer than the provided 60 foot cables.

2 cameras had dust on the inside of the lens its was easily cleaned but you have to disassembling the housing. Initial DVR setup is pretty straight forward but the provided digital manual is really lacking in many areas. I ended up calling tech support twice to get the setting and answers I needed. I will give Samsung credit though the tech support center answered quickly I believe the longest I was on hold was maybe 5 minutes.

Overall I would say buy the system it will work for your home or small businesses security needs.

Features of this product

  • 8 720 TVL high resolution weatherproof cameras
  • 16 Channel 960H recording DVR with 1 TB surveillance class HDD installed
  • Easy Setup & Wi-Fi Connectivity, Anytime/Anywhere Viewing with Free app
  • Motion event & tampering alerts, Clear, vivid video quality
  • 72 Wide Angle coverage, Night Vision up to 82′, True Day and Night/IR cut filter

A whole lot of crimes are occurring in the home. This kind of has increased the need to have a security system in the home. Parents and homeowners are not always at home. Hence, important things and people are left at home unprotected and unsafe from people who are to be able to do them harm. As parents are gone for long periods of time everyday, a security DVR is the only thing that can manage this as compared to VCRs that can only deal with small amounts of time.

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