Discount of Samsung SDS-P5122 16 Channel All-in-one DVR Security System

Samsung SDS-P5122 16 Channel All-in-one DVR Security System

Samsung SDS-P5122 16 Channel All-in-one DVR Security System specifications, exciting information with costumer reviews who currently purchased and in addition best price with really nice discount.

Establishing a surveillance DVR in your house is simple since it comes with instructions about how to established it up. Thus, you will be guided step by step about how to set it up and how to use it. These types of DVRs come in most forms and all sizes. As well as surveillance DVRs that come in the form of pens and flashlights. Try not to be surprised if you found yourself being recorded at a friend’s home. You can even convert your laptop or your computer’s desktop computer as a surveillance system. The USB slot of your laptop can be converted into a DVR. How’s that for a surveillance machine and you do not have to buy a whole new system. Just get a DVR card that can fit in the slot of your existing laptop. The most common types of card are the PCI card. These types of cards can accommodate up to 16 channel variations and each channel needs one camera. Thus, you select how many cameras you will require for your home.

This item produced by Samsung become one of the great Surveillance DVR Kits since a lot of purchaser happy after using this item. In addition to its features, the best price also becomes a factor. This is a description about Samsung SDS-P5122 16 Channel All-in-one DVR Security System, an item favored by peoples and have a much of positive reviews. We will give you customer reviews, product features, descriptions, and a variety of other interesting things. Happy reading.

Samsung SDS-P5122 16 Channel All-in-one DVR Security System Details and Reviews

Samsung SDS-P5122 16 Channel All-in-one

  • Color: N/A
  • Brand: Samsung
  • Model: SDS-P5122
  • Dimensions: 16.00″ h x 12.00″ w x 20.00″ l,
  • Memory: 0unknown-units
  • Networking: Ethernet, Wi-Fi
  • Battery type: Alkaline

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112 of 115 people found the following review helpful.
By Tinkerman
I almost did not buy this, In fact I did not buy it from Amazon because of some dumb review claimed he was an expert and could not get it to work. I could not find a sytem this price that did all this but if what he said was true I would have to by it local. At higher price. to have easy return. Nothing he said was true. It hooked up in minutes. The HDMI out worked perfect! The cameras were crystal clear, (There is a small protective cover over each camera lens you must obviously remove after you install it. ) It’s almost idiot proof. I could have done this when I was 8 years old. Seriously! Nothing can be plugged in wrong. I never even looked at the directions yet and I have all the cameras installed, up running and recording in 3 hours and 2.5 hours of that is running the lines through the attic. The BEST part of your time will be spent running the lines. Everything else is intuitive and easy. It has a remote that does everything you can do with the mouse. Each camera zooms, and pans and has some tilt. The night vision is EVERYTHING they say it is! There is a LOT of cable provided, even some longer ones. And plenty more available on Amazon where I will be ordering now. Don’t hesitate this system is real easy to install, and it does a LOT more than you can imagine! The absolute ONLY thing I do not like is the DVR fan is a little loud. Thats it. Hope it breaks in a bit. But you want to install this in a out of the way area, and it has a lock port like a laptop does, lock it to something so a crook will not make off with your evidence. This is just a quick review to inform people you do not have to be an expert to install this, in fact maybe its better if your not. To the guy who had problems with the HDMI out, I did see a place in the menu to turn it on or off. This system works flawlessly, it does way more than you would expect for the money, its an easy install, lots of room for add ons but comes with everything you need and ready to run.It looks great! The Cameras have the professional Don’t mess with me look to them. In the box is a LOT of info and support numbers to call, two CDs I have not even looked at one for instructions and one for hooking your phone up to it so you can view it at work or wherever. I will be doing that. AND if you are not all that much of a DIY er, they have a card in there to hook you up with a installer who for a fee will come hook it all up. If you can hook up a computer or a TV you can hook this up. The ONLY hard part is running the wires and the difficulty of that is on a house by house basis. This is a super consumer friendly unit don’t hesitate to buy it.

48 of 51 people found the following review helpful.
5Works great. Easy installation. Online viewing on laptop and iPhone is awesome.
By DocB
I purchased this system in April 2014. I live in a large single story house. I was able to install the system my self. I had all of the tools I needed except a 15′ fish pole. The system comes with 12 cameras. I later purchased an additional camera for a total of 13. Many reviews at other sites talk about the network and online viewing being hard to set-up. I followed the directions in the manual and can now view the system on my laptop and iPhone anywhere! The video quality is good. If I had an extra $1000 I would have purchased a HD video system. But, my wife didn’t want me to buy this one so I had to compromise. I love the system, it was easy to install, and it works.

35 of 37 people found the following review helpful.
4Great buy
By Rudy Ramsawak
This system is awesome just as promised it was supplied with everything stated there were also 3 90 feet cables not listed. Quality is awesome install was easy as all the screws etc. came with the kit.

Features of this product

  • 12 720 TVL High Resolution Weather-Resistant Cameras
  • 16 Channel 960H Recording DVR with 1 TB Surveillance Class HDD Installed
  • Easy Setup & Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • 72 Wide Angle coverage
  • Night Vision up to 82′

A lot of crimes are taking place in the home. This kind of has increased the need to have a security system in the home. Parents and homeowners are not always at home. Therefore, important things and people are left at home unprotected and unsafe from people who are out to do them harm. Since parents are gone for long periods of time everyday, a surveillance DVR is the only thing that can manage this as compared to VCRs that can only control small amounts of time.

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