Specs of Samsung SNH-E6440BN Smartcam Full HD Outdoor LP Camera

Samsung SNH-E6440BN Smartcam Full HD Outdoor LP Camera

Samsung SNH-E6440BN Smartcam Full HD Outdoor LP Camera specifications, interesting information with costumer testimonials who already ordered and as well best price together with really great discount.

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This product made by Samsung become one of the great Remote Home Monitoring System since a lot of purchaser happy after using this item. In addition to its features, the best price also becomes a factor. This article is a review of Samsung SNH-E6440BN Smartcam Full HD Outdoor LP Camera, an item more liked by buyers and have plenty of beneficial reviews. We will present to you customer reviews, product features, descriptions, and a variety of other interesting things. Happy reading.

Samsung SNH-E6440BN Smartcam Full HD Outdoor LP Camera Details and Reviews

Samsung SNH-E6440BN Smartcam Full HD

  • Color: White
  • Brand: Samsung
  • Model: SNH-E6440BMR
  • Released on: 2015-07-22
  • Dimensions: 10.00″ h x 10.00″ w x 10.00″ l, 15.00 pounds

Estimated Price: $199.00 Buy or See Best Price

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4Finally, a very good quality outdoor camera for the consumer market !!!
By jcgoobee
I’ve had this SmartCam for more than a month now, so I have gathered all the details and tests to write up this review.

First of all, I’ve owned 4 web cams (Foscams and one HooToo). They are cheap, functional, but lack of the good image quality. Of course, like people always say, you do get what you pay for, so my expectation has to be more realistic. I have done tons of research about this SmartCam before I made the purchase decision. Yes, it’s expensive, and yes, I never had a Samsung camera before. This is, therefore, a little risky for me, but thanks to Amazon’s generous return policy, I was willing to give it a try. Boy, let me tell you, after I’ve had this setup, I would not even think about returning it and in fact, I’m thinking of getting another one.

What I do like about this SmartCam:

– Extremely high picture quality. If your bandwidth allows, it can broadcast in true 1080 resolution.
– Relatively easy to setup. Power the camera on, wire attach to your router / switch, go to the Samsung smartcam to register, you’re good to go
– Record continuous video footage for consecutive 3 days (32GB) and can be playback anytime. Auto-Loop SD card when it’s full
– Send alert when motion alarm is detected, by email and/or iPhone/Android pop-up
– Very impressive night vision, super long range
– Record footage even when the network is down, since the recording is done from SD card
– No recurring rip-off monthly service fee like “Draw dropcam”
– Waterproof for sure (had storm hit the Bay Area on mid December and works like a champ when exposed with rain)
– Stable wifi network connection through stucco walls and siding, about 50 feet away from base, no drops ever since deployment
– Small profile, pretty stealthy if you want to hide it. Yet, the IR lights are clearly visible in the dark so not to stealthy but works as a criminal deterrence.
– Free apps for both iPhone and Android
– Sectional monitoring area so you can focus on certain coverage area instead of the whole screen
– Don’t need to setup with DynDNS or register static IP to make it work. Samsung’s Smartcam got you covered.

Cons / need to improve
– slow web / phone app interface. Whenever you click on most options, it takes at least a couple of seconds (sometimes more) to refersh. Argh
– Poor customer support. When I called Samsung for some general help about firmware upgrade, the tech told me “just restart the camera and reset everything back to default.. what the…..?
– Motion sensor is way too sensitive even when set to minimal when it rains. I have to turn off the alert when it was raining heavy.
– No snapshot email notification. When I get the alert, I have to log on to the video playback, to trace what triggered the alarm. A snapshot of the triggered scene emailed to me would be great
– Expensive.. oh well, yes, I know I know.. you DO get what you pay for, but it’d be great that they reduce the price point a little bit to make it more attrative

Summary. Did I regret buying this SmartCam? Absolutely not. I love it. I want to buy another one soon! I think Samsung can do better on their apps (web based and mobile app) to make this camera more attractive. Hope this review helps, if it does, please kindly rate it. Send me any questions if you have any. I’d be more than happy to answer them if I know the answer.

Update: Jan 10, 2015

– The camera appears to be holding strong after the storm hit at Northern California. The heavy rain and cold weather did not cause any malfunction whatsoever
– It appears that Samsung has changed the monitoring policy from their web page, that prevents users taking up their bandwidth for live viewing. If you watch the live feed for about 5 or 7 minutes from the web, the web page would pop up a message, saying that the connection is disconnected and if you to continue to view live feed, will have to go back to the main page and select the camera to start live viewing again. I don’t like this, but I guess this is how they can save their network bandwidth in a long term.
– I changed my Micro SD card (Samsun EVO) to 64GB. I formatted it as FAText (not just FAT or NTFS), plug the card in the main unit, it can now record 24/7 for 7 days before the old recordings were overwritten. Awesome.

I will write more updates if I come across anything new. Cheers, and happy new year!

Another Updates: Jan 14, 2015

– Noticed that an anomaly took place two days. The camera stopped recording live videos out of the blue. All functions (even alarm, live feed etc) works except recording. I noticed this issue when I was at work so I couldn’t give it a power cycle remotely. I gave the camera a quick restart (unplug the power cord, plug it back in) and viola, the recording feature was back in business. No need to re-format the Micro SD or adjust anything else. I don’t know what caused this hiccups but this is the very first time that I had to manually restart the camera due to an issue, so, I would say… not too bad. Not sure if this was caused by the new 64GB MicroSD I’m using but it’s not impossible. I thought I should share this with whoever is interested in reading my stuff. 😛

More Update: Jan 19, 2015

– It appears that Samsung has updated their mobile apps (iPhone in my case). The revised app allows me to take a snapshot or record video directly to my phone’s internal memory, which used to be a tedious process before. Kudos to their developer. I’m looking forward to seeing more enhancement. If they’re able to better their web interface and enhance their apps further, I might consider upgrading my rating to 5 Stars. 🙂

More more updates: Feb 8, 2015

– I purchased a QNAP NAS a few days ago for my network data storage. One of its features is to have the embedded Surveillance app that can record video continuously on the NAS. I was able to use the app (two licenses) to connect to my Samsung camera as NVR (network video recorder). Now, I can record live videos for however long I want in high definition, and no longer restricted by the size of the Micro SD card. Currently, I’m recording at .264, 15 frames per second in good quality. I’m very happy!

Update on Feb 13, 2015

– Someone asked about how I connect this camera to work with my QNAP NAS’s NVR. I’d like to give you some idea of how it works.
Basically, I purchased the QNAP TS 453 Pro but you don’t have to go with the high end model since the lower end ones will do the similar job just fine. As long as it runs QTS, which is their operating system that runs apps directly from the NAS, you’re all set. The QNAP comes with two NVR licenses, that you can record live feed from the Samsung cam 24/7 with different frame rates, picture quality, and resolution. Of course, the better the setting, the more drive space it will take but it’s really not bad.

These are the steps to make it work.

1. Run an app (inclusive with your QNAP) called Surveillance Station. Click the Camera Configuration button then click “Add”. It will scan your Samsung (or other compatible cameras) from the network. The Camera type I entered was Samsung SNB 5003. Leave everything else at its default and enter the password for your camera.. Now, this is NOT the first Samsung website password but the secondary password that associates with your camera.

2. Once you enter your password, click “test” to ensure the connection is successful.

3. Click on the “Video Settings” tab, and select the Compression rate, Resolution, and Frame Rate of your choice. I leave everything to its maximum since I can care less about the drive space.

4. I choose 5 days for continuous recording.

5. Click on the “Scheduling” tab if you don’t want to record 24/7. I want to record everything so I leave to its default.

You’re done on this section, and move on to “Advanced Settings”

1. For Maximum length of recording, I select 15 minutes, which is the maximum length for one file but you can choose a shorter duration.

2. Select “Overwrite the oldest recordings” which works just like the MicroSD card in the Samsung camera.

Once done, that’s pretty much it. Now, your 15 minutes (or shorter) clips will be stored in the NAS’s “Recording” folder by date, and by hour. Yes, you will see tons of files but they are very easy to find. You may play it from the built in player (the fastest way to view the file) or you can download it to your computer’s desktop and send it to the police if necessary.

Just in case you’re curious, folder size for each date, is shockingly 1.45 GB!!!!! Yes, it’s not 14 GB but 1.45 only, pretty small, huh?

Anyway, hope you enjoy my detailed report and don’t forget to rate it if it’s helpful to you.

Update: 2/25/2015 – sturdy construction, really sturdy.

– I was cleaning up the gutter of my house, and bumped the camera hard by accident. It fell about 15 feet on to the cement and still functions fully. Scratches, yes, damaged to the camera. NO. This is simply amazing!

Update: 3/5/2015 – Uploaded a sample picture of my front lawn. That shows the picture quality.

Update: 3/20/2015 – I noticed some folks saying that they’re unable to get email notifications successfully. I want to point out that after they put in their Google mail address, they need to authorize the linkage by clicking “Go to Google Page”. If they miss this step, it will never work. I have absolutely no issues receiving email notifications when this feature is enabled from my configuration page. This is something to keep in mind.


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1I want to love it, but…
By D. Martin
[[VIDEOID:becb269c48934c0bf4f70f2dd7ddc6e0]] Samsung really needs to get their act together and overhaul their horrible software, it is incomplete and finicky.
The Good:
– Amazing IR night vision
– Great low-light performance
– Small camera footprint

The Bad:
– No snapshot is sent when detecting an event (my older SNH-P6410BN uploaded a picture to Picasa)
– Only supports 32GB (again, my older SNH-P6410BN supported 64GB)
– iOS app live view is worthless and choppy when trying to view in “High Quality” (camera is connected via ethernet and the frame rate drops to 15fps
– Motion detection is very sensitive even at the lowest setting. It triggers and event with rain drops, snow and even when the night vision IR comes on (pretty annoying when you receive around 200+ event alerts in a few minutes just because it’s raining/snowing)
– Video quality is good, but not 1080p. It is pretty choppy at times.
– Constant camera disconnection (again, even when using ethernet exclusively)
– You CAN’T download/save a video file to the computer without physically removing the microSD card from the unit and plugging it to the computer.

All in all, this camera could be so much better if Samsung really wanted to spent some time on really finishing the software. To me this camera feels like a step back from the older SNH-P6410BN, with the only advantage that it can be used outdoors.

Update 12/9/2014:
I found a very annoying issue with the camera’s recording capability. After a very suspicious person came to my home yesterday and seemed to be casing my house, I went back to review the video and of course the quality was very choppy and couldn’t make an ID. I then decided to take out the SD card to download the footage to my computer and hopefully review the video at 1080p, but to my surprise the video recorded directly to the SD card is bad or even worse than the one I could get from the stream. I’m knocking down another star.

Update 4/30/2015:
One good ting and one bad one:
The good – It withstood a miserable winter with temps averaging 20*F (-6*C) and several snow and ice storms.
The bad – The camera does not detect motion when in night (infrared) mode. It doesn’t matter how sensitive I set it, I won’t detect a person walking by the motion “area”.

*One more thing I noticed over the past few months is that the camera seems to stop recording events every 30 days or so, even with plenty of space left on the SD card. The solution is to power cycle and everything is back to normal.

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4“Secure”-ish security camera
By Amazon Customer
Smart? Maybe. Secure? Maybe not.

The good:
-The camera itself is pretty nifty:
-Night vision works.
-Motion detection works
-Clarity is good
-Seems sturdy
-Reasonable installation
-Ok configuration methods (I like the WiFidirect method via the android app)
-The 2 piece construction is a nice way to protect the more delicate electronics, and make access to the memory card easy

The bad:
-Horrible instructions. Look online for some youtube videos, or be very very lucky if you want to set the camera up yourself
-One obscure reference to the website is supposed to be enough for you to go there and find the account page
-The webpage itself doesn’t work with Chrome well, and with ScriptSafe and Chrome at all
-The FAQs available for the product on the website are pretty pathetic. Poorly worded and not very helpful
-Features available on the cameras web page are different than the ones on the app (and partially non-functional). Web page and app features are both different than the ones on the website.
-The “Event” page gives you a list of Motion Detection events, but no snapshot, or any way to go from that list to the playback to actually see the event. This looks like an unfinished feature. Maybe they are working on it.
-Security. Its a SECURITY CAMERA. Consider making it SECURE.

So, presumably the target audience for a camera who’s website says “Simple. Smart. Secure” and has a tab on “Security” would be purchased by people who like Security. Those people probably like security actually practice it in general. Secure WiFi. Decent passwords. FIREWALLS.
So, why would you sell a product to them that has 10-14 alphanumeric passwords (no spaces or special characters) and make the camera passwords 1-8 alphanumeric characters? They DO have a lockout after 5 failed attempts, so someone is thinking, but not enough.
Next, if you make a Security product that requires opening holes in a firewall, perhaps you should consider WRITING DOWN WHICH PORTS AND IP ADDRESSES ARE REQUIRED? I’ve come to expect that sort of thing from video game makers, not Security product makers.

I like the camera, and it does what I want it to do, which is monitor my front door… a public place. I would NEVER use the website for monitoring anything inside my house. There is no way I trust samsungsmartcam.com with baby cam duty, or interior views of my home. Not with the level of sophistication the website shows.

I recommend the product, but know what you are getting into.

PS, FW data:

IPs (so far):

UDP port list (so far):

Features of this product

  • Quick & Simple Setup with Intuitive Operation, 1080p Full HD Video Quality
  • IP66 Weather-Resistant Camera, Dual-Component Design
  • Motion Detection & Zone Select, microSD card slot for video storage
  • Email and Mobile Notification, Ultra-Wide Angle Lens
  • True Day and Night with IR Cut Filter, Night Vision Up to 50ft.

A remote surveillance security system enables you to monitor the home while away. If you go on a vacation, have reached the office, or away on business, you can have access via internet to watch what your surveillance cameras are catching on video. This type of secureness system is well suited for families who are often aside for extended periods, office buildings which have chronic theft or perhaps vandalism problems, and homeowners with members that need the aid of a caretaker if left alone.

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