Buy SVAT UC1700 Portable 64MB DVR Hidden Camera in an Air Freshener (Color)

SVAT UC1700 Portable 64MB DVR Hidden Camera in an Air Freshener (Color)

SVAT UC1700 Portable 64MB DVR Hidden Camera in an Air Freshener (Color) specifications, exciting information with costumer opinions who currently ordered plus best price along with quite great discount.

A large number of people associate hidden cameras with comedy shows such as “Smile, You’re About Candid Camera! ” or “America’s Funniest Videos. inch Others associate hidden cameras with illicit activities. However in reality, hidden cameras are really effective tools in fighting crime. A well located hidden camera can monitor a place in your home or business, revealing intruders and catching thieves in the act! You’ll have the capability to catch employees while others in places they really should not! Hidden cameras can also protect infants and older people against abuse. You may even locate a problem you didn’t know you had. And wouldn’t you be glad you did?

This product made by SVAT Electronics become one of the great Hidden Camera since a lot of customers fulfilled after using this item. In addition to its features, the best price also becomes a factor. This article is a details of SVAT UC1700 Portable 64MB DVR Hidden Camera in an Air Freshener (Color), an item favored by costumers and have a much of positive reviews. We will give you customer reviews, product features, descriptions, and a variety of other interesting things. Happy reading.

SVAT UC1700 Portable 64MB DVR Hidden Camera in an Air Freshener (Color) Details and Reviews

SVAT UC1700 Portable 64MB DVR Hidden

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #67726 in Camera & Photo
  • Brand: SVAT Electronics
  • Model: UC1700
  • Released on: 2006-06-22
  • Platform: No Operating System
  • Dimensions: 1.00″ h x 4.00″ w x 3.00″ l,
  • Native resolution: 640 x 480 pixels

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4Great for nursing homes and problem areas
By Terrence Lo
Our customers have used this in situations where putting an elaborate recording device was out of the question (nursing home. the customers were worried about elder abuse). In the 3 cases, they worked flawlessly from the start, and captured the evidence they needed to confirm their worst fears. Clear picture, easy to use and outstanding overall. Only thing we hate is there’s no way to clear out the video memory short of recording over it.

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4Very good camera for it’s price
By S. K.
I got this camera a while ago because I felt someone had access to my apartment, but that’s another story.
i wanted to get a camera immediately to catch the perp but didnt want to spend alot of money incase i was crazy.
i found this little baby and got it quick from amazon.
now it took a couple days of trial and error to know how to set it so it records all day and how the sensitivity should be set. and no there is no sound. But quality of video is very good. Just do some trial and error tests and read the manual and it will be fine.
Obviously it is not extremely high tech, but if you have a small space to set it and just need basic read outs to see whats going on, this is perfect especially for the price. In the end it gave me the evidence i needed and i find myself using it whenever i need a work request on my apartment. becomes very easy to use once you get it down.

Features of this product

  • Built-in VGA resolution CMOS digital video capture camera
  • Motion detection or continuous recording (Adjustable motion detection sensitivity level )
  • Three-level image quality recording
  • Easily connects to a TV, VCR, computer or DVR for recording
  • Built-in 64MB Flash Memory

The major use of Hidden Digital cameras is security. Almost all malls, banks, hospitals, international airports, casinos, etc. have Hidden Camera security systems. These types of cameras are linked to a monitor in the security cabin, which is constantly manned. Several cameras can be hooked on the same monitor developing a CCTV network. CLOSED-CIRCUIT TELEVISION Hidden Cameras are incredibly popular security devices. For home use, smaller Hidden Cameras are available, which are also called as spy cameras or nanny cams. They are installed at secret places inside the homes so that individuals can keep a wristwatch over their children’s nannies or caretakers of senior citizens while they are not at home.

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