Review of Swann Alpha C4 SWA31-C4-US CCD Indoor/Outdoor 4 Camera Pack

Swann Alpha C4 SWA31-C4-US CCD Indoor/Outdoor 4 Camera Pack

Swann Alpha C4 SWA31-C4-US CCD Indoor/Outdoor 4 Camera Pack specifications, interesting information and costumer reviews who previously purchased and in addition best price with very good discount.

Bullet cameras get their be derived from their condition because they tend to be small and cylindrical, usually three to four inches long, which makes them much easier to cover. Some more powerful versions are larger and feature adjustable lenses. Most lipstick style cameras are weatherproof and can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications. Because of their small size they can even be the right choice when discreet or covert surveillance is required. Most bullet cameras have IR infrared night vision allowing the cameras to see in total darkness. When viewing a bullet camera, you can tell if it has infrared nightvision by looking at the front from it, where the lens is located. Infrared bullet cameras will have small clear LEDs, or light emitting diodes, that will glow red when they see low light situations. Principal points can even be a more cost effective solution for outdoor surveillance because they don’t require an extra housing like container style cameras.

This item made by Swann become one of the great Bullet Camera since a lot of purchaser happy after using this item. In addition to its features, the best price also becomes a factor. This article is a review about Swann Alpha C4 SWA31-C4-US CCD Indoor/Outdoor 4 Camera Pack, an item favored by peoples and have a lot of positive reviews. We will give you customer reviews, product features, descriptions, and a variety of other interesting things. Happy reading.

Swann Alpha C4 SWA31-C4-US CCD Indoor/Outdoor 4 Camera Pack Details and Reviews

Swann Alpha C4 SWA31-C4-US CCD

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  • Brand: Swann
  • Model: SWA31-C4-US

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4Some pros, some cons.
By Randy M
Camera 4 pk kit does include the cable (60 foot, 4 sets).
The direction adjustment uses a thumb turn tab. Easier to adjust than the Pro 550/580 camera’s (which require a screw driver to adjust).
These camera’s are more sleek and streamlined than the Pro 550/580 camera.
Top cover protector slides back & forth or can be removed (just like the Pro 550/580 camera).

The video quality, while suppose to be better, really is not that much better than the pro 550/580 camera.
Neither camera (Swann Alpha C4 SWA31 or the Pro 500/580) could read a car tag or fine details of a persons face.
For the extra cost of these Swann Alpha C4 SWA31 camera’s, one might as well stick with the Swann Pro 500/580 and save some money.

Bottom line:
Both camera models are about the same in doing what they are made to do, video security monitoring.
The Swann Alpha C4 SWA31 higher resolution is not that much of an improvement over the pro 500/580.
So its a tossup which set you prefer or chose. The main difference is how the camera angle is adjusted, and the sleeker design.

**UPDATE 11/3/12**
I put these (Alpha C4 SWA31) in along with the pro 550/580 that came with my DVR.
These Alpha C4 SWA31 camera’s are TERRIBLE for night vision !!!!!!!
The IR hardly emits enough light to illuminate anything. The pro 550/580 has plenty of night Illumination.
I will send these Alpha C4 SWA31 back and get another pro 550/580 4 camera kit. A total of 8 camera’s is the goal.
Im shocked how bad these Alpha C4 SWA31 are, considering they are suppose to have higher res.
The pro 550/580 are 1000 times better (and cost less too).

Features of this product

  • Clear CCD images See more day & night with high quality video
  • Mount to walls or ceilings Install easily where most needed
  • Visible deterrent Deter intruders & protect property
  • See what you need to see Compact size yet powerful
  • Quality aluminum materials Robust housing & stand for all weather

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