Buy Univivi® U601W 720P Wireless IP/Network Camera, Pan/Tilt/Night Vision Clould IP Camera,Two -way Audio, Micro SD Card Slot,Support iOS and Andriod Phone Remote Monitoring

Univivi® U601W 720P Wireless IP/Network Camera, Pan/Tilt/Night Vision Clould IP Camera,Two -way Audio, Micro SD Card Slot,Support iOS and Andriod Phone Remote Monitoring

Univivi® U601W 720P Wireless IP/Network Camera, Pan/Tilt/Night Vision Clould IP Camera,Two -way Audio, Micro SD Card Slot,Support iOS and Andriod Phone Remote Monitoring facts, exciting information along with costumer opinions who previously bought and in addition best price with pretty good discount.

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Univivi® U601W 720P Wireless IP/Network Camera, Pan/Tilt/Night Vision Clould IP Camera,Two -way Audio, Micro SD Card Slot,Support iOS and Andriod Phone Remote Monitoring Details and Reviews

Univivi® U601W 720P Wireless

  • Brand: univivi
  • Model: U601W

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4Great camera with excellent night vision
By Crítica
Upon opening the box the first word out of my mouth was “wow”. I was so impressed on the size, quality and overall design of the Univivi Wireless Camera. Even when I took hold of it it my hands, it felt heavy duty and well constructed. I have to admit that I am a little disappointed in the quality of the wall mount bracket since it is made of a flimsy plastic that feels and looks very easily breakable.

You will probably laugh, but my intentions was to mount this camera in one of my chicken coops. I am concerned I have a bully in there since I find tons of feathers on the coop’s floor. Also I have always been interested in what goes on in there at night.

I downloaded the application MIPC for my iPhone 6 Plus with no problems. Registering for an account and adding the camera was not a problem, but it took a couple attempts to get it to hook up to my WiFi network. The instructions could be explained and laid out a little better. It also would of been nice to have a WPS button besides just the Ethernet port option. Once it found my network and I typed in my password I was up and going.

In regarding to using the application I give it a 4 out of 5. The picture is excellent quality and I love being able to tilt and rotate the camera using the touch screen of my phone (of course there is a lag in time), and the night vision is superb. Taking pictures is simple and you are even able to text message or email them from the application. however when recording a video yo have no option of doing anything with it. There is an option to save it to your album but it will not save. It tried numerous times with no success. There was an update to the app in the menu options but it did not fix the problem. I have attached two pictures showing how the camera looks during day and night. At night the picture is black and white in order to reduce noise, and heighten the quality of the image.

Overall this is an EXCELLENT camera, but it loses a star for the flimsy wall mount and unable to do anything with recorded videos on the app. Hopefully there will be a fix soon for that.

Disclaimer: Product sample provided for free or discounted for an honest unbiased review with no means of payment or incentives offered in exchange.

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5Great app, easy setup, lots of features, and otherwise the same as most other 720P cameras.
By Dust Storm (aka Haboob)
This review is for the Univivi U601W 720P P2P HD Wireless IP Camera.

I actually have several Foscam and generic IP cameras in my house (FI8910W, FI8918w x 2) used as video monitors for my children’s rooms, and one used in my main living area as a security camera and a way to check in on my kids/nanny to see how they are doing during the day, and then some as regular security cameras. I could always use more and use backups in the event my others break, so when the seller offered me this for free in exchange for my honest review, I couldn’t resist. I have found that most of these IP cameras are all the same with just slight differences in design. Features and installation these days are almost always the same.

Installation is very simple and is called “cloud installation” as it uses an APP you download. Installation with the smartphone app is actually very simple. The whole installation process took me less than five minutes to be up and running on a WiFi connection. What is even better is that this camera requires no extra steps to use this camera externally away from your home WiFI! Most other IP Cameras require you to mess with a lot of other settings such as port forwarding and DDNS servers in order to view your camera when away from your WiFI signal. This is a huge selling point for me because of its easy of installation and use

The free app (MIP) is actually one of the better free apps that have come with these cameras. The user interface is actually thought out and there is more to it than the bare bones. The settings portion of the app is very useful and there is a ton you can do. The “usual” features are all great also, but are pretty common to all apps, such as controlling pan/tilt. This process can be laggy if you have a slow connection or are on cellular, but during my tests it was near real-time. The other notable features include 2 way audio, IR night vision, motion detection, and more. The 2 way audio works by 1) you being able to hear what is going on around the camera (it is very sensitive too) and 2) it allows you to talk through your phone which then plays through the camera! This is a cool feature because it allows you to talk to your children, your animal, or anyone else on the other end of the camera. If you use the web browser to view your camera, all of the functions and features are much easier to use, and the image quality is better in my opinion (than on a tiny phone). Because I have so many cameras, I actually downloaded a paid app called LiveCams Pro which works with this camera. The UI is even better, there are more settings, and it is easier to group together multiple cameras.

Although quality might be subjective, in my opinion, compared to the four other IP cameras I own and others I have seen, the U601W image quality is good. In high light situations, the image quality seems a lot more like 1080p than 720p. You have crisp, bright colors and outlines making it easy to see and recognize faces and other objects. The IR night vision quality is also extremely excellent. In low light situations, you can have the IR light kick on automatically, or you can manually turn it on with the app or web browser settings. Once it kicks on, the picture goes to black and white and you do lose some of the crisp picture quality, but that is expected even with high quality cameras. I tested it in my house and could see detail on a wall from over 25′ away from the camera which is pretty standard with these IR cameras.

Bottom line: This IP camera will give you all the same features and functions of just about any other 720P camera on the market. You will get a slightly better app to setup, adjust the settings, and use the camera, but keep in mind you can download 3rd party apps and even paid-for apps that are even better.

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1Crapcam — Don’t bother with it if you actually want to use it.
By Robert Harrold
Crapcam generic camera with no real documentation and no support. Comes with a warranty card, but no way to contact warranty service.

Features of this product

  • High HD video quality: 1280 x 720P megapixel,H.264 Compression,produce fluent playing video and maximum clarity of surveillance. Expect that, you can view real-time feed of almost every corner of your home with its digital zoom and remote pan and tilt features.
  • Two-way audio: Directly talk to your family or pet with your phone or PC anytime and anywhere.
  • Stunning night vision video monitoring:build in 12pcs 850nmΦ5mm IR LED,it allows monitoring in complete darkness. Nightvision distance about 33ft.
  • Cloud server:Real-time APP push notification with snapshot to your phone and taking video to SD card.Easily playback the video from your phone at anytime, Support 32GB micro SD storage.
  • 3- Steps easy installation: Power in camera and connect WiFi with router(by WPS or Cable) ; Download the MIPC app to your smartphone from Apple store or Google play; Scan the QR code to login the camera.

A web-based surveillance security system allows you to monitor your home while away. Whether you go on a vacation, are in the workplace, or away on organization, you can have gain access to via internet to view what your surveillance digital cameras are catching on online video. This type of protection system is suitable for households who are often aside for extended periods, office buildings that contain chronic theft or vandalism problems, and homes with members that require the aid of a caretaker if left by itself.

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