Review of Wireless Security Camera, MiSafes WiFi Baby Pet Video Monitors 720p HD Remote Home Surveillance Indoor IP Cameras with 2 Way Audio for iPhone iPad Android Samsung Sony LG (Black)

Wireless Security Camera, MiSafes WiFi Baby Pet Video Monitors 720p HD Remote Home Surveillance Indoor IP Cameras with 2 Way Audio for iPhone iPad Android Samsung Sony LG (Black)

Wireless Security Camera, MiSafes WiFi Baby Pet Video Monitors 720p HD Remote Home Surveillance Indoor IP Cameras with 2 Way Audio for iPhone iPad Android Samsung Sony LG (Black) details, exciting information along with costumer reviews who previously ordered as well as best price together with pretty good discount.

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Wireless Security Camera, MiSafes WiFi Baby Pet Video Monitors 720p HD Remote Home Surveillance Indoor IP Cameras with 2 Way Audio for iPhone iPad Android Samsung Sony LG (Black) Details and Reviews

Wireless Security Camera, MiSafes WiFi

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Misafes
  • Model: C303-Black

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4Extremely Affordable, Easy to Set-Up, & Captures Very Clear Images
By R. Fuqua
At just under $50 this is one of the most affordable and easy to use Smart Cameras available.
I ran into quite a bit of trouble setting up the camera, but this is because I had the newest Android smartphone & newest version of Android available. Lucky for other customers, I was the Guinea pig and all issues were corrected. I truly believe that new customers will not experience any of the troubleshooting I encountered. The manufacturer was extremely responsive and fixed all of the issues in just two days. Updating the app in such a short period of time truly shows their dedication to providing a quality product that works well for all of its customers.

Set up will actually take between 2 to 3 minutes, which is still remarkably fast.
NOTE: If you are searching the Android app store, make sure that you search for “MiCam” NOT “Mi-Cam”.

The camera captures a very crisp image. Faces are easily recognizable (which surprisingly is not always the case with security cameras, or video baby monitors). You can save pictures on your phone, but if you want to save video – the Camera must have a micro usb card inserted.

Every time you begin viewing the video feed, the camera announces that somebody has begun viewing video. This is quite frustrating to me. If I were to use this camera to check on my sleeping son, it might wake him up by announcing that I have started the video feed. Also, if I were to use the device for security, I would not want an intruder to know that I had turned on the camera. Ideally I would want to actually catch them on video – not only scare them away.

The other frustration is that you cannot view video remotely. Your phone or tablet must be on the same wifi network as the camera in order to view the video feed.

These are both minor frustrations and the camera does work quite well – especially considering the price. The video occasionally freezes for a few seconds, but it shows what I need to see and allows me to speak to family in a different part of the house. If you are looking for a low price camera – this will meet the majority of your needs. Set up is so easy that it can also travel with you. Truly a good value.

Note: The seller provided me with a free or discounted copy of this item in exchange for my honest & unbiased review.

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4Incredibly small, dead easy to set up – but NOT a security camera!
By John Ryan
Having reviewed on Amazon for a while, I was pleased to receive this IP camera in return for an independent and unbiased review.

This is a tiny little device (probably the smallest I’ve ever reviewed, but although like all other IP cameras you don’t need a PC or Mac to make it work, it does have a few limitations.

Standing at just 4.5 inches tall, and about 2 inches in diameter (across the face), it’s made of what appears to be a hard white plastic. You can just leave it on a book-shelf as is, or screw in the supplied wall attachment to fix it to the wall. This would enable to you to fit the camera in a more discrete location.

It comes complete with a metal disk and two screws, which you can use to attach the magnetic base. Great design feature, as it means you can “stick” it anywhere, but pull and remove it as needed. The 10 foot long thin power cable is another bonus, as otherwise it completely runs by WIFI (so you’ll need a wireless network).

Note: It doesn’t come with a wired connection at all – but that’s no hardship.

Setting it up
By far the easiest camera I’ve ever set up, it’s pretty damn near fool proof. Plug in the supplied cable to the smartphone charger, and a green light flashes on the device. Download the free App from the Apple or Google Play store (sorry Amazon/Windows users, you’re out of luck), and follow the instructions.

When you register your device (username/password), it steps you though the instructions to set it up. In short, the App uses your smartphone to generate a sequence of bleeps to transmit the WIFI connection details to the camera. Select your WIFI device on the smartphone, press the red button, and it sets up the camera. Simples.

My Experience
Firstly, I didn’t get a chance to try this at night so don’t know how it will fare (although it doesn’t have infra-red bulbs built it does has a “low light mode”). Certainly during the day, the picture was acceptable rather than sharp, with a few jagged lines visible, even on a smartphone sized screen. Colours were bright, and it’d be fairly easy to identify a person (or burglar) from either the photo or video. Again, I’ll include some screen shots from my iPhone with the review.

In terms of features:-

* When you “Watch” the room from your smartphone, a digitised voice announces “Dear room, somebody is watching the room”. This is a good and bad thing as it means you can’t be spied upon by (for example) a family member, but also means you can’t realistically use it to monitor a baby.
* You can record video (including sound – surprisingly clear), and take photos remotely using a smartphone
* You can “talk” to people in the room (a very spooky experience if you’re on the receiving end), and because you can also listen in, talk to people

Which is about it.

What’s Good about it?
* Incredibly small and discrete (4 inches by 2 inches) – it’s almost invisible on a bookshelf. Certainly the smallest device I’ve ever seen
* Incredibly easy to set up. Again, the easiest device I’ve used. Top marks for innovation.
* Picture quality (on a smartphone) was OK rather than sharp – certainly clear enough to identify people
* When somebody starts watching – the room gets a voice warning. Useful as it means you can’t easily be “spied” upon.
* Video can be recorded including the date/time (although strangely no way to export this outside the App)

What’s you need to know?
* While access to the camera is protected by a username/password, I couldn’t confirm the WIFI connection from camera to wireless router is encrypted. This means you run the (admitted small risk) of your camera being “hijacked” by a hacker and the images if your home appearing on the internet. If this is a concern for you, look for a camera which supports WPS (WIFI Protected Setup) or clearly indicates the signal is encrypted.
* Not really suitable as a baby monitor (as a voice alert is announced every time you “watch” the room – although you could leave it switched on to avoid this).
* It doesn’t have the ability to move and scan the room remotely – although to be fair why would you want to?
* It won’t automatically detect movement in the room and send you an eMail alert – perhaps important if you want to use it as a security device.
* It has no built in infra-red camera or bulbs (like other devices), so it’s not idea at night in a dark room (again a security feature).
* While you can take photos/video you can’t share them – for example to use them as evidence.

The photos below are mainly screen shots of my smartphone indicating just how incredibly easy it is to set it up, followed by a shot from the camera, and a comparison photo from my smartphone.

Provided you’re aware of the limitations of this device, it’s a nice little indoor camera. Incredibly easy to install and use. But not a security device.


Disclosure: I was kindly sent this by the manufacturer to give an independent unbiased review.

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3Great start that led to a bumpy road.
By Bob Tobias

– Setup was a snap:

1) Connect the camera to power.
2) Load the free app.
3) Create an account by entering a username and password.
4) Still in the app, enter the password to your wireless network.
5) Hold your phone near the camera. The phone “chirps” and the camera “hears” the necessary configuration information.
6) You’re done.

– Outstanding picture quality.

– It *looks* like a Nest Cam and costs a lot less. “Looks” is where any similarity ends.


– Does not connect to the app reliably.

– Every time I go to the app to see the camera video stream (for the times I am able to connect) the CAMERA announce, “Dear users, someone is looking at the camera.” There is no way to disable this.

– The camera does not have any sound or motion detection capability.

– The camera only works through the app and there is no way to tell where the video, or copies of it, is going.

– The camera does not connect to Blue Iris or any other video aggregation program. (Yea, it’s the other side of the previous point.)

Recommendation: If you want an inexpensive camera that is easy to configure, has a great picture, may work some of the time, and doesn’t have a lot of extra features then this could be a great choice.

This camera was provided by the seller at no charge so I could give you this review.

Features of this product

  • Home security Monitor with motion dection function: remote real-time live video stream straight from your home to your iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Sony, LG, HTC, Google Nexus or tablet for home safety.
  • Two-way audio and View remotely: taking and viewing your family, baby, pets, friends anytime anywhere with 720p HD, 120° view via miSafes wifi camera.
  • Quiet baby monitor, Have a option to turn off / on sound alerts. Simple set-up under 60 seconds and free Micam app, no more charging. Solid 2.4GHz, not fit for 5GHz wifi
  • Video Recorder: miSafes security camera support internal SD card recording and remotely recording on your phones / tablet.
  • 360 degree rotation to choose best shooting angle and Strong magnetic base can attach to any flat surfaces as home decor. Mini Size: 2.4 x 4.2 x 2.4 inches

A web-based surveillance security system enables you to monitor your home while away. Whether you go on a vacation, are at the business office, or away on business, you can have access via internet to look at what your surveillance digital cameras are catching on video. This type of security system is suitable for family members who are often away for extended periods, office buildings which may have chronic theft or vandalism problems, and households with members that need the aid of a caretaker if left alone.

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