Where to Buy Zmodo ZM-SS718-1T 8 Channel 720P Simplified POE NVR System with 1 TB Hard Drive (White)

Zmodo ZM-SS718-1T 8 Channel 720P Simplified POE NVR System with 1 TB Hard Drive (White)

Zmodo ZM-SS718-1T 8 Channel 720P Simplified POE NVR System with 1 TB Hard Drive (White) facts, useful information and costumer testimonials who previously ordered plus best price together with pretty nice discount.

Establishing a surveillance DVR in your house is simple since it comes with instructions about how to arranged it up. Thus, you will be guided step by step about how to set it up and how to use it. These types of DVRs come in most varieties and all sizes. There are even surveillance DVRs that come as pens and lights. Do not be surprised if you found yourself being recorded at a friend’s home. You can even convert your laptop or your desktop computer as a monitoring system. The USB slot of your laptop can be converted into a DVR. How’s that for a surveillance machine and you do not have to buy a complete new system. You just have to get a DVR card that can fit in the slot of your existing laptop. The most common types of card are the PCI card. These types of cards can accommodate up to 16 channel types and each channel needs one camera. Thus, you decide how many cameras you should have for your home.

This item produced by Zmodo become one of the great Surveillance DVR Kits since a lot of purchaser fulfilled after using this item. In addition to its features, the best price also becomes a factor. This article is a details of Zmodo ZM-SS718-1T 8 Channel 720P Simplified POE NVR System with 1 TB Hard Drive (White), an item favored by buyers and have plenty of cool reviews. We will present to you customer reviews, product features, descriptions, and a variety of other interesting things. Happy reading.

Zmodo ZM-SS718-1T 8 Channel 720P Simplified POE NVR System with 1 TB Hard Drive (White) Details and Reviews

Zmodo ZM-SS718-1T 8 Channel 720P

  • Size: 8 cameras 1TB HDD
  • Color: 8 CH 720P IP System
  • Brand: Zmodo
  • Model: ZM-SS718-1T
  • Dimensions: 8.50″ h x 20.60″ w x 20.50″ l, 16.50 pounds
  • Memory: 1unknown-units
  • Networking: Ethernet
  • Battery type: Lithium Metal

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2This system disappoints but with 3rd party software can be converted to a great security system.
By Justin D Blackburn
First off I have had this system installed and running just a few days shy of two months. I wanted to test it out for a little while before leaving my review. I got this as a amazon lighting deal for 329.00.

Initial install of this product went well. I bench tested everything in a pile before running cat5 in my attic and mounting the cameras on my house. Initially the cameras looked all washed out until I figured out the cable coming out of the camera to connect the cat5 to also has a calibrate/reset button on it. After mounting the cameras you need to hold the button down for about 20 seconds to make the camera reboot and recalibrate. Image quality will greatly increase after doing this. Their wasn’t a lot of instructions included in the box so it was kind of trial and error. That was the only install problem I encountered.

The cameras are pretty good and have so far been reliable. They produce clear pictures during the day and have acceptable night vision capabilities. I don’t believe the night vision has as good of a range as the manufacturer states but probably 40 ft or so is a general range. The cameras are the best part of this package and ultimately that’s the only positive thing I can say about this product. Make sure you update the firmware on each camera by going through internet explorer and logging into the IP address of each camera independently. You also need to change the password on each camera from the default password which is 111111. This is a major security risk if you don’t. Anyone who could access your network wirelessly could log into each camera separately even tho you changed the password in the zmodo nvr. Each camera has a separate password which is not the same as the nvr.

After I had the system up and running I was off to tweak settings and fine tune motion sensing. This is where this zmodo nvr failed miserably. No matter how hard I tried I just couldn’t get consistent results out of the zmodo software. I either got 200 false alarms per day or had to set the sensitivity too low that it wouldn’t catch people walking to my front door 5 ft from the camera. I tried zmodo software for two straight weeks and it is just so inconsistent that I can’t recommend using the zmodo software to anyone buying this system. I also got the zsight app for my ipad and iphone for remote viewing. It worked for a week and then I had an app update which installed automatically and then I could no longer see my cameras over cell network data. I had to be on the same wifi network which kinda defeats the purpose of remote monitoring.

I ended up looking for third party software to solve the issues above. I downloaded several different products but the one I ended up with is the best product for all my concerns. Blue iris softwareFoscam Blue Iris Professional Surveillance Software – Up to 64 Cameras, SMS/Text Message Alerts, H.264 Encoding, Supports most major IP Camera brands and CCTV Systems fixed all my problems. It took a little trying to tweak all my settings but motion detection works perfectly with very very few false alarms. It also has awesome remote viewing via the blue iris app. I was getting a little depressed about purchasing this system until I found blue iris. It took this mediocre system and turned it into exactly the system I was looking for. In my opinion if you buy this system blue iris software is a must.

In closing this system by itself warrants a two star rating. It can be improved upon with third party software which in my opinion is a must. Hopefully this review will help customers and save them from going through all the steps I did to get a functioning security system in place. It is also a little lacking it the quality department. The nvr has a toggle on off switch on the back of it which worked four or five time and then decided to stay only in the on position. It doesn’t bug me enough to send off for a replacement so I’ll keep it as is.

I uploaded some example screenshots and motion alert emails so other Amazonians can see the quality of the cameras.

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5Very high value to weight ratio !!!
By Coarsegold
The Pros:

1. Very high image quality for cameras in this price range.

2. Excellent Night IR and cut to good Daylight Color rendering (more about this later)

3. Solid USA Based support and phone staff. They will even walk you through router config if you need help, including remote log in support directly on your PC if you need that.

4. Almost unbelievable price / performance ratio. The cameras are solid and well machined, appear to be weatherproof, you get the whole kit: cables, 1TB recorder, and software for mobile and PC based, 4 high image quality cameras, all for less than you can pay for 1 Sony camera. This kit is being sold very cheaply ! It is a bargain !

5. A good “plug and play” package with everything you need for the homeowner that wants to “give it a go” and install his/her first security system.

The Cons:

1. The software is a project in development and has issues. It is usable for and will suit most all home users. It is possibly not suitable for a commercial business environment, although it could be made to work in that application with patience and if you have some basic abilities working with these systems. It is being written by programmers in China, and although Zmodo does have a USA based R+D staff, there is a long way to go for them to get up to the standards of companies like Digital Watchdog and Honeywell that have years jump on them. You will be OK with this system and very happy as long as you are not expecting the very latest and greatest security system software.

At first I was going to give this 3 or 4 stars but after working with both the system and with Zmodo support staff for the last month I think I can give it 5 stars. The system is very very inexpensive for what you are getting, and must be considered a real bargain, with a few caveats.

After talking with Zmodos support staff, and getting a feel for what they are up to there at what amounts to a start up venture (They first organized the Zmodo camera business in 2008) I feel that it is reasonable to assume that they will continue to upgrade and update their software.

I set the system up, and it was painless to get running, as the internal software in the NVR does a good job of configuring the IP addresses and getting everything “plug and playing” for you. After 48hrs one of the cameras failed. This is not unusual in inexpensive equipment as you, the customer, are responsible for the burn in and QA that would be done for you at the factory, if you paid 4x the price. I called Zmodo support and was surprised to get a real person here in the USA. They have a very well organized RMA system, and I was sent a replacement camera in a reasonable time frame.

Overall I am very satisfied with this system for use as a basic security tool at my home. I have experience working with high end commercial security cameras, and can say that, surprisingly enough, the Zmodo cameras actually out perform some commercial cameras in two regards: many cameras have a devil of a time dealing with “IR cut” or “transition” in and out of light and dark phases at sun up and sunset, but these cameras perform excellent in this regard. Also the whlole system is smooth and not choppy, in real-time full motion recording and transmission over the internet. Not something that you can say about even some high end commercial gear! They do use software compression techniques to allow for transmission over slower internet connections, so the image quality you get on your Andriod or iPhone is no where near what is being recorded “on tape”, so that is not a defect, it is an engineering reality. When you pull the images off the disk you will have access to the full image quality, which brings me to my next important point:

And that point is: the image quality passes the “Police Test”. What I mean by this, is that if you record an image of a bad guy in the eye of the cameras within 20 feet, and the lighting is reasonable, you will get a portrait of the character that can actually be used in the real world of police work. Most security cameras and systems simply fail to pass this important test.

So, I rate this system as a “buy” if it fits your home use, and if you can deal with a software platform that is, admittedly, not the very best in the industry, but is certainly useable by most out there that probably don’t need every bell and whistle anyway.

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4Pretty impressed with this system
By chrisall
When you look at the price of this item you think, man this this must be junk!. Not the cas at all. I took the chance and ordered it. Installation was fast and easy, setup for internet viewing was pretty painless. The ONLY reason this system did not get 5 stars is because it does have an issue with the Zsight app for Apple. It would not display but camera 1. Zmodo online tech support could not get it going. Theit phone support rep was rather “matter of fact” and not very nice. We found another app called mobiview that worked just fine and problem is solved. The zsight that they recommend works fine on Android. The picture quality of this system is very impressive for an inexpensive 720p system. I have only had it installed a few days, but so far I would recommend it to others.

Features of this product

  • Intelligent recording feature saves space on the Hard Drive
  • Wide-Angle 2.8mm Lens with 81 degree view,720P Camera Resolution.
  • Easy remote viewing setup with QR code scan
  • When motion is detected a push notification will be sent to your mobile device where you can see a snapshot or video recording
  • TROUBLESHOOTING:Please refer the troubleshooting guide and user manual attached to this page for support.

A lot of crimes are occurring in the home. This kind of has increased the requirement to have a security system in the home. Parents and homeowners are certainly not always at home. Therefore, important things and people are left at home unprotected and unsafe from people who are out to do them harm. Seeing that parents are gone for a long time everyday, a monitoring DVR is the only thing that can deal with this as compared to VCRs that can easily deal with small amounts of time.

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